Advertisement & types of Advertisements

Advertising is conveying of messages, informations and ideas. These can be communicated either through words or music, pictures, photographs and trailers (visual clipping). It is a creative art form which has to be planned and created in a systematic manner.

Definitions of Advertisements :-

According to American Marketing Association (AMA) "Advertisements are paid form non personal presentation and promotion of idea, god and services by an identified sponsor"

According to Encyclopedia Britannica "Advertising are techniques and practices used to bring products, services, opinions to public notice for the purpose of persuading the public to respond in certain ways"

According to Bobby, "Advertisements are non personal communication of paid information, persuasive about products and services by identified sponsor through various media"

Types of Advertisements

Advertising copy contains a number of elements. All advertisement copies may not contain all the elements. Different advertisement copies may have different elements and some may include all the elements. The ultimate objective is increasing sales turnover to maximize the profit. So different advertisements are designed incorporating required elements too meet different problem in reaching the maximum profit. There are various types of copy. One advertisement may contain more than one of these kinds of copy. Burton and Kreer list five kinds of copy. They are:-

1. Straight line copy : In this the body text begins to develop the headline.

2. Narrative Copy : In this type a story is established or a specific situation which ultimately leads to discussion.

3. Dialogue and Monologue copy : In this kind the characters in the advertisement do the selling in their own words.

4. Picture and Caption Copy : In this kind the story or specific situation is described by a number of illustrations and captions. In other words copy block alone is not used.

5. Gimmick copy : In this effects are not classified. Humour, exaggeration and other trick devices are employed to capture attention.

6. Scientific Copy : This copy is meant to meet a target audience because it contains jargon, technical and scientific. For instance, advertising copy relating to fertilizers, pesticides, drugs and pharmaceuticals.

7. Descriptive copy : A type of copy which describes briefly and clearly and generally used for consumer products.

8. Celebrity Endorsement copy :Pictures of some person who already enjoy publicity are used to convey the message. For instance, a message is supported by a sportsman, cinema star, political leader.

9. Reason why copy : A kind of copy designed to meet a different problem. It gives a solution to the problem to encourage people to purchase a product. For instance, a scooter advertisement.

10. Questioning copy : Why a particular product has to be purchased. This attracts consumers. Instances of this are Colgate paste, face powder etc.


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