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Recover or Track Lost or Stolen Cell Phone (Mobile Phone) Using Tracker Software And IMEI Number

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Read this article to find out how you can track your cell phone or mobile phone using special s called cell phone trackers and your IMEI number. Also understand some precautions and ways to prevent losing your phone permanently to thieves

Ways to recover stolen cell phone (mobile phone), precautions to be taken to prevent mobile theft and importance of IMEI number

Hey guys, you might have arrived at this page due to two reasons - either you have lost your mobile phone and want to know how to recover your mobile phone or you want to know how to protect your mobile phone in case of theft. Either way you are in luck. This resource has many things to know about and I am sure that once you are finished reading this, you will have already secured your mobile phone pretty well. Why not begin with the most important thing in cell phone thefts - IMEI number? Let us know what it is in brief.

What is an IMEI number?

The IMEI number or the International Mobile Equipment Identity number is a unique number to identify your cell phone (GSM or CDMA) and in some cases, even a satellite phone.

Why is the IMEI number important?

It is used to identify valid and also to lock the phones remotely by the service provider in case of a theft reported by the subscriber which will render the phone useless irrespective of the service provider used. Thus it is very important and must be kept in a good location one can remember. Usually IMEI number is written by the shopkeeper on the bill when buying a new phone but it happens to us a lot of times when we can't find the bill again. Thus, it is recommended that people write it in important places like their Diary so that chances of losing the IMEI number is less.

I have lost the bill, how can I know my IMEI number otherwise?

You can know your IMEI number from your cell phone by typing in *#06#. This should be applicable for mobiles from most manufacturers. However, if this doesn't work for your cell phone, you can tell me and I will find it an alternate way.

Can I track or find my cell phone (mobile phone) using IMEI number?

While some sites do claim to track cell phones using just IMEI number, fact is you can't. It can only be used to block the cell phone preventing the thief from using the phone.

You can try a new method I have come to know. Send a mail to with details such as below-
Your name:
Phone model:
Last used No.:
E-mail for communication:
Date of theft and losing phone:

This e-mail ID is for the Chennai Police and using the unique 15-digit International Mobile Equipment Index (IMEI) number, they have recovered some stolen phones already. Not sure and cannot confirm about any other area.

Then how can I prevent my cell phone from losing it to the thieves?

With the advent of better technology, mobile phone or cell phone trackers have come up. A tracker is a special designed to stay hidden in your phone and send specific information quietly from your phone like an SMS to your friend's number (you can configure whose number you want to send in the software) informing you about the new mobile number and your IMEI number. Phones which have GPS are an added advantage because the tracker will then try and send you the GPS co-ordinates of the thief regularly as an SMS to the other phone so you know where the theif is moving. Some advanced trackers also give you the potential to send every SMS they send to anyone comes to you too and any call they made, it's details come to you too all without the theif knowing anything.

How can I get the cell phone (mobile phone) tracker? Can I download mobile tracker? Are they free or do I have to pay?

For devices like Nokia, Blackberry, Apple iPhone, Windows Mobile and Android handsets, you can download mobile trackers. New Samsung Mobiles have mobile trackers integrated in their phones which makes things easier. Some cell phone trackers are completely free to use while some are paid and require a fees to use them. Here are the list of trackers for the devices below.

Nokia Cell Phone (Mobile Phone) Tracker - WaveSecure
While there are some cell phone trackers for Nokia phone, it is only usable on the advance Symbian S60 OS present in Nokia N series phones and similar devices. It isn't usable on the low end devices. One tracker which caught my eye has to be WaveSecure. It has got good and uses GPS tracking for Nokia phones coming with GPS. Online reviews have proven it to be but it's only qualm or disadvantage has to be it's price. It is on the costly side and has a one year subscription attached to it. However, it does the job of tracking pretty well after all.

WaveSecure Mobile Tracker URL -

Blackberry Cell Phone (Mobile Phone) Tracker - InstaMapper
InstaMapper is a free GPS tracking service. You can use it to track your phone online in real time, share your location with friends and family, record tracks and export them in a variety of formats and recover lost or stolen phones (app can be auto-started on boot). It is free and free registration is required before you can get to use the app. Highly recommended for those who hate losing their productive personal assistants on-the-go.

InstaMapper Download - Get it from the Blackberry App World

Apple iPhone Cell Phone (Mobile Phone) Tracker - Find My iPhone
Find My iPhone is Apple's own service to track your lost iPhone. It can even track the iPod touch and iPad. It is a free service and it has an iPhone app and a web app for the same too. You can easily track the last known location of your device and also give commands to show a message or make a sound in your iPhone. If you are worried about your data saved, fret not, do a remote wipe and lock your device. Many people have found their stolen iPhone using this service and it is indeed pretty good. If you have an iPhone, this is a must have.

Find My iPhone Download - Get it Free from the Apple App Store

Android Cell Phone (Mobile Phone) Smartphone Tracker - Where's My Droid
Where's My Droid is a free app available on the Android Market and despite Android bundling a tracker within it's OS, I like the myriad options Where's My Droid presents to me. It works great and if you have it, you are never going to remove it again from your Android phone. Make it your phone's true guardian.

Where's My Droid Download - Get it Free from the the Android Market

Windows Mobile 6 and below Cell Phone (Mobile Phone) PDA Tracker - Where Is My Phone (W.I.M.P.)
This security application runs silently on your device. In the event of the phone being stolen or lost, simply send a special SMS text to the phone and W.I.M.P. will silently intercept the message and report back the phone's GPS location in a format which can easily be tracking using any common mapping application. W.I.M.P. will also ally detect if the SIM card has been changed and send you the new number allowing you to ring or track the device.
It runs upon device startup and remains active in the background at all times.

Where Is My Phone (W.I.M.P.) - No official home page as development has stopped, do a Google Search and find or buy the appropriate version.

I am not really aware about trackers for Sony Ericsson mobile phones so if someone does come across it, please add it in the comments for every Sony Ericsson device holder's help. And as a I said before, Samsung has an integrated Mobile Tracker for it's newer devices. Ask your Samsung dealer for the mobile tracker before you buy a new cell phone.

Hope this resource benefits everyone. While losing a mobile phone is probably one's worst nightmare, I have made this just to turn those nightmares to dreams for everyone and you might even end giving the crook a lesson and thus making the world a lot better place. If you have any suggestions, queries or want to see more here, please put a comment and I will try and do the needful. Good day and happy phone saving day to everyone.
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Responses to "Recover or Track Lost or Stolen Cell Phone (Mobile Phone) Using Tracker Software And IMEI Number"
Author: Neo max    08 Jul 2010Member Level: Bronze   Points : 2
I actually do not think you can get your mobile phone back via IMEI, you need to install GPS tracking software first in case you get your cell phone lost or stolen.

Verizon and Sprint offer cell phone tracking service as well, but not via IMEI number.


Author: Ankush Das    08 Jul 2010Member Level: Gold   Points : 1
Hi Neo Max,
I have duly mentioned above that mobile phones cannot be tracked via IMEI numbers by subscribers and that they can be tracked only by cops.

Author: jasmin Nirmal    15 Mar 2011Member Level: Bronze   Points : 1
I have lost my samsung star 5233 mobile phone on 13-03-2011,

Please help me to trace my phone.

Author: Kota Rama Krishna    07 Jun 2011Member Level: Bronze   Points : 1
Sir please kindly find the mobile arrange to me.
My name : Kota Rama Krishna
Address : NTR Nagar, Sathupally, Khammam District
Phone model : Nokia c2-01
Make : 2011
Last used No. : 12-4-2011 12.20 pm
E-mail for
Communication :
Missed date : 12-4-2011
IMEI No. : 355940042095834
Contact No : 9666924066

Thanking you sir

Guest Author: praveen     27 Nov 2011
sir i have lost my nokia c2 set whose IMEI no is 358610047298561 and another IMEI no. is 358610047298579 and i also have bill of that cell so sir please track my cell and tell me to this no 7357442736 thank u sir

Guest Author: shahid jamal     07 Dec 2011
sir i have lost my nokia 5233, whose IMEI no is 357897047009061 and i have bill of this cell so please track my cell and if found please call to this no. 7795801285/7411790509. sir i will very grateful to you.

Guest Author: Dr. S. K. Gupta     09 Dec 2011
Hello Sir !
I lost my Nokia E63 with IMEI No 352009049202794. If you find then please mail me at

Guest Author: Sreejit     17 Dec 2011
Mobile is stolen and need to trace the location last found.

Your name: Sreejit Mohan
Address:Ambernath West
Phone model: SOny Ericsson
Last used No.: 7875408613
E-mail for communication:
Date of theft and losing phone:IMEI No.:5th December 2011

IMEI 357945034210042

Guest Author: Sudar sivaraj     23 Dec 2011
I have lost my Nokia 5233 phone and its IMEI no is 356264040274864. please help me to trace my mobile.

Guest Author: ajay     25 Dec 2011
It will be better if you try to follow the instructions of Ankush.

You will get your mobile within few days.
I also recovered my lost mobile with method.

Thanks Ankush.

Guest Author: ANIL     10 Feb 2012
I have lost samsung mobile model no 3310i & IMEI is 355719046728248. Please help me to find mobile trace.Thanks

Guest Author: pramod choudhary     27 Feb 2012
I have lost my phone in the Delhi metro on 6th Feb. The police were not able to do anything in this regard. It was Samsung S3310 and I.M.E.I no. is 352308045230316. I am not able to afford new mobile so please help me.

Guest Author: rajiv     07 Mar 2012
Name : Rajiv Reddy
Address : Flat-15/24, gangai amman kovil, street-4, vadapalini , chennai.
phone model: samsung wave-2
Make : july, 2011
list no. used : 9042348648( i lost this no.)
Contact no: 9171110515
mail for communication :
Date & time of loosing : 6th march,2012. at 9 pm
Imei no. :355082048652282

I am very emotionally related to my mobile. If you have the software to track my mobile position and and the mobile number of person using it, please let me know. I would be grateful to you.

Guest Author: rehana     11 Mar 2012
my Nokia C5 lost IMEI no 359039048563303

Guest Author: Anand kshirsagar     19 Mar 2012
Your name:Anand s. kshirsagar
Address:Triveni taroda naka rajesh nagar Nanded
Phone model:Nokia C5-05
Last used No.:
E-mail for
Date of theft and losing phone:15mar2012
IMEI No.:358300041498850

Guest Author: SUJIT KUTTY     02 Apr 2012
Phone model: NOKIA X2.02
Last used No.:
E-mail for
Date of theft and losing phone:30.03.2012
IMEI No:357879047284381

Guest Author: sandeep     10 Apr 2012
I have lost my phone details below
name Sandeep Agarwal
Address- C-83 ucl staff colony birla vikas satna-485005
last used-09.04.12 at 7.30pm,09301125609
theft-09.04.12 at 8.15pm
imei no-352336/04/099096/4

Guest Author: NAND     30 Apr 2012
I lost my Sony Xperia mobile phone. So how to find it? Please tell me 9950794529

Guest Author: umesh ingale     01 May 2012
Name: umesh ingale
address: A/p_loni bu. tal -vaijapur dist- aurangabad.
phone -model : gt5303i (galaxy 5)
make: samsung
last used no: 9975204631
lost date: 27-04-2012
IMEI: 353658041965490

Guest Author: rohit     06 May 2012
I am Rohit. I lost my new mobile nokia-c6 (side slider) on 6-04-2012. Its IMEI no-357901042184885> Please help me. I will be very thankful to you. My contact no is 9966393332

Guest Author: mohanraj     18 May 2012
I lost my mobile Samsung 7722 & IMEI no. is 355317042782481. Please help me to find the mobile.

Guest Author: prakash     24 May 2012
Name: prakash
Address:crpf dantewada
Phone model: nokia
Last used No.: not rember
E-mail for communication:
Date of theft and losing phone:IMEI No.:5th December 2011
IMEI 354179039547330

Guest Author: Sanyam     11 Jun 2012
Your name:Sanyam Jain
Address:house number: 662 sector 40 gurgaon,haryana ,India
Phone model:WT19i
Make:Sony Ericsson
Last used No.:9811429988
E-mail for
Date of theft and losing phone:11/6/2012
IMEI No.:358508049847734

Guest Author: sreepathy     01 Jul 2012
I lost my Nokia X2. The IMEI no. is 359037049886228. Please help me.

Guest Author: Arun Tirkey     02 Jul 2012
I lost my IMEI no Nokia 6303c. Please help me.
Contact no. 9165402944

Guest Author: Winston Graham     05 Jul 2012
I lost my phone early Saturday morning.

Your name: Winston Graham
Address: Nottingham East
Phone model: Galaxy S2 White
Make: Samsung
Last used No.: 29/06/12 07817871094 0m 59s
E-mail for communication:
Date of theft and losing phone: 30/06/12
IMEI No.: 359959044340101

Guest Author: adarsh krishnan     15 Jul 2012
Sir my Samsung 3312 is stolen by someone. Please help me to find its location.
Its IMEI number is 353119058347908.

Guest Author: sridhar     19 Jul 2012
I have lost my Samsung-s5620, whose IMEI no is 352053043836660 and I have bill of this cell so please track my cell and if found please call to this no. 9912221225.

Guest Author: sridhar     19 Jul 2012
Sir please kindly find my mobile:
Your name : SRIDHAR
Address : Jogipet, Andol Mondal, Medak District
Phone model : Samsung s5620
Make : 2011
Last used No. : 30-4-2012 10.30 pm
E-mail for
Communication :
Missed date : 30-4-2012
IMEI No. : 352053043836660
Contact No : 9912221225

Thanking you sir

Guest Author: ravindharreddy     03 Aug 2012
Please find my mobile:
Your name : G ravindharreddy
Address : muttuguda secunderabad District
Phone model : Nokia asha 200
Make : 2011
Last used No. :9866675207
E-mail for
Communication :
Missed date : 10-4-2011
IMEI No. : 359347042144149
Contact No : 9704675694

Guest Author: amit verma     04 Sep 2012
My phone is stolen in the last few days, so please search my phone its very important-IMEI no.35125/04/183613/s
battery no.yaib60495/4/-be7

Guest Author: Haider Shafi     19 Sep 2012
I have Lost my mobile Phone Name Samsung gaxaxy ACE under the IMEI No. *352306/05/126679/4*.. Please Locate my Mobile

With Regards
Haider Shafi Bhat
From Jammu & Kashmir
At Srinagar City

Guest Author: Sridhar Ramakrishnan     04 Nov 2012
Thank you so much. I've sent the email to Chennai Police as directed above and hoping for the best.

Guest Author: makhdoom     06 Nov 2012
I have lost my micromaxa100 mobile phone on 21-11-2012,
please help me to trace my phone


Guest Author: ankush sharma     04 Dec 2012
I have lost my c2-03 nokia mobile
IMEI no is 359327040005047
Ankush sharma

Guest Author: Mahadeva N K     12 Jan 2013
Your name:Mahadeva N K
Address: Kaggalipura Banagalore
Phone model:Nokia Asha N-302
Last used No:28-11-2012
Missed date:28-11-2012
IMEI NO:-353671055243290
Contact No :9972727458

Guest Author: robina     27 Jan 2013
Your name: Robina Ofilanda
Address: Manila, Philippines
Phone model: iphone4
Last used No.: +63 922 455 0902
E-mail for communication:
Date of theft and losing phone: 01-27-13 9pm
IMEI No. is serial number is the same with imei ?
serial number: 7243955

please help me trace and locate it .
i'll do anything :( please reply at my email

Guest Author: priya kumari     31 Jan 2013
Your name: priya kumari
Address: sodepur panihati kolkata
Phone model: nokia x2-01
Last used No.:8981760545
E-mail for communication:
Date of theft and losing phone:IMEI No.:15 december 2012

IMEI 358615043417040

Guest Author: srinivas     16 Feb 2013
I lost my mobile so please tell me how can I find my mobile.
name : srinivas

address ; baghamberpet, hyderabad

Phone model : C2-01 black

Make: nokia

Last used No.: 9491337522 / 9618971121

E-mail for communication: /

Date of theft and losing phone: 05 / 02 / 2013

IMEI No.: 35193 6050 62 4683

Guest Author: Shaknar     14 Mar 2013
My Sony Experia P mobile was stolen in Mumbai on 9th Mar. 13. Please help to find it. My phones EMEI is : 353722056582002 and last used number is reliance 9022130191. Please help if you know any idea to find it.

Guest Author: monalisa rout     18 Mar 2013
I lost my phone nokia x2 in delhi,palam vihar whose IMEI no is352699046453042 and product code-0595283.If found please contact on this no 08750667878-biswa or mail, date-17th march 2013.

Guest Author: Priti     31 Mar 2013
Mobile is stolen and need to trace the location last found.
Your name: priti
Address: Thane West
Phone model: SOny xperia
Last used No.: 9223020982
E-mail for communication:
Date of theft and losing phone: 31st march 2013

IMEI no: 35480705213097

Guest Author: nitesh kasnal     07 Apr 2013
Your name:nitesh kansal
Address:house no 464/22.galino-13,shivji park (gurgaon)
Phone model:sch-i589,Samsung galaxy Ace duos cdma+gsm
Last used No.:9310034822 my no
E-mail for communication:
Date of theft and losing phone: 6/4/2013 date my lost cell phone
IMEI No.:359099040520172
Sir Please help me to find my lost my phone. My new no is 8826229936.

Guest Author: Pradeep     18 Apr 2013
I have lost my Vodafone android mobile phone 2 months ago & the IMEI no. is 356652045346580 & my mobile no. is 9686868808 so please help me if any possibilities are there & my email id is I have lost my mobile in Attibelle Sarjapur road.

Author: PK Mishra    06 May 2013Member Level: Bronze   Points : 2
Name :P.K.Mishra
Address:Millennium Towers, Sanpada Sector- 9,Navi Mumbai
Phone model:Sony Ericsson
Make: Xperia X-10i
Last used No.:9969223183
E-mail for communication:
Date of theft and losing phone:4 May 2013
IMEI No.:012590002466676

Guest Author: Santhosh     07 May 2013
I have lost my iphone 4S 16GB whose IMEI no is 012538003784265 and I have bill of this cell so please track my cell and if found please send a mail to I will very grateful to you.

Guest Author: ronak bhadada     15 May 2013
EMI NO . 354864043491225

MY CONTACT NO . 07737339181

Author: Naveed Ahmed    11 Jan 2014Member Level: Gold   Points : 1
I want to share here that much useful and detailed information about the purpose and advantages of IMEI number is available at

Guest Author: kavya     18 Jan 2014
Name: G.kavya
Address : Dabala bazaar, H.No.2-4-53,khammam-07003,
Phone model: Sony xperia Miro
Last used No.: 9666606333
Date of theft:March 23rd 2013,
IMEI :354390054228587.
Plese help me………!!!!!!!

Guest Author: Khushdeep     18 Jan 2014
Hello Sir, My Self Khushdeep Singh,
Add:- gate Hakima Gali Hatimtai
H no.2298/13 Amritsar(143001)
Mobile Name:-
Can u track my mobile please.....?
My contect no. 7837035526

Guest Author: Siddharth Sethi     26 Jan 2014
My Name : Siddharth Sethi

Flat F-7/H-60, Tamarai Apartments, Thiruvalluvar nagar, Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai,Tamil Nadu - 600112.

Phone model : GT- S5830i

Make : Samsung

Last used no. : 09008926069

Email for communication :

Date of theft and losing phone : 27.01.2014 - around 10:20 am. Near Thiruvanmiyur Train station.

IMEI No. : 352306051001902

Sim card number : 09940179690

I will be deeply thankful if you could help me get my hands back on my phone!

Siddharth Sethi

Guest Author: venkatesh     31 Jan 2014
Phone model :GT 7562
Make : Samsung
Last used no 9010019854
Email for communication
Date of theft and losing phone; 27-01-2014 -aroung 3pm near parvathipuram putturu village janni street
IMEI No. :35916405260217
Sim card number :9492994919
I will be deeply thankful if you could help me get my hands back on my phone

Guest Author: vikram2010     13 Feb 2014
These folks can help you track your lost or stolen Iphone if you still have IMEI: or

Guest Author: ERWIN     02 Mar 2014
Your name: erwin sanchez
Address: quezon city philippines
Phone model: galaxy s4
Last used No.:09064083075
E-mail for communication:
Date of theft and losing phone: MARCH 01, 2014
IMEI No.:355172057376814

Guest Author: Siva Sankar     06 May 2014
Sir, I have lost my Nokia 525 om April 19th 2014 in my college.My name is siva shankar. The IMEI No. is 359182053075803.

Guest Author: Anil Gupta     20 May 2014
The Senior Superintendent of Police
Gandhi Nagar

Respected Sir,

Sub: Loss of my Cell Phone & SIM No: (9622048023 Cell Phone)

I lost my mobile phone on my way from Sabazai Mandi, Narwal to Indian Institute of Integrative Medicine (IIIM), Canal Road, Jammu on 01.05.2014 at 1.30 PM, while riding on my bike suddenly I noticed that the mobile is missing from my pocket. Please find the details of the mobile phone below.

Mobile details:
My Name: Parul Gupta
Phone Model: BlackBerry Curve 8520 (Black)
Make: BlackBerry

My Email:

Missed Date: May 01, 2014
IMEI No: 352774054622125

Sim use: Airtel

Mobile No: 9622048023

Immediately I informed the Bakshi Nagar Police Station, Jammu in writing and also requested Bharati Airtel office, Bhau Plaza to block the outgoing calls from my mobile and issue me a duplicate sim.
I Kindly request you to trace and find the mobile. Please block the mobile using the IMEI number mentioned above.

Please treat this as my complaint and I request to take necessary action to get back the mobile. Please
let me know if you need any additional information.

Yours faithfully,
(Parul Gupta)
R/O House No. 80
Gurha Bakshi Nagar, Jammu
Dated : 20.05.2014
2569222 (O) & 2580477 ®
(M) 9622048023 (Duplicate Sim No.)

Encls : As above

Guest Author: mehul     13 Jun 2014
I lost my Nokia lumia520
IMEI no. 358995059145242

Guest Author: Mintoo Sarkar     15 Jun 2014
Sir please kindly find the mobile arrange to me.
My name : Mintoo Sarkar
Address : Rajendra Park, Gurgaon, Haryana.
Phone model : Sony Experia C-5302 Black
Last used No. : 12-06-2014 09.00 pm
E-mail for
Communication :
Missed date : 12-06-2014
IMEI No. : 355810051815424
Contact No : 9716998232

Thanking you sir

Guest Author: Shri     20 Jun 2014
Sir, I have lost my Nokia 02-x2 may19th 2014 in my village ( jais ,Lucknow, up ).My name is SHRIKANT. The IMEI No. is 354142057301808

Guest Author: Priya     21 Jun 2014
Mobile Anti Theft is useful to track and get back the lost mobile. Find the details on the site and install the app. really awesome app

Guest Author:     23 Jun 2014
Sir, This is Nagendra.CH from Kodad Nalgonda dist. I lost my my Nokia c6-01 Mobile on 13.06.2014 09.30pm. One lady and her dad enter in my shop for pass photos. When I taking her photo that time her father got a phone call that time missing my cell phone. Her photo is there. Since how to find it?
IMEI : 353759042655534
Model No : Nokia c6-01
IMSI No : 404490481611906
Cell id : 46422(OXB 556)
my e mail id :

Guest Author: rajmani rajak     26 Jun 2014
Pls sir my lost mobile maxx a8 13-6-2014
I'm rajmani rajak
EMIE no-911257400044514

Guest Author: rohit     28 Jun 2014
Canvas hd
IMEI no.911353300969137
Contact me on-9507302144

Guest Author: suvam saha     28 Jun 2014
Your name:suvam saha
Address:R/o prem nagar ,port blair south andaman
Phone model:C5-05
Last used No.:not remembrd
E-mail for
Date of theft and losing phone:28/06/2014
IMEI No.:352828050423134
sir, please try to track out my phone ... hence i have blocked my sim card . but the phone keeps much more important to me as much more.. it contains all about my important files in notepad related to job. so kindly track an i hope to get a positive response.
thank you sir

Guest Author: SHAILENDRA TIRKEY     29 Jun 2014
Sir I lost my xperia slt26i
The IEMI NO. 353723056676919

Guest Author: sandeep kumar jajori     29 Jun 2014
Our name: Sandeep Kumar Jajoria
Address: Moh.Nansukh Ward no- 11, bhaskranadh marg Behror ,Alwar
Phone model: Andi Ripple 4.5 3G
Make: I Ball Andi
Last used No.: 8233441490
E-mail for communication:
Date of theft and losing phone: 25/06/2014
IMEI No.: 911360200276067,911360200378061
Sir, please try to track out my phone . Hence I have blocked my sim card but the phone keeps much more important to me as much more. It contains all about my important files in notepad related to job. So kindly track it. I hope to get a positive response.
Thank you sir

Guest Author: Neeraj Singh     01 Jul 2014
Your name: Neeraj Singh
Address: 9/9 I.T.I. Sandwa Colony,
Post: T.S.L. Naini, Allahabad - 211010
Phone model: Xolo A500S Ips

Make: 2013
Last used No.: 7503879705
E-mail for communication:
Date of theft and losing phone: 01/07/2014
IMEI No.: 911350450331530

Guest Author: Jaya Kumar     04 Jul 2014
Your name: Jaya Kumar
Address: Ground Floor,KRN Building, Jai Bheema Nagar, BTM Layout Bangalore.
Post: T.S.L. Naini, Allahabad - 211010
Phone model: Samsung Grand 2

Make: 2014
Last used No.: 9740728532
E-mail for communication:
Date of theft and losing phone: 02/July/2014
IMEI No.: 352116067260370

Guest Author: Sanjay Kumar     05 Jul 2014
My name:Sanjay Kumar
Phone model: NOKIA X3 BLACK
E-mail for
Date of theft and losing phone:01 Jul 14 at 1245hrs
IMEI No.:353796041023157
Purchase date: 10 Sep 10

Guest Author: pankaj     10 Jul 2014
My Xperia z1 is lost. What to do?

Guest Author: Nityanand Pathak     14 Jul 2014
My Name : Nityanand Pathak


Phone model : Samsung Galaxy Core GT-I8262

Make : Samsung

Last used no. : 9654374535

Email for communication :

Date of theft and losing phone : 13.07.2014 - 06:55 PM. Mahipalpur

IMEI No. : 359710050170472, 359711050170476

Sim card number : 8311836712 2 EH 1

I will be deeply thankful if you could help me get my hands back on my phone!

Nityanand Pathak

Guest Author: Mahipat Singh     15 Jul 2014
Can I track or find my cell phone (mobile phone) using IMEI number?

Your name: Mahipat Singh
Address: H.No 557, GF, Sector 18, Faridabad
Phone model: MOTO E
Make: Motorola
Last used No.: 13th June 2014, 6:30 PM (Nehru Place(New Delhi)-110019
E-mail for communication:
Date of theft and losing phone: 13th June 2014, 6:30 PM
IMEI No.: 359299054350231, 359299052387219-OLD Warrnty Exchanged

Guest Author: Zeba Naaz     17 Jul 2014
I have purchased my mobile sony xperia T2ultra online on flipkart. unfortunately i have lost it along with th box i have the soft copy of my bill can u please assist what should i do to get my mobile back

Guest Author: SRAVANA KUMAR REDDY     21 Jul 2014
Your name: B.sravana kumar reddy
Address: #36,6th cross, sbm colony,mathikere
Phone model: micromax A114
Make: 2014
Last used No.:7406667009,9618998377
E-mail for

Date of theft and losing phone: 21-07-2014.time 9:00am
M-IMEI: 911343503433544
S-IMEI: 911343503784045
MY CONTACT NO'S:9900932590,9620933662

Guest Author: gopi     21 Jul 2014
Sir my mobile model is Nokia c5, I lost my mobile. Please help me to trace the mobile, mobile imei no is 359039045583247

Guest Author: PK JHA     25 Jul 2014
Sir please kindly find the mobile arrange to me.
My name :PK Jha
Address : Akash Vihar Camp Marthalli Banglore
Phone model :Samsung Galaxy S Duos S 7562 (Pure White)
Last used No. : 7829128156 18-7-2014 10.30 pm (Apx)
E-mail for
Communication :
Missed date : 18-7-2014
IMEI No. : 358302050234648
Contact No : 9620035529

Guest Author: Kartheek     30 Jul 2014
Hi Sir,
I lost my samsung note 2 mobile.
Please find the following information of mobile.

Information on IMEI 357729059652472

Type Allocation Holder Samsung
Mobile Equipment Type Samsung GT-N7100 Galaxy Note 2
GSM Implementation Phase 2/2+
IMEI Validity Assessment

Information on range assignment

Est. Date of Range Issuance Around Q3 2012
Reporting Body British Approvals Board of Telecommunications (BABT)
Primary Market Europe
Legal Basis for Allocation EU R&TTE Directive

Information on number format:

Full IMEI Presentation 357729-05-965247-2
Reporting Body Identifier 35
Type Allocation Code 35772905
Serial Number 965247
Check Digit 2

By the way, your article on 'Recover or Track Lost or Stolen Cell Phone (Mobile Phone) Using Tracker Software And IMEI Number' is great.


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