Mobile Safety Tips

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Mobile Waves

We are living in the world that is surrounded by waves. we are also surrounded by the technology waves especially the mobile frequency waves. These are not harmful but we should know how to safeguard us from these waves. Without mobile a days turns hard to pass away. Everything is dumped into the mobile so that we need the mobile at least with basic functionality like calling, text messaging.

Mobile Safety Tips

Today we become too much addict to the usage of mobile phones. Alert and awareness are essential about the mobile safety methods so that we can protect ourselves. This article emphasizes on the safety measure in using a cell phone.

. Do not stick to the long hour conversation through mobile phones. Hearing mechanism of our body cant withstand these waves for long.

. Dont talk though cell phones while it is in charging.

. Playing games in mobile all the time will cut short its life. Reports are there that mobile software will hang.

. Dont practice the baby with cell phones.

. Set aside the mobile phones during exam time as this will distract your concentration.

. Use hands free like headset while talking.


. Dont keep your mobile phone in vibration mode in your pockets.

. Sweating near ears will damage the cell phone if you talk as water might enter inside the phone.

. Avoid loud speaker mode in public places as this will disturb others.

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