Why India is not a developed country ?

I will explain why India is not gaining strength in all the fields and why it is not the developed country.

India is the vast country, it has the many languages, regions and many different cultures. It also has a good land features also. for example-hilly areas in the north region, moderate temperature in the central of India and coastal regions towards the south region.
When India regained it's Independence in 1947,after that they lose their position and become weaken after with the passage of time .so, many causes are there which led down the India and still India is not regaining strength that's why still count in the race of developing countries. The reasons responsible for the led down of India are following:-

• Population-India is very large in the areas. It is the seventh largest country in the world and due to that fact, it has high density of population. so, it is difficult to provise resources to each and every individual of the country.

• Poverty-Majority of Population of India which is living in backward areas are still has income below poverty line. The poverty is the main reason which is responsible for the low per-capita income of an individual.

• Unemployment- The young of India country is facing the problem of unemployment, the main reason of it, is poverty. for example-in the last due to the recession most of computer and it graduates are still looking for a job in the multi-national companies.

• Terrorism- It is the big problem for the whole of world. due to which many innocent persons have lost their houses and lives. many of the people are still living under the load of this disastrous act.

• Corruption and Black-marketing-Some people want to earn more and more money, in order to fulfill their thrust they lead to increase the level of corruption and hoarding which are responsible for the price –rise and other so many problems.

• Per-capita and National income-The National and Per-capita income of the people of India is less as compare to the other developed countries. Indian can earn less number of income as compare to others countries.

• Low standard of comfort- The standard of comfort also decide that which is the developed country and which is the developing country. Both the countries have lot of difference in the standard of comfort.

• Low level of technology-The level of tools and technology being used in developing countries are less as compare to developed countries.

• Tertiary and Secondary occupation-In developed countries, many people are engaged in tertiary and secondary occupation but people of India are engaged in primary occupation. For example-More than 70 percent of people of India are engaged in agriculture for basic needs of their life.

Moreover A.P.J Abdul Kalam Azad has release a target that according to which India will got to be developed on year 2020.It should be achieved by promoting Educational system in India by providing Education to all the children below the age of 14 years.

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