Essay on Rainy Season

The Rainy Season is on the way and students are going to start their school. So I am helping the students for assay on Rainy Season in sweet and simple words.

The parents are busy now for their children and no time for teaching the child. Thats why I am helping the parents and students also for the assay on Rainy Season.

First write the points on Rainy Season as follows :
01. Introduction
02. Causes
03. Advantages
04. Disadvantages
05. Natural Changes
06. Festivals
07. Conclusion
08. Introduction

Introduction :
In India there are six seasons and the rainy season is one of the one season which the school going children likes most. It begins in July and ends in October.

Causes :
In the summer season the Indian Ocean goes up as vapors and the vapors make the clouds and in the monsoon there clouds falls as rain and rain season is start.

Advantages :
The Rainy Season have so many good things and advantages in our life. It removes the heat of summer. Rain provides us water to us and animals also. In the Rainy Season, flood comes in rivers, earth become cool and happy. The waterways are full to the brim. It helps the corps and vegetables to grow. Grass grows in plenty. Hence cows get a lot of grass and people get a lot of milk from their cows.

Disadvantages :
During the Rainy Season, people face a lot of difficulties. Paths become dirty and slippery. During the heavy rain communication are cut off. People cannot go to work. Students cannot go to school. Children suffer from cough and cold. Stomach problem are very common in this season. Rain bring flood in rivers. A lot of men and cattle are died.

Natural Scenery :
In the Rainy Season, the earth wears green colour. Trees are filled with new leaves. Flowers appear on them. The beautiful rainbow falls in the sky. The sun shines through them and the gray clouds get multicolored. Peacocks dance in the woodland. The nature become a good scenery and green cover.

Fairs and Festivals :
Some Hindu Festivals such as Diwali, Durga Puja fall in this season.

Conclusion :
The Rainy Season is the season of corps and vegetables. It is the friend of farmers, trees and animals. It is the food maker and water creator. Hence we all people have to welcome this season with full joy.

Enjoy this season!

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There are tips, precautions and medicines information I have given and how to keep well in the monsoon information is there.


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Author: Radha Muralidhar22 Jun 2010 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2


Here are some more useful tips:

1. Use the following words : Therefore: when your give the reason.

For example: During rainy season , it may rain anytime. Rains may affect the health of the people.Therefore, they should always carry an umbrella or rain coat with them so that they don't get drenched.

2.Moreover: (for adding one more reason) Moreover, if they protect themselves from the rain, they may not fall sick

3. However(to say something opposite) For instance: Some people like the rainy season. However, some people have aversion towards it.

4. But:It is a conjuction. The second part contradicts the first part. Example; I like the rain but my friend doesn't.

5.and; It is a conjunction which connects two parts of the sentences . But both the parts convey the same view. For example:

Both my friend and I welcome the rainy season because we like it.

6.Neither .......nor (negative) Neither my friend, nor my friend likes the rainy season

7. not only but also: ( both same , Positive) Rani not only likes to get wet in the rain but also likes to float paper boats in the water.

Author: Jayanta Datta Choudhury23 Jun 2010 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2


This is a very nice to the point essay for Rainy Season avoiding any repeatations in descriptions.
Specially such type of presentation in essay writing with simple english language will attract attention to the class teachers or examiners for distributing the marks in paragraph wise.

Irrelevant descriptions are avoided in this artcle and this is the exact style and process of writing good essays.

If I would have been the class teacher my rating to this essay would be 90%.

School students must follow this type presentaion in writing essays.

Guest Author: sanjana16 Nov 2013

Aarti didi you have written the best composition from all of these. And thank you for the great composition on rainy season.

Guest Author: Anuj Poddar02 Jul 2016

Your essay composition is really the second best of all of these for my mother and father and it really helped me to come first in English composition in my class among all the students in my class. But for me this was the best composition among all of these!

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