How to prepare for an Interview?

Facing an Interview is never an easy Task. Here are some tips which can help you to be prepared before, during, after Interviews.

Facing an Interview is never an easy task,Infact it can turn out to be a nerve-racking experience,for some people. There are several points that can help you to be prepared before,during,after interviews.

The following lists a few points one should take care of :

1. Preparation
2. Appearance
3. body Language
4. Etiquettes
5. Guidelines
6. Some expected question
7. Signing off

Interview Preparation

Advance preparation is most important in succeeding an interview. One should know the following details related to the job requirement:

Job or role

And should know the details of the interview,such as:

The time and date
name of the interviewer

Also, collect details about the interview location and try to reach there atleast 20 min before scheduled interview time. Keep your dress & documents ready the previous day itself.

Carry minimum belongings

Focus on the interview

Carry all the required documents,such as certificates,references,a few copies of
your resume,and the interview letter.

Inform the receptionist at the location on your arrival

Freshen up,if required at the location.


The following points should be kept in mind while going for an interview:

Have a clean and well-groomed look

Always wear clean,neatly ironed clothes.

Dress conservatively

Avoid casuals,such as jeans and sneakers.

Body language

The following points should be kept in mind:

Handshake- shake hands only when you offered a hand

Firm,not limp and not too hard,and match pressure of your hand shake.

ensure your hands are clean and not sweaty.

Eye contact - Maintain eye contact with each interviewer,especially the interviewer who is currently asking question.

Do not overdo it, break out the contact periodically.

Sitting position for interview - try and be comfortable,settle down quickly.

Do not be too fidgety.

Lean forward a bit

Your words and gesture must be in agreement.

Keep your hands relaxed

keep your voice tone firm,well modulated,and relaxed.

Smile when necessary during the interview. It indicates confidence.

Interview Etiquette

Knock before you enter the interview room.
Greet everyone in the room,appropriately
Shake hands,if you are offered a hand.
Sit only when you are asked to.
Always be polite.
Do not get into arguments
Thank the interviewers for their time when you leave,and smile.
You may be asked to introduce yourself.Be prepared and release a 90-120 second brief on yourself.
Be thorough and prepare the subject you have studied.
if you have work experience,be prepared to face to face question related to your work area.

Interview Guidelines

Speak up when you are answering questions.
Answer briefly,but do not restrict yourself to "yes" or "no" answers.
Do not worry about pausing before your answer,it shows you can think and are not spitting out the sound bites you learned.
Do not worry about admitting that you do not know the answer to a question.
Be prepared for question on hypothetical situation,take your time on such questions.
be prepared for the unexpected question that is designed to see how you can cope with them.
be positive.

Frequently asked interview questions

Tell me about yourself?
What do you know about our company?
why should you be hired?
what can you do for us that some else cannot?
What do you look for in a job?
What skills and qualification are essential for success in the required position?
How long would it take you to make meaningful contribution?
How does this assignment fit in to your overall career plan?
How would your colleagues describe you?
How would you describe yourself?
What were the five most significant accomplishment in your last assignment or career?
Can you work well under deadline or pressure?
Why do you want to work for us?
What other position are you considering?
what are your career goals?
what are your strong/weak points?
What position do you expect to have within 2 to 5 years?
what kind of hours are you used to working or would like to work for?

Signing off

The interviewer may ask you if you have any questions. You can ask questions,keeping in mind the following points.

Ask if you genuinely have a question.
keep it focused to the company or your job.
Ask follow up questions but try and cover the essential areas only.

At the end of the interview,you should thank the interviewer for giving you the opportunity.

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