Are House Sparrows going to vanish from the face of earth?

House sparrows have recently been listed as one of the endangered avian species. This article should serve as an eye opener to try and prevent the little creatures from becoming extinct. Protective measures need to be taken on a war footing if we do not want them to become a forgotton part of history!

Chirp, cheep, chirp………everyone must be familiar with these sounds of sparrows chirping in the courtyards, balconies and on the roof tops. When did you last see a sparrow or heard its squeaks? It must have been a long while ago because these cute creatures are on the verge of becoming extinct! Our companions for ages are soon going to be a rare sight.

Population of house sparrows has been declining at an alarming rate and they have now been listed in the endangered avian species list. The decline has recently become more prominent in the urban areas. The little bird has almost vanished from many parts of India. It has disappeared from about a third of the global land space. Why has this happened is a cause for great concern.

Global warming is to be largely blamed for this. Global warming is a broad spectrum word and encompasses various aspects.

One of the greatest factors is the erratic and unplanned proliferation of mobile towers more so in the urban areas. Sparrows becoming endangered are a direct consequence of this and unwittingly fallen prey to this so called telecom revolution. Birds are known to be sensitive to the magnetic radiation emanating from the mobile towers. Sparrows tend to fly directly into the tower and the radio frequencies emitted confuse and disorient them. This in turn affects their reproductive behavior and navigational skills.

It is indeed ironical that mobile ring tones play bird music all the time but at the same time are also responsible for their extinction due to their own towers.

Another major culprit behind the extinction of sparrows is the increasing use of unleaded petrol. This is a paradox in itself. Getting rid of the lead compounds from petrol can cited as one of the biggest victories for the save environment campaigners. Lead and other chemicals found in petrol gradually accumulated in children's bodies and even damaged their brains and it is because of the toxic effects of lead that the use of leaded petrol is being phased out.

The chemicals which were replaced by lead gave out toxic compounds upon combustion which were hazardous for the little bird. The move which was friendly to the environment did not turn out to be so for its little inhabitants.

We have to move ahead with times and telecommunication marvels are something to be proud of but shouldn't we also make an effort to take these innocuous beings along with us. They do warrant some consideration.

I hope that this serves as an eye opener and we do not loose sight of these beautiful creatures and find them around us for ages to come and not limit them to mere archaeological museums and ringtones!

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Author: Puja Rana25 Jun 2010 Member Level: Silver   Points : 1

Very well written....even I have noticed that sparrows are vanishing day by day. But was not aware of the causes. Thanks for listing them beautifully in this resource.

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