NGO – Full form of NGO, History of NGOs and types of NGOs

All the details regarding NGO. Full form of NGO , History of NGOs and types of NGOs.

I am preparing for the UPSC civil services examination. I came across the topic of NGOs. I would like to tell about NGOs.

Full Form of NGO

NGO means Non governmental organization. These are the organizations in which government representatives are not present in members of organization and are funded by the government. Sometimes entire funds are provided by the government while sometimes government partially funds the NGOs. The main objective of NGOs is to provide social justice, development and human rights. It provides services directly to local community.

History of NGOs

Beginning of NGOs starts in 1775 to 1918. It includes various national issues and war sufferer issues. In late 1960s-1970s entire growth of NGOs had started. The main reason of developing NGOs is economic recession, end of cold war, privatization, growing demands etc

Types of NGOs

They are basically classified as
a. Community based NGOs - Created by people's own interest. Main objective of these organizations is to help urban people and aware them to understand their rights and provide required services.

b. Citywide NGOs – They include various organizations related to sports, education and association of community based organizations.

c. National NGOs - These are professional organizations. Function of these NGOs is to support local NGOs

d. International NGOs – Main function of this NGOs is funding to local NGOs, implementing various projects.

There are large numbers of types of NGOs. Some of them are as follows
* BINGO-Business-friendly International NGO
* CITS-Its function is to motivate youth towards research and development.
* CSO-Civil Society Organization-It includes various civil and social organizations.
* ENGO-Environmental NGO-Creates relationship between government and other organizations.
* GONGO-Government operated NGOs
* INGO-International NGOs
* QUANGO-Quasi-autonomous NGOs
* TANGO-Technical assistance NGOs
* MANGO-Market advocacy NGOs

Working of NGOs

It works according to diagram shown in figure

NGO working

It works in four tiers

1. First tier - Primary tier which function is funding. It is main source of funding. It includes government bodies, international agencies or individuals etc.
2. Second tier – Main function of this tier is to distribute the funds provided by first tier.
3. Third tier – This tier includes NGOs. Its function is to link with fund applicant.
4. Fourth tier – This tier represents the recipient of funds provided by NGOs.

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Guest Author: Sarika Ozarkar24 Sep 2015

I like your definition of NGO & got more information on it. Thanks.

Guest Author: Baba Reddy16 Jan 2017

Thank you for the information about NGOs. A very useful article.

Guest Author: Dr.sowmya04 Mar 2017

What qualification is needed to join an NGO. Whom to approached? I want to help the poor and needy who is not aware of their rights. Specially women are suffering.

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