Permanent cure for Diabetes

This resource explains a remedy for cure of diabetes explained in Ayurvedics.

Yes, you all heard it right.I am here to tell you the best remedy to cure diabetes.This is followed in Ayurvedics in India.
Though many people may trash out my words saying that diabetes cannot be cured, I am here for those people who at least give it a try.This solution of mine will surely help oneself to have his sugar level under control.

Steps to follow:

Step 1:

Take 100 grams of Barley seeds.

Step 2:

Take 100 grams of Wheat Flour.

Step 3:

Take 100 grams of Kalunja seeds(black in color).

Step 4:

Take 100 grams of Gondh(Thumma Jiguru in telugu).


1)Mix all the ingredients mentioned above with 5 cups of water.
2)Then, boil this on stove for 15 mins.
3)Filter out the syrup thus obtained from the mixture
4)Allow the syrup to cool down.

Intake of Syrup:

a) Now, take 1 Tablespoon of this syrup for 1 week early morning on empty stomach.
b)Take 1 Tablespoon of the same syrup the next week but on alternative days.

Thats it, your sugar levels will come under control.
This resource is for those people who would like to give it a try.This works generally for people, but may not turn up in some cases.This absolutely has no side effects.This was tested successfully in USA on 2 persons who have their sugar level under control.But, this remedy is not very famous and has not yet seen the lime light.
Hope the above provided information was useful.I also request the doctors present in ISC to have a look at this and give their comments so that it can be useful for all people over here.
So, just give it a try and please let me know the results.I can give my mail ID upon request.

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Author: Sairaj08 Jul 2010 Member Level: Gold   Points : 1


I once again request for doctors in ISC to have a look at my resource and judge their opinion.

Thank You.

Author: Richa Jha09 Jul 2010 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2


Thanks for writing about the cure for the diabetics. because my father is a diabetic and it's really important for them to cure it and maintain the level of sugar in their body .It should be in level nether it should be more nor the less.

Your tips are really valuable for me and I will use them for my father treatment to fright against the diabetes

Thanks again.

Author: Sairaj09 Jul 2010 Member Level: Gold   Points : 1

@ Richa Jha

Thanks for the same.But please note that the above mentioned cure is in Ayurveda and it takes a lot of time for the total cure.

Initially the sugar level may increase but it will come down as the time progresses.
So, all the best and wish you good luck.

Guest Author: renu ramgopal04 Jun 2012

Hello. You must be a very nice person to put this on the internet. But what exactly are Kalunja seeds??? Do you mean Kalonji(onion seeds)?

Guest Author: renu ramgopal04 Jun 2012

Hello. You must be a very nice person to put this on the internet. But what exactly are Kalunja seeds? Do you mean Kalonji(onion seeds)?

Guest Author: praveen23 Oct 2012

Hi! Thank you for posting this remedy that could be the miracle many people like me are looking for. I have had diabetes since 2 years now (my age is 24 now) and even neuropathy has started affecting me now since I took it lightly and did not maintain my sugar levels for a long time until I had to undergo surgery for peri-anal abscess. Now, I am taking insulin shots to maintain my sugar levels.

I am going to try this for sure. What I would just wish to know out of curiosity is that do i stand to get rid of diabetes and its complications including neuropathy permanently? My diabetes is just going worse inspite of insulin injections.

Guest Author: M Asif Zafar12 Feb 2013

Dear Siraj,
Please do not bluff that you discovered this medicine. Infact it was discovered by Sheikh Saleh Mohammed Tuwaijiri , the Supreme judge of Tabuk Court, Saudi Arabia. He has made the extensive experiments with perseverance and patience and discovered it. If you will search the internet you will find the truth of his claim. There are many websites which will confirm my words.
I could not find any body on the internet who say that he got cured after using the above prescription.

Guest Author: Ashis25 Sep 2013


Thanks for your valuable suggestion.

Please provide your mail ID for more discusion.


Guest Author: Vijay Qamra08 May 2014

Sir! After reading your prescription for diabetes I tried to cook the whole mixture and got a lump of it. It was nothing like a juice or drink. 5cups of water just gets absorbed by the GOND 100 gms either Gond has to be 10gms or it should not be flour of wheat. It just makes a big lump with less water.

Have you tried to make yourself.?

Guest Author: lakshmi09 Jul 2014

Hi, how to use wheat in this process. Wheat power or wheat seeds?

Guest Author: jagadeesh15 Jul 2014

But what exactly are Kalunja seeds? Do you mean Kalonji and what is gondh?

Guest Author: Ramesh Reddy07 Sep 2014

kalunja means black jira or nalla jilakara or black cumin seeds. hope you got it

Guest Author: m l sharma22 Sep 2014

very very thanks thanks for advice but qty of water 5 cups is very less for 400grams after 10 minutes boiling make paste water totally dried pl advice can increase water qty &how much can be keep in fridge

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