History of Naxalism and Attacks by Naxalites

This resource highlights the attacks made by the Naxalites in the recent past. Our government has considered Naxalism as the biggest internal threat to India.

This resource highlights the attacks made by the Naxalites in the recent past. Our government has considered Naxalism as the biggest internal threat to India. It involves the roots of Naxalism, origin of Naxalism and various attacks made by Naxalites.

History of Naxalism

The origin of Naxalism lies in West Bengal in 1967. It was started by the Communist Party of India(Maoist) to provide land to the landless. They had attacked the landlords who had confiscated the lands from the peasants taking advantage of the illiteracy of the peasants. This movement gained immense popularity and all the poor and helpless people started joining this group to get justice. Later in 1970, the groups split and spread across the country. Recently since the 2000, Naxalism has gained immense popularity and the Naxalites have been causing havoc to the CRPF personal and the Indian Government.

States in which Naxalism is active

Naxalism is prominent in the states of Jharkhand, Chattisgarh, West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh and Orissa. To some extent it is also active in the forests of Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Karnataka. But not to a large scale as in the other states. The main regions in which Naxalites are active are the forests which are rich in natural resources such as Iron Ore and other materials. Since the inclusion of the mining mafias, Naxalism has gained strength in these regions.

Cause of Naxalism

The forest areas of Jharkhand, Chattisgarh, West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh and Orissa are rich in natural resources like minerals - Iron Ore. The royalty on Iron Ore is just 0.5%. This rule was approved in the year 2000 by the UPA government itself. This allowed private entrepreneurs to mine in these regions. As a result, large parts of these regions were mined by rich entrepreneurs giving just 0.5% of the profits to the people of these regions. Also, the ill-effects of mining industries are known. The tribals living in these forests suffered the effects of the mining industries with just 0.5% royalty and that too went to the Government which obviously gulped it all.
Naturally, the poor and needy people would be attracted to the Naxalite movement against the Government and its selfish resolutions. For the past 10 years, the corporate industries have been making immense profits from mining in these regions with all the side effects of mining suffered by the tribals and needy in these forests. What compensation is given for the people who own live in these regions? Just 0.5% of the profits. Even in countries like Australia, the Government imposes 40% compensation on the natural resources industries for the benefit of the people of the region.

Attacks made by the Naxalites in the recent past

As a result of the popularity of Naxalism, the Naxalites have been blindfolded and their anger has come out on the police forces and the forest security guards

4th September, 2009:
Location: Aaded village in Bijapur district of Chattisgarh
News: 4 villagers dead

26th September, 2009:
Location: Pairaguda village in Chhattisgarh
News: BJP MP dead

30th September, 2009:
Location: Gadchiroli district in Maharashtra
News: Gram Panchayat offices at Korchi and Belgaon are put on fire

8th October, 2009:
Location: Gadchiroli district of Maharashtra
News: 17 policemen killed in Laheri police station

15th February, 2010:
Location: Silda in West Midnapore district of West Bengal
News: 24 personnel of the Eastern Frontier Rifles (EFR) killed

4th April, 2010:
Location: Koraput district in Orrisa
News: 11 security personnel of the elite anti-naxal force Special Operations Group (SOG) dead

6th April, 2010:
Location:PDantewada district in Chhattisgarh
News: 75 CRPF personnel and a policeman killed

8th May, 2010:
Location: Bijapur district of Chhhattisgarh.
News: Eight CRPF jawans dead

29th June, 2010:
Location: Naraynpur district of Chhattisgarh
News: 15 CRPF personnel killed

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