Teaching Aids, Their Characteristics, Advantages , And How And Where To Use Teaching Aids

Teaching Aids are very necessary now a days for effective teaching. Teaching Aids have lot of advantages, characteristics and there are certain criteria of using teaching aids.

Characteristics of Good Teaching Aids

A few characteristics of good teaching aids are as follows :-

1) Teaching aids are large enough to be seen by the students for whom they are used.

2) Teaching aids are meaningful and they always stand to serve a useful purpose.

3) Teaching aids are upto the mark and upto date in every respect.

4) Teaching aids are simple , cheap and may be improvised.

5) Teaching aids are accurate and realistic.

6) Teaching aids are according to the mental level of the learners.

7) Their purpose may be informative but it is not just entertainment.

8) Teaching aids helps in realization of stipulated learning objects.

9) Teaching aids are really very useful and can be used in many lessons and at different class levels.

10) Teaching aids are useful for supplementing the teaching process but they cannot replace the teacher.

Advantages of Teaching Aids

1) Supplement in verbal instructions.

2) Teaching aids makes learning permanent.

3) Teaching aids provide variety.

4) Teaching aids are helpful in attracting attention of the students.

5) Teaching aids saves time and energy.

6) Teaching aids encourages the healthy classroom interaction.

7) Teaching aids helps the teacher to create situations for teaching the beginners.

8) Teaching aids are helpful in creating positive environment for discipline.

9) Teaching aids are helpful in meeting individual differences.

10) Teaching aids helps in providing speech training to the pupils.

11) Teaching aids enable the children to retain language items for a longer time.

12) Teaching aids gives vividness to the learning situation.

13) Teaching aids makes the abstract ideas concrete and thus help in making learning more effective.

14) Teaching aids provide good substitutes for the real objects as they make learning equally meaningful.

15) Teaching aids help in the development of various skills such as, how to draw a diagram of the topic among the students.

How to Use Teaching Aids ?

1) Teaching aids should be simple and brief.

2) Teaching aids should be related to the objectives of teaching.

3) Teaching aids should be big door to be seen by all the students.

4) Teacher must use proper teaching aids according to the interest of the student.

5) Teaching aids should be prepared and planned in advance.

6) Teaching aids should be properly selected according to the physical and mental level of the student.

7) Teaching aids should be colorful and should have direct impact on the lesson.

8) Teaching aids should be meaningful and interesting.

Where to Use Teaching Aids ?

1) When the subject is for remove in time.

2) Where the subject is too far , distance to be actually seen.

3) Where the subject is too small to be seen by the whole class.

4) Where the subject is too big to be bought in the class.

5) Where the growth of the process is slow.

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