Complete Details of the IGCSE board schools

I will explain to you what is the IGCSE Board with its features including various subjects,eligibility criteria and schools that offered IGCSE Education in India ?

What is the IGCSE Board?

The IGCSE stands International General Certificate of Education is an international reputed organization that offers high quality education access to the global world. The main aim of IGCSE is to provide thehigh educational performance for the students such that it will going to produce successful students that will lead the long run of the life and provide then with high salary that offers high professional growth.

It offers study to various programmes which is equivalent to 10th as according to the standards of CBSE and ICSE and as middle year programme according to the IB board.

Complete Details of the IGCSE board schools

Foundation of IGCSE

The IGCSE is formed in 1988 with two year programme for the class 9th and the 10th and provides the examinations either In summers that is in May or either in winter that is November. It is running by the UK with the with the bodies like London Examinations and the Cambridge International Examinations. Later on one more organization named UCLES will also have joined the assessment and all these bodies started their efforts to pull the level of education to the maximum level.

As the main concepts of science and mathematics are started from the 9th standard onwards and the student are also get mature in 9th class that he/she understands concepts in a descriptive manner and this will help them for diploma or the other secondary programmes.

What special IGCSE Board providing to the students?

The IGCSE board as mentioned above believes in providing the benefits of the high quality education to the people around the globe, to support the Education various other curricular activities are also organized for the better performance of the student at the national level.

Complete Details of the IGCSE board schools

The tasks performed by the IGCSE Board which has made it different from the other Boards like CBSE, ICSE and IB Board are following-

* The main advantage of passing the 10th from the IGCSE Board is that the student directly got their entry in the 12th class according to the standard set by the ICSE and the CBSE or directly got their entry at the diploma level according to the standards of the IB boards. This would helpful for the students in case he/she wants to save the one year of their students, and directly forwarded to the 12th as the student are enough capable to compete with the concepts of 12th as provided with the concepts in a descriptive manner.

* The standard and quality Education is provided to the students which develops and build the various educational skills like oral skills, problem solving ability, team spirit, integrity, Theory of knowledge and leadership quality that builds the responsibility and initiative to do the task in a confidential manner.

* This Board has cross the borders and has a world wide image and known for its excellence and due to this fact that In India, we have around 200 schools and this will also increases with the passage of time. Moreover, as far as the world is concerned, it provides the schools in around 150 countries and majority of these schools are there in UK.

* It is not too much complex as the main stress to provide the Education on the 9th and 10th standard. so, not too much calculations and staffed are required and this two classes will get full support of the teachers and the other management members, as all the facilities are meant for the these two classes. It is also known for its curricular activities that take place at international level and distinguishes the groups on the basis of the ability so that it is helpful for the students to judge themselves.

* It also provides the proper health facilities to provide the mechanical and physical support to the students especially for those who are not good in studies and other curricular activities. The medical test is always organized with in particular period that is from time to time to point out the weakness of the students, after that taking consideration of weakness and suggest the solution to that problem so that next time this weakness will be fully eliminated from the student.

* It offers the practical knowledge instead of providing the conceptual knowledge that off-course will not be good for the long run and clear the concepts of students with oral, written or video programmes. It also offers optional subjects for the students to provide them independent platform to choose the subjects according to their own choice.

* It also provides the Grade system for the students according to which the toper will get the A+ Grade and the lower Grade is G. All the students are get code in between A TO G. as the marks system is not there which is there is ICSE.

* The syllabus of IGCSE is more challenging as compare to any other Board, still IB board and ISCSE have same syllabus, but still IGCSE leads in the race by providing the multi language and multi-cultural support to the student.

Subjects that are taught to the students-

The standard of subjects are also matter of importance for the students, some think that textbooks and the syllabus doesn’t matter but it will makes a lot of difference at future level.

Complete Details of the IGCSE board schools

The various subjects that are taught to the students are following-

• Languages
• Social science
• Science and the Technology
• Mathematics
• Computer technology and business management.


The English language is act as the primary or the main language and also the provision is there for the second level language for the students who are not good in English and we can say that the students who are weak in English language. The foreign language touch is also taught to the students.

Social science

In this subject, moral science which deals with the humanities and also deals with the geography which is related to the physical conditions of the India and History is also there which will provide the students with the things happen before Independence and all the details responsible for the origin of the life and civics that directly deals with the constitution and the politics.

Science and technology

It consists of biology, physics and the chemistry and there is separate provision and labs for the allotted for the physics, chemistry and the biology for the experimental purpose.


It offers various concepts like number system, algebra, Geometry, Statistics, trigonometry etc. It is further useful in the day to day life for carrying out various calculations

Computer technology and the business management

It provides the students with the knowledge of the computer concepts like MS Office and DOS and window operating system which is used for carrying out various operations in companies and business management is also there which deals with the effective and proper utilization of the resources such as the principles of entrepreneur is taught to the student. Instead of this, new creative and innovative courses are also provided side by side for their all round development.

Basic criteria for getting direct entry in 12th /diploma-

Complete Details of the IGCSE board schools

The student which has recently passed from the IGCSE must have Grade C or greater than it to get admission either CBSE or ICSE in the diploma programme or get the direct entry in the diploma that is offered by the IB boards.

Moreover, some students even get the degree of International Certificate of Education which is more prestigious than IGCSE. For getting this degree the IGCSE student must passed the 7 subjects instead of passing the 5 subjects.

Some IGCSE Board schools of India are-

The schools which provides the IGSCE Board Education in India are following which is given below-

Complete Details of the IGCSE board schools

• Ryan International school New Delhi India
• Calcutta International School, Kolkata India
• The International School of Bangalore, Bangalore India
• Good Shepherd International School, Ooty India
• Indus International School, Bangalore India
• Parkwood School International, Hyderabad India
• Ahmedabad International School, Ahmedabad -- India
• Riverdale International School, Pune India
• Ecole Mondiale World School, Mumbai India
• Dhirubhai Ambani International School, Mumbai India
• Woodstock School, Mussoorie India
• G D Goenka World School, Gurgaon India
• DPS International School, Delhi India
• Pathways World School, Gurgaon India

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Guest Author: ojn21 Jan 2012

1. if we want direct entry in 12th grade in cbse do we have to complete A and AS level or after 1st two year(9th and10th grade in cbse) in igcse we can go in 12th of cbse.

2.are there divisions in A and AS level like there are in cbse(i.e arts,non-medical,medical,commerce)

3.if we want to stay in india will we get admission in indian universities like delhi university or MU.

Guest Author: Sanjay sharma04 Apr 2013

My son is studying in level A IGCSE Commerce stream and his term is getting over in Nov.2013 in India I want to what next he can do for degree or any other graduate level.
Please advice with details such as collages, university available.

Guest Author: Ngoc01 Jul 2013

I'm impressed by your writing. Are you a professional or just very kwnoledgeable?

Guest Author: Nilesh Wagh17 Aug 2013

It is very nice information, I want to start IGCSC school at Jejuri.
Request for your guidance.

Guest Author: jyotsna09 Apr 2014

Is IRA global in dombivali approved by Cambridge university?

Guest Author: mmaz2002@gmail.com05 May 2014


Nice article ! We are looking forward to startup an IGCSE based school in Hyderabad. It would be a great help if you could supply some information on a few How-Tos :

1) How to get accreditation to IGCSE in Hyd - India
2) Do we need a pre-affiliation / affiliation as soon as the business starts up.

Alternatively, any useful tips or relevant links to websites would also help.

Thank you,
Mir Mazhar Ali.
Email :

Guest Author: Sanjay Sharma05 May 2014

Thanks for this information. Now I have a situation my son did not clear his 12th from IGCSE board. Can he get admission again in 12th IGCSE as a regular student, If yes please advice. He was in RBK Kanakia Mumbai.

Guest Author: nusijath16 Jun 2014

I want to know about the grading system of IGSCE and I have a doubt about that grading system. Last year my sister appeared for 10th exam and result came. The thing is she got 55 mark in one subject and 56 in other subject and the grades are too different.. The grades are B and E. Please do reply for my question.

Guest Author: nusijath16 Jun 2014

I want to know about the grading system of IGSCE..and I have adoubt abouy that grading system ..last year my sister appeard for 10th exam and result came ..the thing is she got 55 mark in one subject and 56 in other subject and the grades are too different ..the grades are B and E.please do reply for my question

Guest Author: tomy varghese10 Sep 2014

Is Hebron School Tamilnadu an IGCSE school?

Guest Author: malini26 Sep 2014

nice 2 see details. I want 2 know igcse is toppest than IB icse. In Kerala igcse board schools available? if any ranking is there in Indian igcse board schools which is top

Guest Author: poonam gorasia11 Nov 2014

Even my son is in igcse board but what I got the feedback. Is that in higher standards specifically after Grade 5th students faces problem in literature as up to grade 5 mostly objective type question are asked and students are not able to form proper sentences and write big answers on their own as comparative to other board students.

Guest Author: sanjiv kumar v. thak30 Dec 2014

I have done my MSc in physical chemistry from Mumbai university & diploma in business finance, and computer management . I want to work and study simultaneously .
I wish to do PhD in chemistry without quitting my job.
is it possible to do so. please guide me accordingly.
at present i work as lab assistant (chem , phys, & bio) for an international school in Mumbai as per IB board. what other prospect do i have if I have to make a career based on the experience I have working experience in the lab . I want to learn and grow. I'm looking for the better payment . I would love to get an international exposure (experience) . I want to work for the better organisation where meritocracy is recognized. if you have any reference where I can apply , please do let me know .

Guest Author: Amruta31 Dec 2014

Can anyone let us know if "Ram Ratna International school" in Bhayander affiliated to IGCSE and any review about this school. Kindly share. I would like to take admission for my son in Sr. Kg in this school.

Guest Author: Rekha Rao18 Jan 2015


I need guidance on what is the best way forward. I'm being transferred to China on an assignment for 2 - 3 years. My son is currently in the 9th std CBSE board in National Public School Bangalore. I checked schools in Guangzhou and there are British International, American International Schools available with IB/ IGCSE curriculum. However, my dilemma is that everywhere its published that IGCSE is 9th and 10th focused. So, if I shift him now to a 10th std class directly into IGSCE - do you see any harm. Or do you recommend that I keep him in B'lore for a year till he completes his 10th in a CBSE residential school if he gets admission.

Guest Author: Absarullah Khan01 Mar 2015

Nice article ! We are looking forward to startup an IGCSE based school in Nanded maharshtra. It would be a great help if you could supply some information on a few How-Tos :

1) How to get accreditation to IGCSE in Nanded - India
2) Do we need a Pre -affiliation / affiliation as soon as the business starts up.

Alternatively, any useful tips or relevant links to websites would also help.

Thank you,

Absarullah khan
cell 9503749159,9404224488

Guest Author: Absarullah Khan01 Mar 2015

Nice article ! We are looking forward to startup an IGCSE based school in nanded maharshtra. It would be a great help if you could supply some information on a few How-Tos :

1) How to get accreditation to IGCSE in nanded - India
2) Do we need a pre-affiliation / affiliation as soon as the business starts up.

Alternatively, any useful tips or relevant links to websites would also help.
Thank you

Guest Author: Preetinder08 Apr 2015

Can we get admission in Indian colleges and universities after doing IGCSE board?

Guest Author: Nagappa sanga05 May 2015

In which standard starts IGCSE board real syllabus

Guest Author: Ani16 Jul 2016

Nice info, thanks. My son is currently studying in IGCSE school in primary class. My doubt is that at which grade can I change from IGCSE to CBSE? Since I don't want to send him aboard for higher education in future and also is interested in medical field, is it good to change after the 10th grade? Please do reply.

Guest Author: jatin22 Jun 2017

My son has given exam for 10th std in IGCSE board, Mumbai. He passed in all subjects except Chemistry. So, can he get admission in Maharashtra board for F.Y.J.C (First Year Junior College)? If yes, what is the procedure? I am confused. Please reply urgently.

Guest Author: poonam shukla09 Mar 2018

Hello sir,
I want to some information related to IGCSE board about primary school. what is the system of primary teaching and about taking preference of subjects in primary classes.

Guest Author: Usha d31 Mar 2018

My son has taken B,C,D,E grade in science(3),mathematics,hindi language,computer science but U grade in english.migration certificate has given to join any college bt for higher studies is it enough?

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