How to save cooking gas in the kitchen

Liquefied Petroleum Gas(LPG) is commonly popular cooking gas used for cooking purpose at home. This cooking gas is pollution free and clean and ideal domestic cooking fuel. Only we must take some best strategies in efficient cooking avoiding wastage of cooking gas fuel.

LPG is used as a cooking fuel within the majority of the homes of India . It is a versatile cooking gas fuel providing instant and controllable heat. LPG cooking fuel gas gives out much less emission of carbon dioxide as compared to other cooking fuels and have become environmentally friendly fuel for domestic use.
Among the other benefits of LPG cooking gas are:

• For its instant and efficient flame gives benefit for easy, comfortable and cleaner cooking in lesser time.
• Controllable and converged effective flame for cooking.
• Cooking fuel burns cleanly without producing any soot, smoke or any odors.
• Cooking through LPG gas does not leave any abnormal smells in the cooked foods.
• Gives long life span of the cooking pot, pressure cooker and pan with lesser maintenance.

The following steps are recommended for cooking in home kitchen with efficient utilization of cooking gas fuel:
• The ingredients and utensils for cooking are first to be kept ready within reach and then light up cooking stove for cooking. This will save wastage of cooking gas fuel during waiting time for preparing ingredients.
• Cooking with pressure cooker will take lesser time for cooking with less fuel consumption. because the temperature within the pressure cooker remains constant at boiling point at 100 deg. Celsius for long time.
• Using proportionate quantity of water in the ingredients for efficient and faster boiling and cooking in the pressure cooker will save cooking fuel gas. If we add more water in the ingredients the more time and more fuel will be used to bring it to boiling temperature.
• When the boiling starts reducing the oven flame will save cooking gas fuel considerably.
• Metallic cooking utensils such as stainless steel or aluminium are good conductive material for heat. Thus using metallic utensils for cooking purposes will be heated and conducted to the cooking ingredients very fast with lesser time and gas consumption..
• Using wide cooking pan to cover the oven gas will utilize the complete flame for quick heating and boiling without wastage of time and cooking gas fuel.
• When the cooking material starts boiling flame to be reduced to minimum to maintain boiling for some more long time to boil perfectly. Reducing flame at the boiling temperature will save cooking gas fuel.
• Ensure blue flame in gas oven when lighted for efficient flame heat, Yellow flame of gas oven indicates inefficient burning of fuel causes wastage of cooking gas fuel.
• Always call service technicians to check up the oven for efficient burning of fuel.
• During cooking with pan or pot properly cover the pot with a lid to prevent heat for evaporating. Cooking with open pan or pot will take larger time to boil as well as maximum use of fuel.
• Cooking with small burner will save at least 8% of fuel as compared to big burner. As far as possible small burner to be used for small quantity of cooking materials which will save cooking gas.
• Both the oven burners should be kept clean for efficient blue flame burning instead of yellow flame burning continuously during cooking which indicates incomplete and escape of un-burnt gas from the gas cylinder.

Some of the mandatory safety tips for proper and safe usage of LPG cooking gas are listed here to be rigidly followed by the consumers:
1. LPG appliance and accessories;
• Always use Bureau of Indian Standards(BIS) approved appliances and accessories.
• Rubber tubes and LPG Regulators should be obtained from authorized distributors only as a safety measure.
2. LPG cylinders:
• Delivered LPG cylinder should be properly checked for intact safety cap along with company seal.

• Ensure usage of LPG gas from the company's authorized personal with demonstration for safe use of gas.
• Cylinder must be kept away at safe distance from the oven on even surface at floor level.
• Check the presence of "O" ring inside the cylinder valve for safe use of LPG gas cylinder.
• Check for any signs of gas leakage by visual inspection as well as by applying soap solution and smell.
• Strictly avoid any lighted match sticks, candle or lighter to check leaks in LPG gas cylinders.
• Always place the LPG gas cooking cylinders in vertical position at safe and well ventilated place.
• LPG cylinder should never be placed in closed cabinet which will obstruct visibility.
• Cooking stove must be installed at the safe distance from LPG gas cylinder on spacious kitchen slab at a height above the cylinder.
• Smoking is strictly prohibited at the time cooking near the LPG gas oven.
• After use and completing cooking always keep regulator knob in "OFF" position.
• The full or empty LPG gas cylinders must be kept away from any heat or fire sources and in well ventilated place securing safety cap.
• Always check the rubber tube condition and replace it at least every 2 years.
• LPG gas appliances and accessories should be periodically service by authorized service department.
• In case of any signs of leakage follow the following steps:
> Instead of getting panic do not try to switch "on" or "off" any electrical switches or appliances in or adjacent to kitchen room because any electrical sparking may cause fire to leakage gas.
> It is wise to isolate the main switch if installed at distance room.
> Extinguish all lamps, incense sticks or any flames in and adjacent to kitchen room.
> Turn off LPG regulator along with all gas accessories putting safety cap on cylinder.
> All doors and windows of the kitchen room and all adjacent rooms should be kept open to escape the leakage gases.
> In case of such gas leakage detection it is better to call the company or authorized dealer for help to stop gas leakage from LPG cooking gas cylinders.

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