Benzaldehyde: its molecular formala, uses and how to test it in a lab

Looking for detailed information about the colour of Benzenecarbaldehyde and how it is tested in a laboratory? This article provides information about the molecular formula, uses and other unique facts of Benzenecarbaldehyde, which is an important aldehyde.

Every chemistry student is familiar with Benzaldehyde. This is usually given to test in the chemistry labs. Let's find out more about it.

Molecular formula of benzaldehyde

The molecular formula of benzaldehyde is C6H5CHO. As we all know here CHO group represents the aldehyde group.

Uses of benzaldehyde

  1. Perfumery

  2. Flavoring

Smell of benzaldehyde

This is having an almond smell. Due to this smell it is used in perfumery & flavorings.

Is benzaldehyde a liquid or a solid?

This is a liquid.

Color of benzaldehyde

This is colorless.

What happens when benzaldehyde is treated with saturated solution of sodium bisulphite?

Students who are interested in doing chemistry practical make their lab an interesting place. The fact is that all tests are done in a proper way.

Here prepare saturated solution of sodium bisulphite. Take a test tube & add 8-10 drops of saturated solution of sodium bisulphite. Then add 2-3 drops of benzaldehyde. Shake the test tube well & observe what happens?

A white crystalline precipitate which is known as benzaldehyde sodium bisulphite compound is formed.

Benzaldehyde reduces silver nitrate to metallic silver. This is an important point. How this is tested in the lab?

For this we have to prepare ammoniacal silver nitrate solution. Care should be taken to note that ammoniacal silver nitrate solution should be prepared & used at the same time. It should not be stored. It is dangerous to store it.

In a test tube add 2ml silver nitrate solution. To this add 1 drop of NaOH solution. Observe what happens? A precipitate known as silver oxide is formed. Then add ammonia solution drop by drop until the precipitate is dissolved. This is known as ammoniacal silver nitrate solution.Ammonia solution is also known as ammonium hydroxide solution.In some labs the label for ammonia solution bottle is written as ammonium hydroxide solution.

To this add 2 drops of benzaldehyde & warm on a water bath. Can you imagine what will be the result? A black precipitate or very rarely a silver mirror is obtained which shows the reduction of silver nitrate to metallic silver by benzaldehyde. I think this is the interesting as well as important experiment in a chemistry lab.

Interesting facts about benzaldehyde

We all are familiar with the smell of benzaldehyde in labs. It is having an almond smell. That means it is seen in the oil of bitter almonds.Also there is another name for ammoniacal silver nitrate solution. This is known as tollen's reagent.


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