How To Use Rupee Symbol and Type it using your Computer

In this resource, we have given information on how to type rupee symbol from present keyboards to use in our statistics. We have given the step by step information to type rupee symbol and details of how to use in text documents.

Indian Currency Rupee' Symbol

Finally Indian Currency, Rupee got a valid Symbol On July 15, 2010, and India state the power in Currency, joined elite to American Dollar ($), European Union - Euro (€), Japan Yen (¥), British Pound and with own symbol to make identity globally. Mr. D Uday Kumar had won the Indian Rupee Symbol Designing Contest in July 2010. The Symbol of Rupee consist of a blend of the Devanagri 'Ra' and Roman 'R'.


Rupee Symbol - Global Identity of Indian Currency

Before this, the situation was every time we had used INR, Rs. Rupiya prefix to show the amount in Rupee. New Rupee symbol have given new identity of Indian Rupee so that we will have a unique identity symbol like foreign currencies (American Dollar ($), Euro (€), Yen(¥)) in our daily transactions.

As Rupee symbol is designed by Mr. D Uday Kumar newly, the special key or feature is not available on present Keyboards. However, there are special softwares or fonts are designed by Software developers and rupee symbol can be typed using Keyboard_Button_Rupee_Symbol key on keyboard.

Step By Step Setting To Type Rupee Symbol

I have given step by step details on one can do setting in personal computers.

First of all, one should have Rupee_Foradian FONT file in computer.

Click To Download Rupee_Foradian and paste it in My Computer >> Control Panel >> Fonts Folder.

How To Type Rupee Symbol

Once you will have Rupee_Foradian in Control Panel >> Fonts, you can easily type Rupee symbol in Text Document, Word Document or any text files in your computer.

Now, open a new WordPad(.rtf) or Word Document(.doc) Or Text(.txt) File.
You can start typing in Arial font which is by default in WordPad.


Now, to type Rupee symbol in those text, you have to select Rupee Foradian Font from the drop down list of fonts.

To type Rupee Symbol press Keyboard_Button_Rupee_Symbol key on your keyboard (nearest key of numeric 1) and the rupee symbol will be typed in your document, as given in below image.

How to Type Rupee Symbol

Indian Rupee Symbol' Keyboard Button

Obviously, Indian Rupee Symbol' Keyboard Button will be available on newly designed Keyboard in future, as The Government of India have processed and have proposed to the Unicode Consortium that the U+0971 (Unicode character code) can be assigned for the new Rupee symbol and in future, we could type Indian Rupee Symbol using Rupee Symbol Button on Keyboard.

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Author: Vilas03 Aug 2010 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

Hi Mahesh,

The information you provided really very important for us. Not only government but also general people & student have to start using new rupee symbol. Student may have start using Rupee symbol when they do mathematics. IT people got a way to type rupee symbol so we will start writing rupee symbol.

Author: Richa Jha07 Aug 2010 Member Level: Gold   Points : 1


Thanks Mahesh for proving such a great information. It is really important for us to use this symbol in our daily life as soon as possible.

you have given every detail about it step by step it's great. you have written it very nicely.

Thanks again for the precious information

Author: Nilesh11 Aug 2010 Member Level: Bronze   Points : 1

Thanks Mahesh,

for the valuable fonts information and the method of using it.
Will you please also help that how we can use the same font while
on internet like if I want to use this symbol in my gmail or yahoo mail than how can I use this.

Thanks again.

Author: Venugopal G28 Aug 2010 Member Level: Silver   Points : 1

Thanks for giving such articles. So informative and interesting. With your easy method one could create Rs. symbol on their computers.

Author: Jawahar Lall02 Dec 2010 Member Level: Silver   Points : 1

Dear Mahesh,
It is really a wonderful article posted by you. Very innovative, infomative and useful. and is highly appreciable.

Kind Regards,
Jawahar Lall

Author: nelson26 Oct 2012 Member Level: Silver   Points : 1

Thanks mahesh for your valuable post. I was unaware that such could be also possible. I was thinking about when new keyboard with rupee symbol will be available. You have really solved my problem. Good discovery.

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