Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation – Its Purpose, Merits And Demerits

Merits and demerits of everything are always there. Putting things rightly in their true spirit depends upon the head of the institution. some people might say that teachers and the education system have already failed to a greater extent in the case of internal assessment, but it is a poor thinking

Purpose of Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation

1) To integrate teaching and evaluation and to test those kills and abilities which cannot be tested through written examinations at the end of the course. For this purpose, continuous, comprehensive internal evaluation should be properly diversified, so that through it we can test the :-

i) Writing ability of the student
ii) His participation in discussions, seminars etc.
iii) His participation in field work, project work etc.

2) To encourage students to apply themselves rigorously to their students.

3) To enable the teacher to realize the effectiveness of teaching – learning process.

4) To serve as a feedback for improving the contents of the courses, methods of teaching and teaching – learning process in general.

Merits of Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation

1) More Valid

It is more valid than external examinations as it covers all the topics of the syllabus assessment every month or fornightly.

2) Regular and Punctual

Students will become more regular and punctual. They will try to do their home assignments and class work to the entire satisfaction of all concerned.

3) Discipline

The problem of discipline will remain subsided.

4) More reliable

It is more reliable than external examinations as it covers all the topics of the syllabus.

5) Motivational Value

It motivates the pupils to work regularly and thoroughly. They work through out the year and don't waste time

6) Diagnostic Value

It enables us to diagnose pupils difficulties in learning. It provides opportunities of find out needs, interests, abilities and aptitude of an individual and shows him the way for the development.

7) No Undue strain

Undue strain upon the students is relaxed. Moral standards in students are never allowed to wave.

8 ) Basis of scholarship

It serves as a base for awarding scholarship and giving fee concessions

9) Positive results

It aims at finding out what the child knows, what he can do and what intelligence he has got rather than at finding out what he does not know, what he cannot do and what intelligence he has got.

Demerits of Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation

1) Time consuming

Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation is time consuming.

2) Heavy work load of teachers

The short term evaluation increases the work load of teachers. Moreover, it demands training, efficiency and resourcefulness on the part of teachers.

3) Incomplete without external examination

In the absence of external examination, a public examination at the end of the year is very essential in every scheme of evaluation.

4) Increase in number and intensity

Bad things like bribery may increase in number and intensity.

5) Shirkers of work

Shirkers of work in the teaching profession who are there due to some compulsions of life may not work and the standards in their hands may go down.


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