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The following article talks about some camps that are organised by National Cadet Corps for the NCC cadets.

National Cadet Corps in its determination to inculcate discipline, leadership and the feeling of nationalism among the youth of India, through the largest youth organisation, organises various camps across India throughout the year. The camps have been helpful in turning timid students who have always been under the supervision of their parents into responsible individuals. During the camps a cadet is responsible for his own bedding on which he sleeps, clothes which he wears and plates on which he eats. Some cadets wash their clothes and their plates for the first times in their lives during the NCC camps.

Staying away from home in a camp also makes the cadet realise the importance of home and makes one realise how un-thankful he had been by taking all the attention he receives at home for granted. The camps organised by National cadet Corps help in nurturing the individuals to make leaders for the future and allow the cadets to take decisions for themselves. The camps also provides a huge platform for cadets to form long lasting friendships by sharing all the joys and adversities together.

Some of the important camps are enumerated and explained below.

Republic Day Camp(RDC)
Selected number of NCC cadets take part in the Republic Day Parade on 26 January every year. The selection of the cadets from every battalion is strict with intense competition. Firstly, some cadets are selected from every battalion. To qualify at the Battalion level, a cadet must have passed the 'B' Certificate Examinations. The cadet should also be tall, good in turn-out, drill, firing and should be mentally sound. Out of cadets selected at Battalion level, NCC Group Headquarters go through further selection procedure and send the selected cadets to the NCC Directorate Camp which runs for 10 days for a final selection of the cadets. The best out of the lot are then selected to march and be a part of the Republic Day Parade in New Delhi. All the NCC Directorates send their selected cadets to New Delhi where inter-directorate competitions are held in various disciplines. While training for the Republic Day Parade, the cadets from all the Directorates are given time to mingle with each other, play games and compete against each other. The award for the best Directorate as well as the best cadet too is given to the cadets. It is a dream and a privilege to be a part of the Republic Day Camp for every cadet in India. The following facilities and things are provided to the participants of the Republic Day Camp:
One complete uniform with a blazer.
Free tour in and around Delhi and Agra.
Provided facilities to witness Army Day Parade.
Invitation to the At Home Party by the President of India.
Invitation to the Party given by the Prime Minister for cadets who participate in the NCC rally of the Prime Minister.
Special Certificates with cash prizes by the Director General NCC.

Combined Annual Training Camp(CATC)
The CATC Camp is organised by various battalions at different times of the year. The camp has rigorous regime and trains the cadets in various disciplines. The camp also gives the cadets an idea of the way the soldiers live. They are made to make tents on their own on the very first day and live in the tents as the if they were in the armed forces. The cadets are provided training in traffic rules and map reading by the instructors who are in the armed forces. The most exciting training the cadets look out for is firing. There can be nothing so amazing and thrilling than getting hold of a gun and firing at the target in the same place where real army men train. The officers from the fire department and traffic police are invited to give demonstration to the cadets during the camping period. The cadets from various colleges are made to interact with each other and inter-college competitions are held every evening in various disciplines including volleyball and debating. Each college is given a duty in particular areas like the kitchen, the main gate or the store. The cadets are sure to come out a gentlemen after attending the Combined Annual Training Camp.

National Integration Camp(NIC)
The NIC Camp is one of the most popular camps in NCC. The cadets love this camp. As the name of the camp suggests, the camp is not about physical training but about knowing India and seeing India. No matter where the camp is held, cadets from all the directorates are invited. The best feature about the National Integration Camp is the cultural programmes that are showcased by cadets from various directorates. All the cadets share about their culture with each other which helps in uniting India which has so much diversity in every field. There are many people in North India who never meet a person from South India in person throughout their lives which makes one unaware of the way people are in other parts of India and they create a opinion of others through movies and media which might be wrong. NIC Camps have been very helpful in bringing the people of India together as one. The cadets are taken on tours in various parts of the state where the camp is held, the place could be a museum, a zoo, a fort or even a temple. All the expenditure is borne by the Defence Ministry and a cadet does not pay anything while on a National Integration camp or any other Camp. NIC is a huge step of the Government towards a India of peace and understanding.

Adventure Camps
There are numerous activities that come under this category. All the attributes of adventure are conspicuous in the adventure camps and they are also called adventure sports in a layman's term. Rock Climbing and Trekking form the most important part of adventure camps and are open to almost all the cadets. The trekking and rock climbing camps are also organised throughout the year taking into consideration the weather of the camping area. Mountaineering Camp is only for selected cadets who have a thirst for mountains and have the strength to face adversities in the most hostile environment. Moreover, there also are camps like Para-Gliding and Para-Jumping for cadets who are selected after a thorough training and check-up. The Adventure Camps help the cadets to realise their potential and learn to live with honour and discipline.

Army Attachment Camp(ATC)
Another camp which is quite popular with the NCC cadets is the Army Attachment Camp. During the tenure of this camp, the cadets are made to stay with the army personnel, in their company or battalion. The cadets are expected to follow the routine of the soldiers accordingly. What can be a better experience that using the same barracks as the soldiers who sacrifice their lives for their country? The physical training for the cadets is at a lower scale than the regulars. The cadets are also given training on all the weapons used by the army and taught how to dismantle and reassemble the parts of all the weapons including SLRs and LMGs. The cadets also get to interact with the army personnel and share their opinion about them. Respect for the defence forces can only increase through the Army Attachment Camps. Similar camps are held by the naval and air wings too.


Guest Author: Clive10 Dec 2014

Can I go for the RDC parade if I complete my C-certificate?

Guest Author: Sarvaiya Haresh Nanu08 Apr 2015

i think, you can send the message to all cadets to get the information about all national camp by message or e-mail.

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