New Indian students in USA

This resource speaks about Indian students who are willing to pursue their studies in foreign countries.This resource talks about issues related to money, accommodation and course-work.


I am here to tell all the Indian students who want to pursue their education in foreign countries like USA some tips regarding their accommodation and money related issues.
I stuck to this topic as i see India as the leader in sending its students overseas for international educational exchange.There are huge number of people who are willing to study in USA for their higher studies and its USA which receives more international students from India than from any other country.

Money Issues:

Coming to the point of money, please carry some good liquid cash of at least 600$ for the initial setup.Liquid cash is equally important than any other forms of cash and bring some 1000$ in the form of cards like foreign card or traveler's card which would be useful to swipe and spend.
Let me tell you one good thing, all the shops in USA have debit cards and credit cards swiping systems, so please do not worry about that.

This money should last for at least 3 months and care should be taken that they are properly managed.After 3 months students will surely find a part-time job in the university campus.That job and salary would be really self-sufficient in supporting one's life in the foreign country.
Oncampus jobs include:
b)Recreation center helpers.
c)Computer lab assistants.
d)Mini software assistant.
e)University bookstore.
f)Gymnasium assistant.
and etc.

These jobs are a bit tough to get but one needs to keep on stressing the people over here and try to get for a job.


Coming to the accommodation, once you get into USA, seniors will take care of the juniors.They are very helpful by nature and help you in setting your things up.
To tell you all, there is no concept called seniors ragging juniors in this foreign country. All the Indians stay united and help their juniors in setting their house.
All the students who go to USA will be meeting there and should make friends and should agree on sharing their apartment with the friends they like.Students should then setup their own apartment and move on with their course work.


Coming to the concept of course-work, first thing that's important is one's interest towards the subject.Seniors will also help you in this regard too.They will help you in choosing courses and also advise you in telling how is one professor different from the other.
they will tell you the courses that are easy, the courses that are tough and the courses which gives good GPA(Grading Point Average).

So, this is how it works in USA.This resource is especially for students who do not know anything about money and accommodation and course-work and often get confused in choosing things.
I hope this resource has been useful to people who do not know and understand the situations outside our own country.
Thank You.

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