Disadvantages of Multinational Company

This resource gives information on the disadvantages of multinational company.

The disadvantages of multinational company are as follows:-
(1) High Profit Low Risk Investment: The multinational company prefer to invest in areas of low risk and high profitability. Issue like social welfare, national priority etc. have less priority on their agenda. Mostly they invest in consumer goods industry.

(2) Interference in Political Matters:The multinational company from developed countries interfere in the political affairs of developing nations. There are many cases where multinational company has bribed political leadership for their own economic gains.

(3) Create Artificial Demand: These companies create artificial and unwarranted demand by making extensive use of advertising and ales and promotion techniques.

(4) Exploitation: These companies are financially very strong and adopt aggressive marketing strategies to sale their products, adopt all means to eliminate competition and create monopoly.

(5) Technological Problem: Technology they use is capital intensive so sometimes that technology does not fully fit in the needs of developing countries. Also, multinational company is criticized for transferring outdated technology to developing countries.

(6) Foreign Exchange go outside the Country: The working of multinational company is a burden on the limited resources of developing countries. They charge high price in the form of commission and royalty paid by local business subsidiary to its parent company. This leads to outflow of foreign exchange.

(7) National Threat: Sometimes outdated technology is used by domestic industries which hamper the quality and price of their products so they cannot compete with those multinational company. Hence, there is a threat of nationwide opposition to multinational company. Arrival of these companies creates an atmosphere of uncertainly to the domestic industries.

(8) Impose their Culture: Multinational company impose their culture on developing countries. Along with the products they also indirectly impose the culture of developed nations. These companies have imposed the culture of fast food and soft drinks onto the developing nations. For examples:- burger and coke.

(9) Work for Self Interest: Multinational company work toward their own self interest rather than working for the economic development of host country. They are more interested in marketing of profits at any cost.


Guest Author: sophie19 Jul 2016

Very useful article, but could do with giving examples.

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