Why India is still a Developing Nation and not a Developed Nation

This resource will provide necessary information on why India is still a developing nation and not a developed nation even though there are lots of options provided by the government for the development criteria.

India is one of the fastest developing country in the world. But you can see the fact that the speed of the development is not as good when compared to the other countries that are already developed and that are much superior than India. There are many reason behind the lack in the development criteria of India. Most of the people realize that India is very slow in development but they don't focus on what to be done in order to make India a developed country. There are many issues in our country that are preventing India from becoming the developed nation. This resource will provide information on the issues that are preventing India to be the developed country. The reasons are as follows

Increase in population

India holds the second rank in the population. There are many things to be taken into consideration because of the population issues. If a country is highly populated it is sure that the development of the country will also be very slow. There will be a lot of necessity for the resources to be shared among the people of the country. The major fact is that there should be resources available for the same to be distributed among the people. If the population of the country is brought into the proper control it can be said that there are lots of possibilities to make our country one of the developed countries.


In this criteria it can be said that the population is the first reason on why India is still a country that is not developed. For a developed country it is necessary that the resources should be equally shared among the people of the country. In this case because of the drastic increase in the population the resources are not shared properly. There is a quote said by Jawaharlal Nehru "India is rich but Indians are Poor". The reason is because the resources are not shared properly among the people. There has to be some critical solution for this condition. Some people also lack responsibility and this has also been one of the reason on why there is a great increase in the population of the country.

Lack of unity among people

Unity is the strength of any nation. If the people are united then they get the great strength to tackle any kind of problem that is approaching them. This is the reason why people focus on the unity part of it. But in India we can very well say that there is no unity among the people. This is the reason why British held us as slaves for many years. People think that they don't have necessity to interfere in the matter of the country. This made the people get comfortably seated in our country.


We can also tell that our country people are divided among them with a great thing called the language. The people speak different language that had made them not to communicate with each other. At the earlier stage there were also no people to travel from one place to another place and this was the reason why the people couldn't get chance to mingle with the other people. In the coming years if the chances for creating unity among the people is increased then we can very well tell that there will be a very fast development in our country.

Politics in India

Politics is a great issue in any country. There should be a government and there should be a rule to govern the people and direct them to the right path. It is very much necessary that people should be given proper rules and we should make them follow that. The rules that are given to the people of India will create some discipline among them. Not all the political people are genuine and work for the people and the welfare of the people. It can be clearly seen that the political leaders tells lots of things during the election time to develop the nation. Everything goes as if written in the water. Because of these type of political leaders the country is not yet developed at all.

Political leaders focus mainly on earning lots of money when they are in the political fields. Even people know many bad political leaders who are in the higher position but they have no powers and mouth to tell about them to the authorities or to question them directly. If the India has to be made a developed nation then it is very much necessary that the political field should undergo a severe change. The political leaders should be taken out from their seat. I can even tell that the educated and well experienced people should be sent to those responsible seats to rule the country and make decisions for the sake of the country.

Corruption a major issue

Corruption has now become a great issue in our country. India is ranking a great position in the corruption. This can prove how bad the condition of India is. There are many people who is performing corruption. In some cases it can be said that we can get our work done only when we give bribe. If we are not giving then we will not get that job finished. In the corruption India is ranking the top 10 lists. But there is no initiative taken to clear the problem of corruption in our country. There are also many anti corruption forces acting all over India and in spite of these forces the corruption is taking place.


The Indian people are affected to greater extent because of the corruption. Event the good people are affected because of the one who is performing the corruption. This is also one of the major reason on why Our India is not a developed nation still. There has to be some strict rules to be issued by the government to eradicate the corruption in our country. In some cases the innocent people are also forced to get bribe and they force them to get their job finished. This is the reason why the good people are also affected because of the one who is doing corruption.

People being in below poverty line

The rich get richer and the poor gets poorer. There are still many people who are below poverty line in our country. The people who are below poverty line are not given any importance. According to me the government should take some perfect initiative to make the below poverty line people above the poverty line. There are still many families in the India who are not having money for their one time food in a day. When ever a good thing is given for the reach of the people below poverty line then those things are taken away by the people who are dealing in the middle. Government is now far better providing all the free facilities for the people to bring them up from the poverty line.


Illiteracy a serious problem

India is very poor in the education aspect. When compared to education on the various states in India we can tell that Kerala is the fist state in the literacy and the most sad thing is that Bhihar is the state in India that is very poor in the poverty criteria. There are also many other reason why the Illiteracy remains in India. The parents who are below poverty line doesn't know the value of the education. They send their children to work for the daily wages. This is the reason why the people are easily cheated by the other people. The value of the education is to be known by the people because they are going to stay as an example for the future generations.

When we focus on the development criteria of our nation first we should focus on the educational point of view. If a person is educated then it can be said that he can gain experience on what should be done and what should not be done. There are also many educational programs provided by the Government of India to make the people literate. If the people are literate then there will not be any problem in anything. There will be a easy development of our nation.

Divide and rule policy

The divide and rule policy was created by the British people. To tell about the people of India, they are already divided because of the languages. There are people who speak different languages in different part of our country. Then when the divide and rule policy came into existence the unity was broken. When the unity of a country is broken the chaos occurs easily inside the country itself. People also fight among themselves. This was the great plan made by the British people and this is the reason the divide and rule policy was implemented and this acted as the basement for restricting the development of our country to a greater extent.

Brain Drain

Brain drain is the next issue that makes India still a developing nation and the people of India mostly use all the resources from India to gain lots of knowledge and then finally they get themselves settled in the foreign countries. This makes a great way for the development of that particular country and it is a major drawback for our country. Brain drain is usually done by the one who thinks that there are now developments available in our country. We can also tell that the point of view of the people who settle in the other country and work for the other country is right because, if a person has developed himself in India he is not provided with great opportunity to develop himself in India.

The reason for the brain drain may be because of political issues or any other issues. This is a serious problem in India and this is the reason why a person choses to go to foreign country to shine his carrier. Brain drain is now developing to a greater extent. People are given great importance in the other countries. There is also a thought that the Indian brains are the most powerful brains in the world. The reason for the restriction in the development of our country is that the Indian brains are not given proper recognition or the Indian brains are not used properly by the proper person at the proper instance.


Guest Author: Adhithyan22 Oct 2017

Sure sir, you are absolutely right. These are the problems of our motherland. But what are we doing to solve those problems?

Guest Author: Venkat30 Jan 2018

Sir, the problem is that we casually or purposely point out others rather than looking at our own mistakes. We judge others. We shouldn't go for a question like what are we doing, rather the question should be what am I doing?

Guest Author: Diva waryani04 Feb 2018

I do agree that these problems are the reason behind India still being labeled as a developing country but we all know that change comes from every individual. So, what should an individual do to make India a better place?

Guest Author: annie13 Apr 2018

India cannot develop until it changes its education system. Also, stop the ultimate powers of major political parties. Countries that get low taxes are providing a better government, education, medical facilities
but India gets a high amount of taxes and still lags in everything. So India cannot develop until it abolishes old laws and creates new ones.

Guest Author: Ammulu30 Apr 2018

Yes, corruption is the main problem in India. Everyone has to take money because without money those people can't live. That's why our country is still a developing country.

Guest Author: Rahul Sing28 May 2018

All Indians will agree with this that the population and Indian politics are the principle reasons but unfortunately, nobody comes forward for making any change in those fields. People must change their mindset. If you face any corruption, just protest against that corruption irrespective of the position of the corruption-doer.

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