Types of Pisciculture

Pisciculture or Fish farming is the method of raising fishes in a pond or tank mainly for commercial (food) purpose. This article is about the different types of Pisciculture. They are : Polyculture, Monoculture, Monosex culture.

In order to obtain high production of fish meat per hectare of water body, fast growing compatible species of fishes of different feeding habits is very difficult to maintain in a single habitat. Hence different types of fish culture are practiced. Follwing are the different types of fish farming:

Type 1: Polyculture
Type 2: Monoculture
Type 3: Monosex culture


This is also called composite fish culture or mixed culture or mixed fish farming, it involves culturing together of an association of fishes. In this type of culture, compatible fishes of different feeding habits are stocked together so that all the organic resources available in the pond are exploited to the maximum extent by the growing fishes in a most efficient manner without harming each other.


In monoculture, only a single species of fish is cultured in a pond or rice field. In USA catfishs are grown as monoculture as these are commercially important. Monoculture gives high production and acceptance as a good food by the consumers. Prawns are also grown by monoculture method either in fresh water or salt water ponds.

Monosex culture

Monosex culture is a type of pisciculture in which only one of the either sex, males or females are grown in the pond for the purpose of producing maximum yield of fish meat. Rearing Tilapia fry to fingerling stage when it is possible by determine the sex. The monosex culture of Tilapia is found to yield large specimens for marketing.


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