How the hydro power is generated.

Children often ask a question, how the hydro power is produced. Current from water is really amazing....

. How the Hydro power is produced. '

Children often ask a question, how electricity can be produced from water. The

answer for this question is that, electricity produced is not by using water

but using the position of water.

photo showing water stored at a dam
(photo showing a welcome board of a hydro power plant)

To understand the hydro power project, you must know what is potential and kinetic energy.


photo showing water dam

(photo showing the image of water stored at the dam)

Potential energy is nothing but the energy possessed by any particle due to

its higher altitude. Whenever, any object is raised from its rest position to

higher altitude than some amount of energy will be consumed. The consumed

energy to lift the particle is stored in the form of potential energy. Now you

might have known that what is potential energy. So, In our case, the water is

stored in a dam of higher altitude. The water particle inside the dam is having

lot of potential energy becasue of their high position. Now just transforming

the potential energy to electrical energy is called as hydro power.


kinetic energy is the energy possessed by the motion of a particle. In this

case, when the water stored at the dam is released through the pipe, than the

potential energy changes to kinetic energy. This change is only due to its




(photo showing the image of a generator which converts the Kinetic energy into electrical energy)

Let us see how the transformation takes place.

Large amount of water is stored at the dam, creating lot of pressure in all

direction. This water is opened through a pipe made up of hard metal. The pipe

is manufactured in such a way that it can bear the high pressure. When the

water is released through the pipe, the potential energy is changed into

kinetic energy because of its motion. Now, the water flows through the pipe

with high speed creating heavy pressure. This pipe is connected to a turbine.

The water, with heavy pressure is used for rotating

the turbine. As this turbine is connected with a strong magnet. When the

turbine rotates with high speed, rotates the magnet around the coil. This

process transforms the kinetic energy into electrical energy, which we call as

hydro power.

potential energy > Kinetic energy > electrical energy.

water from the generator

(photo showing the image of water releasing from the power house, after the electricity is generated)


Whenever a magnet rotates around a coil produces electricity. The same case can

be seen in the dynamo of a cycle. The dynamo is attached to the wheel of a

cycle. As the cycle moves the head portion of a dynamo rotates, and hence

the magnet rotates around the coil present in it. Finally the headlight starts



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