Uses and Effects of SPIRULINA on our body

Spirulina is a food supplement which benefits us in increasing immunity, decrease cholesterol. Read the article to know the health benefits, side effects and dosage of Spirulina.

What is Spirulina

Spirulina is a microscopic blue-Green alga found in fresh water or sea. It is dark green in colour and looks like a coil. The high nutritional value and medicinal properties make it a good food supplement for human(animals also).

Benefits of Spirulina

Research findings show Spirulina has the following medicinal properties:

1. Spirulina is rich in vegetable proteins and multivitamins especially Vitamin B12 and beta carotene. Because of this high nutritional value, Spirulina is an effective food supplement to fight against malnutrition.

2. Spirulina Increases the immunity of our body which give the strength to fight with any kind of disease.

3. Spirulina helps easy flow of blood to heart and also helps to keep the Cholestrol Level under control.

4. It has a property of detoxifying the body of heavy metals and pollutants. Spirulina is rich in chlorophyll which has a major role in purifying our body.

5. The anti-oxidant property of Spirulina prevent cancer.

6. Spirulina has a special property which can reduce menstruation related problems.

Indian and Japanees scientists has tested on human the effects of Spirulina and proved that consumption of Spirulina decreases cholestrol in Human body.
Spirulina also decreases the water quantity in blood, L.D.L(Low Density Lipo Proteins - the bad Cholestrol) and increase H.D.L ( High Density Lipo protein).
Spirulina has the ability to discard all our oxidants through urine and Stool.

Side effects of Spirulina

Spirulina has some side effects till it get accepted by Human Body.
As it is full of protein it may cause increase in temperature of your body, also it may cause less sleeping in night. Since Spirulina detoxify the body, the stool colour may change to black or green.If digestive system is not working properly, then the consumption of Spirulina may cause gastric, slight dizziness,some times headache, constipation, acidity and may feel like vomiting also. Also for some time people may gain weight. And it may cause slight cold for some people. When you get any of the side effects, reduce the quantity of Spirulina intake or stop it for some days and restart in a lesser quantity. But, there is nothing to worry because after 10-15 days of taking Spirulina the side effects goes out and people will feel better.

How Much Quantity of Spirulina should be Taken?

Spirulina is available in tablet form and in powder form. Take 2 tablets or 1- 5 gms every day with a little warm water. You must drink more water than before because it needs atleast 3-4 litre water per day to get it work in our body. Do not consume Spirulina for more than 3 consecutive weeks because over dosage may cause damage to kidney and liver.


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