How to become a good Headmaster of a school

This article includes the tips for being a good headmaster, behavioral changes of a headmaster, personality of a headmaster


The Role of the Headmaster is very important in the functioning of a school. In a day to day life everyone is realizing some schools shines and some other obscure. The functioning of a school is totally depend on the Headmaster. I want to share my experience before giving the tips for being a good Headmaster. Once my school gained all sorts of fame in almost all fields like cultural, science activities, academic and sports etc but when the Headmaster was transferred to some other school subsequently a new Headmaster came to my school. From the very beginning of his joining the school started deteriorating day by day losing the fame and finally it went to ground level.

One of the most important point is that the teachers and students remain same. This is the evidence, how a Headmaster of a school should be capable of handling the situation to add more glory to his school or in the other way around.

For being a good Headmaster of a school, you should take care of four domains.
1. Knowledge
2. Behavioral Changes
3. Good Planning
4. Decision Making

Knowledge :
1. You should be a Power House of Knowledge.
2. You should acquire knowledge in all subjects as well as administrative skills. For this, you should be a continuous learner.
3. You should update your knowledge according to the changes occurring around.
4. You must have a good reading, writing and speaking skills.
5. You should be aware of the current affairs in and around one's own country.

Behavioral Changes :
Behavioral changes plays a vital role in the various areas of functioning of a school.
1. Never loose your self control.
2. Your weapon is your teachers and other allied staff, so make a good relation with them.
3. Always try to be with a smiling face.
4. Be kind towards your teacher and students.
5. Be active in your work.
6. Do not spent more time in your chair, go for few rounds over the school
7. If your staff is admitted in hospital than try to go in person or at least make a call to know the health status.
9. Arrange a staff meeting at the end of every month. In that meeting discuss the welfare of the staff and students.
10. Give first priority to cleanliness of the school and adjacent surrounding.
11. Give a tea party to your staff members on all festival that may cost you but that will help a nice relation with the staff members.
12. While speaking with staff members do not forgot to ask about their children and their spouse.
13. your appearance plays a vital role in your personality. So, wear cloth as you feel comfortable.
14. Make a clear eye contact with your subordinate.
15. Make a good relation outside of the school too, that is with the parents, higher officer, officers of other department, panchayat members etc.

Good Planning :
1.You should be a good planner.
2. While planning for the betterment of the school first priority should be given to the children second to the teachers and third to other allied staff members.
4. You can take some suggestion from senior staff members for good planning.
5. Avoid formation of groupism in the school that will lead to create tension between the members.
6. Try to avoid eleventh hour planning because that many be an immature decision.
7. Always focus in the advance planning.

Decision :
1.If you have a good planning skill than definitely your decision will be good.
2.Do not make any decision without knowing clear picture of any incident.
3.If there is no clear idea, it is better to hold the decision.
4. Your single wrong decision may lead to lot of confusion among the children and staff members.
5. You should be clear about your decision so that you may be able to clarify whenever needed.

I wish you all the best for becoming a good Headmaster.

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