Top 5 Best Tablet PC review and price in India (end-2010 review)

In this article, the top 5 best tablet PCs in the market will be compared and reviewed in brief and also price of tablets in India will be discussed. Please note that concept tablets are also featured in this article.

This is the end-2010 review of the best tablets of the time. For the latest end-2011 review with some amazing looking tablets including the Apple iPad 2, ASUS EEE Pad Transformer, Samsung Galaxy Tab 750, Kindle Fire and the hottest and world's cheapest Indian-made tablet, the Aakash 2 or UbiSlate 7, check out the list of Top 5 Best Tablet PC review and price in India (end-2011 review)

Since the time PCs came to existance, technology just never ceased to amaze us. The Personal Computers or Desktops started it all. But people also wanted a PC on the move, less powerful but lighter and compact and thus arose Laptops. Then people wanted touchscreens on the laptops which became the Tablet PC but they never really made a mark in the market. But people on the move wanted something even lighter and smaller than a laptop which brought about another new category, a Netbook with its desktop version, the Nettop. But now people have gone for even smaller, something with only a touchscreen and small size displays (typically ranging from 5 inches-10 inches) which was the rebirth of the Tablet or Tablet PC. And the tablet revolution all but started with the company that brought the PC first, Apple Inc. Apple launched their iPad which is truly coined the device far ahead of our time but yet so frugal and useful. And then suddenly, the year 2010 sees a growth of tablets exponentially. The tablet market is now looking like a very attractive sales place with many manufacturers coming with concepts and actual devices. But which one is the best tablet yet? Here's a quick review of the top 5 best tablets which include both the concepts and actual devices and the price of tablets in India.

Apple iPad Tablet Review and Price in India

While Apple brought about a revolution in the touch industry with their iPhone, it was more than fitting that Apple was the one which started all the tablet buzz. The Apple iPad is truly an amazing device in more ways than one. It has got a 9.7 inch brilliant IPS panel display, the snappy and powerful Apple A4 processor, Wi-Fi and 3G for all the internet purposes, GPS and a box full of sensors with the complete iPad package. Besides, the real deal with the iPad is it's OS called the iOS4 by Apple. The touch interface blends superbly with the hardware and produces one of the best touch screen reactions, swipes and flicks thus making it a breeze and a wonder to use. The iPad is so good that almost 1 year since it has been released, it still doesn't have a decent tablet competitor YET and I mentioned it because current tablets like Samsung Galaxy Tab and Dell Inspiron Duo which will be mentioned later have launched and look dauntingly impressive. However the iPad hasn't really made the same sales all around the world as compared to US primarily for the price point and because it's still ahead of prime time. But hey, having options is good in more ways than one and the iPad can only signify a bright future ahead.

Apple iPad Tablet Feature Highlights

- Great display, snappy processor, superb touchscreen UI (iOS4) and expensive.

Apple iPad Tablet Price in India

- While the iPad still hasn't been launched in India officially, it is available from dealers who have imported it and the Apple iPad price is Rs40,000 and goes above as per the features. Not affordable at all.

Dell Inspiron Duo Tablet Review and Price in India

After watching the Transformers movie, many dream of having one car like Bumblebee which is a sweet looking car once and a kick-ass robot on the other hand. The tablets brought about in the market just have a touchscreen, no physical keyboard which is a big minus for a lot of people. How about a netbook with a swiveling rotating and capacitive touchscreen? Cool na? Dell's brought this innovation with their just announced Dell Inspiron Duo. While it looks like a regular notebook at first sight, as soon as you touch the screen, you realise the goodies awaiting you. You can also use it a tablet and the 10 inch screen is just about perfect for the tablet. While the Dell Inspiron Duo tablet specficiations are an Intel Atom N550 (Dual-Core) and Windows 7 Home Premium, we would like to see nVIDIA Optimus technology integrated for both the firepower and battery saving depending on the situation. While the Dell Inspiron Duo tablet release date hasn't been officially told about, it is expected around the end of the year or beginning of 2011.

Image thanks to Engadget

Dell Inspiron Duo Tablet Feature Highlights

- Swivel touchscreen, full QWERTY keyboard, Dual Core processor and Windows 7 Home Premium.

Dell Inspiron Duo Tablet Price in India

- While the Dell Inspiron Duo hasn't yet been announced nor the pricing disclosed, the dealmaker or breaker would primarily be the price point. If the Dell Inspiron Duo Tablet has it's price around Rs35,000, it would be a killer deal.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Tablet Review and Price in India

When the Apple iPad was announced, Samsung was reluctant to enter the tablet market sighting lack of demand and interest for the target consumers. However, with the iPad quickly pulling up record sales, it was just a matter of time before Samsung, the world's leading electronics company, decided to enter the tablet market. Behold, the all new Samsung Galaxy Tab. While no tablet yet has managed to come close to beating the iPad, the Samsung Galaxy Tab v/s Apple iPad fight is all set to heat up. The Galaxy Tab offers an Android operating system with a Samsung custom UI on top of it. The Samsung Galaxy Tab specifications include a 7-inch TFT LCD (no AMOLED!), Google Android 2.2 Froyo, 1GHz Cortex A8 processor, front and rear cameras and storage upto 64 GB, it is clearly taking a direct hit at the iPad. While the Galaxy Tab is an amazing device, Samsung left their amazing AMOLED screen in favour of a TFT LCD which is a total disappointment. However, Samsung has promised that future tablets would have the AMOLED screen and much more power. Even Google has clearly said that tablets won't suit Android until Google Android 3.0 Gingerbread is released. Till then, we hope the tablet market just heats up a bit more.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Tablet Feature Highlights

- 7 inch capacitive touchscreen, 1GHz Cortex A8 processor, No AMOLED screen and a tad expensive.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Tablet Price in India

- Again, the Samsung Galaxy Tab hasn't been announced in India but the Samsung Galaxy Tab release date in India is set around the end of the year and the current price in overseas markets after conversion is around Rs40,000, though we would like the tablet to be tad cheaper which would interest many.

Lenovo IdeaPad U1 Hybrid/ Lenovo LePad Tablet Review and Price in India

While there have been many concepts buzzing in the past few months, few were as good as the Lenovo IdeaPad U1 Hybrid/ Lenovo LePad tablet. It is basically a netbook running Windows 7 but as soon you pull out the screen from the netbook, it opens a new OS - Lenovo's Skylight and essentially becomes a tablet. While the touchscreen was resistive, it was quite responsive overall and minor niggles could be excused as it is a pre-production/ prototype unit. But it goes without saying that I was impressed with the concept. There is however talk of changing the Skylight OS with Google's Android but it is times like these when we should pray to God and hope that this concept does make it to reality.

Lenovo IdeaPad U1 Hybrid/ Lenovo LePad Tablet Feature Highlights

- Pullout tablet screen, full QWERTY keyboard, two different OS - Windows 7 (with keyboard) and Skylight OS (when used as tablet) and Qualcomm Snapdragon processor.

Lenovo IdeaPad U1 Hybrid/ Lenovo LePad Tablet Price in India

- While this concept is still far away from production and Lenovo have said the Release Date of Lenovo IdeaPad U1 Hybrid/ Lenovo LePad Tablet is sometime around next year in 2011 and the price point can only be speculated upon. However, all eyes will be on this device come 2011.

HP Slate/ Hurricane Tablet Review and Price in India

When the Apple iPad released, there couldn't have been more rumors generated than the HP Slate (now rumored HP Hurricane) with every blogger and tech expert calling it the true iPad killer. It did seem for quite some time that HP is going into overdrive with the HP Slate and would release it soon with a series of teaser videos from HP Labs running Windows 7 on it, it never really made it and is still a rumor. The HP Slate soon died that it wasn't gonna happen. However, rumor mills started buzzing again as soon as HP acquired Palm and that a WebOS tablet was in the works. There are slight indications from here and there that the HP Slate/ Hurricane will be released around 2011. But the HP Slate/ Hurricane specifications are still a total mystery. It is one of the concepts which was beautiful but yet to be realised. We just hope HP gives the consumers a visual treat with their new tablet soon enough.

HP Slate/ Hurricane Tablet Feature Highlights

- 7-inch touchscreen, Windows 7 or Palm WebOS, front and rear cameras and other specs not available.

HP Slate/ Hurricane Tablet Price in India

- Release Date of HP Slate/ Hurricane Tablet is being rumored as sometime next year but other that, it is still a total rumor. We hope that the tablet is realised and makes it to actual production. A price point of around Rs30,000-35,000 would be absolutely awesome.

The above are the top 5 best tablets according to me currently existing. Another tablet that does require a mention has to be Indian Government's HRD Ministry initiative of a $35 Indian tablet. Kapil Sibal announced that the primary usage of this tablet would be in the educational sector, and it would be an interesting insight as to how it would be used and adapted upon by the Indian students.

While this market is set to witness an incredible growth, the next 3 months would be critical in determining if the consumers would be adapting to this new category but there are reports that the iPad has halved netbook sales in only going to be the trend out here now. The year 2011 can easily be declared as the year of tablets right from now on.

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