What are the problems faced by consumers?

This information is about the problems faced by consumers.

Consumer is the most neglected being in the present scarcity ridden society. A business unit can not dare to ignore its consumers, if it wants to flourish. But even after a lot of Acts and Rules, a number of problems are suffered by the consumers. We have explained the major problems faced by consumers with the help of the following points:-

(1) Lack of Information: The main problems faced by consumers is lack of information. The customers even do not know the sources of getting information.

(2) Illiteracy: Most of the consumers in urban and remote areas are illiterate and they are not able to understand the policies of the organization or the government, even they do not understand uses or misuses of products.

(3) No Fair Return: The customer, though pay high price for the goods the purchase, but many times they do not get satisfaction from the goods they have purchased.

(4) Exploitation: The consumers in Indian market are exploited by the sellers. Sellers create artificial scarcity, hoarding, black marketing, high prices etc.

(5) Adulteration: Most of the times consumers even after paying high price, do not get pure or we can say quality goods. The organization usually supplies adulterated goods for their profit maximization.

(6) Irregular Supply: One of the common problems faced by consumers is an irregular supply of goods. This is because of shortage of goods. The organizations create artificial scarcity of necessary goods by hoarding these goods resulting in high prices.

(7) Attractive Packing: The packed goods supplied in the market, are not up to the mark. The packing is very attractive and it attracts the attention of consumers. The packets may contain inferior goods thereby fooling consumers.

(8) Disorganized Customers: This is also one of the most common problems faced by consumers nowadays. The customers are widely scattered and they are not united. As against this the producers are organized and united. Because of various reasons it is not possible for customers to come together & fight. This results in consumer exploitation.


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