Teachers personality and maladjustment

All about how teachers personality and maladjustment affect the children. Read to know more about how teachers get affected because of various causes of service instability and why it leads to mal-adjustment in teachers.


Teachers are in the most strategic position to facilitate a balanced personality development and a more adequate adjustment of the learner. The effectiveness of teachers in the personality development and adjustment of students essentially depends up on teachers on personality.

Causes of teachers mal adjustment

The teacher's own adjustment not only contributes to better adjustment of pupils but is essential for his own efficiency and happiness. A maladjusted teacher not only destroys his own professional life but also ruins his or her student's life. There are many factors which contribute for the mal adjustment of teachers. Some of the important causes of maladjustment are discussed below

1) Lack of professional attitude and spirit- most of the teachers in our schools accepted teaching as a profession not because of their interest in teaching but because they failed to secure other jobs. Such teachers naturally lack professional attitude and spirit.

2) Work load- the duties and responsibilities of a teacher are always very high and an average teacher is always under stress. The constant stress creates emotional tension and anxiety that impair the mental health of the teacher.

3) Insecurity of service-
Services in privately managed schools are generally insecure. The teachers in such schools live up on the mercy of the management of that school. There is a constant fear of going out of that service. This creates anxiety and fear in the minds of the teacher.

4) Poor salary and low status – in the present social set up of India teachers are poorly paid when compared to their less qualified compartments in other professions. Added to this in our society teachers are not getting enough respect and recognition. This may leads to the demotion of self concept of the teacher which ultimately results in maladjustment.
5) Lack of recreational facilities- teachers seldom gets the time for recreation or rest. Lack of recreational activities in schools and teachers inaptitude in participate in them make their professional life dull and uninteresting.

6) Low of physical health- teacher's bodily health is not satisfactory. Low income and lack of recreational facilities are the reasons for this. Low physical health is an important factor for low mental health.
7) Maltreatment of management- Most private schools in our country are managed by the persons of particular cast, religion or creed. Consequently it becomes difficult for a teacher from a different cast to adjust. Most often he or she may get step motherly treatment from the managements. This causes worry and mental stress in the mind of a teacher.
8) . High moral expectations- teachers are often expected to behave like an ideal exemplary by the society. But this is not possible because of the high complexities of fast-moving society and it is natural that evils of society may affect his personality naturally in course of time. The failure to rise up to the expectations of the society creates frustration and conflicts in the mind of the teacher which results in maladjustment.
9) Unhealthy inter-personal relation ship among teachers. - Inter-personal conflict and tensions among teachers is at peak due to the increasing number of professional organizations and teacher politics. Harmony, co-operation, love, unity spirit, good-will of the institution etc has vanished from the teacher's room.
10) Lack of facilities- poor school plant, ill-equipped classrooms, faulty time schedule, lack of library and laboratory, shortage of teaching aids etc creates unnecessary stress and strain in teachers.


The following programs will help to improve the mental health of teachers
Equitable work load- the present workload should be reduced by appointing more teachers or by pooling divisions where ever possible. Besides other duties should be divides equally among all the members of the staff.

Security service- rules and regulations should be modified to ensure the job security of the teachers. Necessary steps should be adopted to make sure those teachers getting descent payments from their institutions. This will enhance confidence level of the teacher.

Ensure democratic school environment- democratic operation of the school, open channel for communication between teachers and administrators, discussion rather than dictation of policies, absence of casticism, favoritism and groupism team-spirit and good will among teachers and by assigning equal responsibilities to all.

Improving teacher- teacher relations- inter-personal relations among teachers should be improved by providing better environment for developing team-spirit and good will among teachers.

Opportunities for professional growth-Teachers should be frequently equipped with in-service programs to refresh their knowledge and modify their skills. It enables them to understand the new teaching methods and strategies available.

Arranging, seminars, workshops and conferences – by arranging, seminars, workshops and conferences teachers from different schools get mingled each one will get new experiences that is shared by other one and it will help them in their profession.


A teacher's personality has a great bearing on the personality development of the students. It is stated that books can teach, only personality can educate. Various researches prove that emotional stability of the teachers affects the learners. The impact of teacher's personality development and adjustment on the wholesome personality development and adjustment of the pupils is discussed below:

Impact of teacher's character and personality: character and the personality of the students cannot be developed if the teacher who is the model to be followed lacks character and personality. Aim of education to mould the behavior of the learner to a preplanned well accepted manner. Such modification of behavior can be found in ones healthy attitudes, good habits, standard values etc. the development of ones healthy attitudes, good habits, standard values etc depend up on the nature of experience one is exposed to. In schools teachers personality remains vital experience for the students to examine and imitate. The effectiveness of teachers in the personality development and character formation depends up on teacher's own personality and character. Through continues identification and introjection's child consciously acquires and learns the habits attitudes, personality and character from the teachers.

Impact of teacher's adjustment: teachers who are competent and emotionally mature make the total school atmosphere full of learning experience for the students. On the other hand incompetent and maladjusted teachers spoil the school atmosphere. Unsatisfied frustrated teachers cannot make students happy and well adjusted in the school. Teacher should be mentally alert and stable to develop alertness and stability in students. Teacher's behavior will reflect the student's behavior.

Impact of teacher's mental health: a mentally health and well adjusted teacher plays a vital role in promoting mental health of students. Only if the teacher is free from worries, anxieties, and tensions then only he can impart the function of promoting mental heath and mental hygiene. Thus in order to develop sound mental health in student's teacher himself should pose sound mental health.

Impact of teacher's temperament: the general stability of the teacher is of utmost importance in balance and controlled emotional development of the students. Any slight mental imbalance or temperamental instability of the teacher will reflected in the student's behavior.

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