Role of the teacher as a facilitator and organiser of learning

About the role of teacher in organizing proper learning experience for the learner


The teacher occupies a central role in the whole process of teaching-learning process. In spite of the development of new types of mechanical and electronic teaching aids and increase of an increased emphasis on pupil centered education, it is still the fact that it is the teacher who, after all has been said and done, can make education most worthwhile human enterprise. A role of teachers is socially significant as it affects the knowledge, skills and attitude of future adults. Teacher expected to ply many roles which may be broadly categorized into two

1) Role of a learning facilitator

2) Role of a learning organizer

Teacher as a facilitator of learning

An effective teacher is an organizer of the group and facilitator of learning. A teacher can platy the following roles to facilitate learning

1). As facilitator of learning the teacher must be warm, understanding, and self-controlling

2) He must listen and accept students feeling.

3)He must observe students reaction close fully.
4)He must listen attentively and accept student's feelings and ideas.
5)He must ask questions to the students and praise and encourage when necessary.
6)In his planning and execution of work, he must be responsible, business like, systematic, flexible and work oriented.
7)When ever he criticizes a student he must explain the reason for criticism.
8)He must be stimulating and imaginative in his approach to classroom behavior and subject.
9) For facilitate learning the teacher must encourage classroom discussion, panel discussion, and question and answer session.
10) Whenever necessary he must lecture, demonstrate, and explain things with examples. He must encourage independent study habits.

Activities to facilitate learning

The following will help the teacher to facilitate his pupils learning

Creating confidence- giving support to those who are lacking confidence, assuring the timid ones, not rejecting but redirecting an answer, helping to locate answers , giving chance to elaborate ideas and to relate own experience.

Enhancing pupils aspiration- requiring only that of which a pupil capable or just a little more to provide to challenge him, with holding sarcasm, and ridicule, , making the child aware of the positive side of his personality and so on.

Developing positive feelings- showing belief in the child, listening to him attentively, accepting his ideas, helping the child to gain competence and being patient with him.

Developing communication skill- seeking for the child's opinion and experience, giving him opportunities to use many media of communication, providing books and other materials, seeking child's own idiomatic responses in writing and other expressions, encouraging non-verbal communication of feelings and attitude.


A teacher cannot afford a strictly professional role as it is too limiting to provide the base for effective promotion of learning. The varied duties, functions and problems for which the teacher is responsible require him to enact a number of psychologically oriented roles. The following are the important role of teacher as an organizer of learning.

1)Instructor- the teacher is the person, who initiates, directs and evaluates learning. The role of teacher as the instructor is a kind of core role for some other subordinate roles.
2)Social model- teacher serves as an important function as a model that exposes students to adult forms of behavior. This exposure is necessary if social learning through imitation is to take place. When the teacher plays the role of social model he is serving as the representative of the society, the person who is charged with the responsibility to transmitting the values and standards of the community and of the culture in general and who is perceived by students as a representing or embodying these values. .
3).Artist in human-relation-In addition to the teaching techniques the teacher also has to develop the sensitivity for the needs and feelings of the pupils and their groups. They have to work with dynamic, changeable, complex media like human relationships and have to take to decisions on the basis of general goodness.
4) Subject-matter expert- the teacher has to be a better idea of the depth of what is to be learned. He should perceive himself as the man to guide the experiences of the students and help them at their difficult stages of learning and suggest enriching experiences for those who learn more rapidly than others.
5)Disciplinarian- the teacher is the person to see that the classroom group and its members to stay with in the limits set by the society, the schools and the needs of the group.
6)Youth group worker- the role of the teacher as an organizer of learning in out- of -class activities is becoming increasingly important as the demarcation between curricular and no curricular activities is vanishing rapidly.
7)Group builder- effective teacher perceive their jobs as one of building the classroom through helping students to understand and accept one another, work together co-operatively, share experience and material and communicate more effectively with one another , work together co operatively, and share experience and material and communicate, more effectively with one another and as well as with the teacher.
8) Parent figure- Children tend to look up on teachers as Parental figures. Teacher has to play the role of part time parent by giving the learner love, affection, sympathy, care, security, guidance, motivation etc.
9)Interpreter to the public- teacher have to Interpret to the public about schools programmer, the country's plans, and educational policies.
10)Mental-hygiene worker-- effective teacher should cultivate in his students the importance of mental hygiene and the ways to cultivate them in his life.

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