What is Geo-informatics and application of Geoinformtics

Geoinformatics is increasing used in many important fields. In this article I am discussing what is Geoinformatics, how Geoinformatics is different from Geomatics, and the fields of application of Geoinformatics.

What is Geo-informatics

Geoinormatics is the use of information science to know and tackle the problems related to Geography, Geoscince and related branches of Engineering.

According to P.L.N. Raju, the writer of Fundamentals of Geographic Information Systems describes Geoinformatices as "the science and technology dealing with the structure and character of spatial information, its capture, its classification and qualification, its storage, processing, portrayal and dissemination, including the infrastructure necessary to secure optimal use of this information"

Difference between Geomatics and Geoinformatices:

Geomatices and Geoinformatics are similarly used terms. However Geomatics is foccused on surveys.And in Geoinformatics is focused on technologies that supports the process of collecting, analysing and visualizing data that are acuired spatially.

And in both Geomatics and geoinformatics theory and practical implications of Geodesy are followed.

Geoinformatics is a combined approach to geospatial analysis and modelling, development of its databases, information system design, human comuter interaction and networking technologies are combined by Geoinformatics. It uses geocomputation and geovisualization for analysing geoinformation.

Todayimportance of Geoinfortics is increasing, and that's why a course in Geoinformatics is highly recommended. A degree in Geoinormatics is a course much in demand.

Geoinformatics combines geospatial analysis and modeling, development of geospatial databases, information systems design, human-computer interaction and both wired and wireless networking technologies. Geoinformatics uses geocomputation and geovisualization for analyzing geoinformation.

Geoinformtics is a interdisciplinary field of several subject. A combination of branches like Cartography, Geographic Information system, Global navigation satelite systems, Photogrameetry, geodesy, Remote sensing, Web mapping are used to achieve the ultimate goal of Geoinformatics. For example Geography and earth science has to depend on digital spatial data. And this data is collected from remotely sensed images and they are analysed by Geographical Information Systems (GIS). And for this the ultimate result is visulaised with the help of Computer and network tenchlogies.

Application and importance of Geoinformatics.

There are many fields that are benefited b Geoinformatics. Geoinformatics is most useful for Government plannings like urban planning and land use management, agriculture etc. Other areas where the use of Geoinformatics can bring revolutionary changes are Meteorlogy and climate change, oceanography, business location planning, archeological reconstruction, telecommunications, criminology and crime simulation etc.

In transport too Geoinformtics are used. Aviation, maritime transport, in car navigation systems etc. are hugely imroved by the use of Geoinformatics.

Government uses Geoinformatics in the defence sector too and this has tremendous advantage over traditional methods.

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