Importance Of Non Conventional Sources Of Energy

This resource contains information about the component of Hydroelectric power plant. They are - the dam, the reservoir, the penstock, the turbine, the generator, and the governor.

A typical component hydro-electric power system has six key components. The dam, the reservoir, the penstock, the turbine, the generator, and the governor.
1. The hydroelectric dam - It is a barrier that prevents water from flowing downstream, thus creating a lake behind the dam. The potential energy of the water behind the dam is directly propertional to the volume and height of the take. The hydroelectric dam can be enormous in size the grand couple dam in america, is energy of the water behind the dam is directly equal to the volume and height. Although massive, the craned coulees is not the biggest dam in the world.
2. The reservoir - The dam creates a lake behind its structure called reservoir and often covers a wide area of land. Grand's dam was created the artificial lake, which is about 255 kilo meter long, and it has over 880 km of shore line. It's surface area is about 350 km, it's take larges from ten to 200 Meter deep.
3. The Pen-Stock - It is a large pipeline that channels water from the reversion to the turbine. Dam during it's constracthoo. The water is flow in the pen-stock is controlled by a value called the governor.
4. The Turbine - A turbine is an advanced water wheel. The highest pressure water coming from the pen-stocks pushes against the blades of the coulee dam among it's construction.
5. The Governor - The high pressure water coming from the pen-stocks pushes against the blades of the turbine causing the turbine shaft to rotate. The electrical generator is mounted directly on the same turbine's shaft, and thus rotates at the turbine's speed.
6. The Generator - It is an electro-mechanical converter that converts the mechanical energy of the turbine into electrical energy. The generators used in all power plants are the synchronous machine.

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