Importance of Old Peoples in Family and Make Happy Family Without Old People

This article describes the importance of old peoples in our life or importance of old ages peoples in our family.

Please do not think that we have a common meaning of word 'Old' ? In my view, almost people in modern world thinks that the word old means those who can't able to do work with a speed or with fast speed or simply can't walk properly in the morning or evening or are those who's can't able to speak without vibration. Because the peoples in this nuclear age, are looks at the speed the peoples work, but anyone not looks at their experience or their importance in that work. Yes, I'm talking about experience. The speed of work is not much important if we compare it to the experience, because the speed of work is not required always but experience is required. For example, let us think a very simple job of a typist. Normally peoples think that speed matters only but let a typist has speed of 70 words per minute while The speed of second typist is not more than 50 but he has experience of 20 years about dealing with various situation like how to handle various peoples in various situation. Now let they face the same problem. A rude person come and tell them to type fifty pages and both face technical problem in their computer. Whom you think will manage to give perfect output ? Obviously its the second one who has experience in the field. So this is the case with old peoples. No doubt they may have slow working speed but they have high experience which is sometime more important then speed because Speed is not important if we don't have a destination.
More importantly we must remember that the situation we are going to face is most probabily faced by old peoples in our family, they can give a solution that we may not find after week of thinking.
This shows that the old person in our family are the light house of our motto. They can guide us to get our goal.
I am feeling that old peoples in our country are loosing their place in family which can't be considered as a good sign.
People think that old peoples are Carbon. Yes they are Carbon but not in the form of Coal, they are carbon in the form of Diamond.
We should respect them and should ask them for help on every importat topic. This will make them happy and they will not think that they are useless for society.Here the gap between parents and younger peoples is a kind of communication gap which must be removed for a peaceful society.
I am suprised that after this situation, specially when we need old peoples in family a lot, there exists something which is called Old Age Home. What is the need of the old age home ? If you think we need them it means you are going to these after you cross 60 of your age. So friends let set an example before our coming generation and make a happy society.
We can't force our coming generation to stay with us but if we succeed to set an example then they will themselve stay with us and this will be beneficial for everyone.
I hope now you understand the importance of old peoples in our family.


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Dear Anju Singathia,

I think that you are referring to people with experience in a particular job and also people who are old by virtue of their age.

The people with experience naturally will be more confident and tactful in dealing with any problem in their job. In the case of typists referred by you, both may tackle the problem easily as it is mechanical problem. The typist with higher speed will perform the job earlier than the experienced person with slow speed of typing.

I think what you want to say is that experience counts when it comes to solving a problem. It is true. Mere experience may not be sufficient. The way he responds also counts. The senior person if not well versed with rules and regulations, he may not perform better than his junior. There are so many such people in all the offices these days.

The old people with the advancement of their age become wiser and are capable of guiding the younger ones, only if they listen to them or follow what they say.

The Old Age Homes are becoming necessary not just because the children are not taking care of their parents. The children go their way to jobs to different places. The parents are left alone in their places. It is a difficult task for the old parents to maintain the house, cook for themselves and attend to their other works. In an old age home they need not do anything. They just relax.I have seen so many rich people staying in old age homes for the simple reason that, they can have a peaceful life without any burdens.

In many families , the children are going abroad for livelihood. This is also a major factor for many of the old people joining the old age homes.

I am happy that you have consideration for your parents in their old age. The parents want some companionship with their children which they are not getting these days. The chidren provide all comforts to their parents but thay do not have time to spend with them. That is the main problem. What the parents want is the affection of their children in their old age.

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