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Are you looking for a property in Bangalore ? Then, you must be aware of the approval of the site. This article explains the following in detail : 1. Difference between BDA approved, BBMP approved, BMRDA approved, and BIAPPA approved? 2. Meaning of DTCP approved? 3. Which approval or combination of approvals is/are required for 'safely' buying and owning a property? 4. Meaning of KHATA? 5. What is mean by DC converted site? 6. Non-BDA, Gram Panchayat approved ?

Difference between BDA approved, BBMP approved, BMRDA approved, and BIAPPA approved?

BDA , BBMP, BMRDA, BIAPPA are various bodies assigned by the state govt area –wise , ie. The entire state or city is divided into various areas as you also know, but all registrations, approvals, checks, sign offs cannot happen by one body. Its similar to having various RTO s in one city. But, yes if one wants to but a plot, it is safe to buy only if any of the above body has approved saying that that portion of land can be sold for residential purpose keeping in mind the developments of the state or city. To be more clear on the full forms of the above:

BDA – Bangalore Development authority ( Initially this was the only governing body for site registrations etc)

Then due to the growth in the state and the growing heat in land business in Bangalore, in order to be systematic in town planning , the govt got in the at par bodies and named them as per the proximity of a town being included into a city and being made ready to use for residential purpose.

So, it was then BBMP – Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike and BIAPPA and so on.

BDA is a developing authority BBMP does not plan any layouts. After development its responsibility of BBMP to collect taxes and maintain the layouts.

Any new layouts developed should be planned in line with the guidelines of BBMP in terms of width of roads, drainage and other amenities.

BBMP means Bruhat Bangalore mahanagara palike. Earlier it was just BMP. When BMP became BBMP more areas were included in the city limits.

Meaning of DTCP approved?

DTCP- Director Town and Country Planning.

The authority to sanction the layout plan, where the planning bodies like BMRDA, BMICA, BDA, BIAAPA, MUDA etc does not exist in the State Of Karnataka.

There are various approvals once a land need to come into the Yellow belt ( Free Zone ) first and then convert the same into Residential . It is something like this:

Step 1 – First the land is in agricultural status, so this needs to be approved by something called as Panchayat or Gram Thana and Taluk as it is in villages. So once this is done,

Step 2 – Then it necessarily needs to go to DC – Deputy Commissioner of that area for approval saying that we are wanting to make a layout of this land and the village panchayat and gram thana have approved the same. Once it is DC converted,

Step 3 – Then the above mentioned bodies like BDA, BBMP, BMRDA etc need to approve it and then this is finally called as residential converted. Till such time it is not called as residential converted and approved. But, yes DC converted is just about OK to buy because when its DC converted the rates are cheap , and in order to get it BDA approved there is a lot of money needed to do so. Please remember NO BANK gives loans on DC /DTCP converted lands alone.

Which approval or combination of approvals is/are required for 'safely' buying and owning a property?

Safest is to buy when the plots are BDA Approved, BMRDA approved, BIAPPA etc converted only.

Meaning of KHATA?

It will be applicable to all the lands. Its like a unique id to the property. City will be divided in to various hoblis. And each will be having different survey nos and each survey in turn will have khata.

Even a piece of land starting from 20x30 will have khata.

You can get khata of a land at sub registers office. It will have details like khata no, survey no, hobli, buit up area of house in land and current owner.

DC converted?

Not advisable to buy if the land is for investment purpose, if you plan to build a home and stay there, then its ok

Non-BDA, Gram Panchayat approved ?

Do not buy a land if it doesn't have any of these approvals.

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Is the yellow belt land approved by BBMP or B.D.A?

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