A Safe Driving Tips For Two Wheelers

Tips for safe driving for two wheelers includes all types of precaution to be taken before driving. There are many common things which we forgot to remember while driving that leads to severe accident.

A safe driving tips for two wheelers.

Transportation is most essential part of our life. Everyone is connected with traveling. We used to travel for work place, as a pilgrims, as a tourist, migration, immigration and many more. While driving it is necessary to be more cautious. I would like to lay some important tips for safe driving.

For Two-Wheelers:

1. Before starting driving, make a habit of pre-check your vehicle like loosening of clutch, break, in gear or neutral, indicators, headlight (for night driving), mirrors etc.
2. Always wear fully cover helmet it is for your safety.
3. Avoid over speed, that may lead to severe accident.
4. Do not drive your vehicle in dilemma.
5. Before starting you should make a sketch of your route and destination in your mind.
6. While driving, you should be much extra cautious about the stray animals over the road.
7. It is proved many times that dogs are the most dangerous animals for two wheeler accidents. So, in case of any dog at the road, reduce the speed of your vehicle to 20-30 km speed.
8. While turning and road crossing, use your mirror but do not fully depend on mirror.
9. Use your hand signals in advance before stopping, turning etc.
10.During night hours do not forgot to use indicators.
11.Dim and dip should also be used while driving at night. All vehicles are fitted with high beam headlight and that may be one of the reasons for road accident.
12.Reduce the speed of your vehicle to 30-40km during rainy days.
13.Extra cautious about humps made in between the road.
14. Warning signals erected at the road ends may also be noticed.
15. Being a driver, you should acquire some knowledge of driving psychology.
16. Do not forgot to take driving license and other driving related records.
17. Do not shortcut method to adopt license that may kill your life. So, honestly try to pass your driving test that will enhance your driving confidence.
18. Do not panic in adverse situation.
19. Always to try to control your vehicle to the utmost effort in case accident like situation.
20. Avoid talking with pillion while driving.
21. Avoid using cellphone and listening music though earphone while driving.
22. Do not mix drinking and driving.
23. Never forgot to clear the side stand before moving your vehicle.
I hope these points will definitely help the new drivers.

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Guest Author: Suresh DV25 Aug 2014

Excellent well done. Very useful

Guest Author: Sumit09 Oct 2015

Being a new learner I liked the basic tips for driving two wheeler mentioned in the post. One can learn driving on main roads easily with practice if these tips are followed well .
My suggestions will be to please elaborate about "driving psychology" mentioned here.

Guest Author: krishnamoorthy06 Nov 2015

yes sumit here I mean it is exactly the anticipation. You must anticipate what the other driver may do. You cannot expect the signal and other driving action from other driver. So you must be extra cautious in that case. Many times we may come across making vehicles left or right turn or stopping without showing the signals by the drivers. So, with the movement of other vehicle you must have some prediction that the vehicle going in front of you may turn or stop. That knowledge I called driving psychology.

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