Best tips to take care of your skin during the Winter season in India

This article explains the affects of winter on your skin and also how to protect your skin during the cold winter months.


Skin is the one largest organ of our body and it also acts as a first level of defense against infection, we must prioritize to keep it healthy. Skin consists of several thick layers and the upper layer is sheltered by lipids, or fats which keep the moisture locked in. But winter season can create havoc on our skin if enough care if not taken. As dry air, wind causes these lipids to dry out which leads to flaky, itchy skin which give you the feeling of irritation. Dry air withdraw the skin of its ability to restore the essential fats which keeps the outer layer moist then it leads to broken dry skin. Winter can be enormously stressful for our skin due cold temperatures.

Cold temperatures cause poor blood circulation in your facial skin which results lack of required nutrients and oxygen and then all the regenerative processes gets slow down. Hence our looses its becomes dull. When we use heaters inside, our skins starts loosing moisture due to the dry environment which makes your skin feels tight, dry and sometimes it also starts flaking. And the difference in the temperature outside & the warm inside is big enough to stressed out your skin which is definitely not balanceable by your skin naturally..

But still we can attempt to sustain our skin healthy by following the below tips..


We must not forget to cleanse the skin in any season. Daily cleansing is really essential. Choose a lighter cleanser to remove the dirt from your skin. You can use raw milk as a cleanser.


Moisturize, moisturize & again moisturize your skin. Use a moisturize which will help in restoring the lipids level on the surface of your skin. Moisturizers are categorized on 3 types of ingredients Humectants, Emollients, Occlusive:
  • Humectants ingredients such as Glycerine, Urea, Alpha hydroxy acid prevent loss of moisture and results in retaining the natural moisture of skin. It also has the capability to attract moisture from the environment. It is one of the important cosmetic ingredients. Humectants-based products are usually recommended for oily skin type.

  • Emollients ingredients like petroleum soothe the skin and it creates a protective layer which prevents the skin from dehydration. Emollients based products are recommended for combination skin types.

  • Occlusive ingredients create a protective layer on the skin's surface to prevent it from loosing moisture. Occlusive-based products are recommended for normal and dry skin types.

You can also use natural moisturizer like mixture of honey and milk. It really works. Apply skin lotion on the damped skin. Because damped skin tend to absorb moisture effectively than the dry skin.

Skin Massage

Gently massage you body with any herbal oil like olive oil, sesame oil. Oil massage helps to regain the lost moisture, locks in the moister also it softens your skin. Almond oil is also best option.


Exfoliate your skin at least once in a week to remove the dead skin. You can use the natural home made scrubber – mixture of massor dal with milk.

Use Sunscreen lotion

Don't stop using sunscreen during winter to prevent UV damage and photo aging. Ensure SPF is not lower than 15.

Drink more water

Water keeps our skin hydrated so drink plenty of water. Ensure you are drinking at least eight glasses of water in a day. You can also try a lemon juice with warm water; it will detoxify your body and removes the elements which make your skin dry.

Exercise Regularly

During winter, usually our activity level decreases and our metabolism increases due to cold temperature, we eat more. So it is very important stay fit. Execercise stimulates blood circulation.


Use humidifier to balance the humidity level in the environment.

Proper Diet

To improve the health of your skin, include the food which is rich in protein, vitamin A, B1, and B2.


Get enough sleep because skin rejuvenates and cell repairing process starts.

What to avoid during winter?

1. Avoid intake of alcohol, caffeine which are diuretic and it wash offs the moisture from your body and dehydrates your skin.
2. Avoid smoking as Cigarettes produce toxic smoke that ages and weakens the skin.
3. Avoid prolonged showers with hot water as it takes away the protecting lipid and fat layers and dehydrates your skin.
4. Avoid alcohol based skin tonic.
5. Avoid harsh skin products.
6. Avoid wool clothes or scratchy fabrics which will irritate your skin.

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