Seven continents of the World: essay for students

Everybody is eager to know about the seven continents of this earth. Each continent shares different climate, vegetation, culture and resources. Each continent is unique and has some rich resources.

What is continent

Continent is defined by the layman as the group of nations. But in geographical terms, continent is area divided on the basis of coastline belt. Usually the land that separates one continent from the other is the sea. Continent is also classified on the basis of other factors such as climate, landmass and some factors that are common. Seven continents are discovered so far.


Africa is termed as a dark continent for a number of reasons. The main reason for this tag is because it was unknown to the world for many years. The continent did not make any progress for a number of years. It was a continent that was totally isolated from the other continents for a number of years. The continent was covered and ruled by the culture of fauna and flora. The unusual species such theropods, prosauropods, and the other surrounded and ruled the continent. Even today Africa is known for its rich wildlife. Today Africa is become one of the overly populated continent after Asia. The total world's area occupied by Africa is 20%. This continent consists of 54 countries and natural resources are available in abundance such as mountain peaks, the longest river Nile, lakes, golden deserts and much more. It occupies an area of 30,221,532 k.m. The languages spoken by the native African people are Yoruba, Hausa, Swahili, Igbo and there are many other official languages. Africa is known to have the hottest climate due to the line of equator passing through the continent. Different countries enjoy different climate for eg: In Cairo summers are extremely hot and winters are extremely cold. Today in Africa many countries are underdeveloped. The continent is surrounded by Suez canal , Red Sea and Mediterranean Sea in the northeast, Atlantic to the west and Indian Ocean to the southeast.


Asia is the largest and most highly populous continent in the world occupying world's 29% of the area. Asia is a diversified continent consists of different types of regions in different countries. It is surrounded by Indian Ocean in the south, Pacific ocean in the west, and north by arctic ocean. The continent was named as Asia by the people of Western Civilization. Asia is surrounded by the continent of Europe. Asia is the continent where human civilization began. In Asia the climate is relatively moderate when compared to the climate of other continents. The total area occupied by this continent is 43,810, 000 sq kms. The Indian Ocean separates India from Africa. Asia consists of 60% of world's population. Asia is a very wonderful place if you want to take a tour around the world. You can view many mountain peaks, hills, lakes, rivers, and many other natural resources. The Gulf Areas of Asia are the richest countries producing oil and petroleum products. They export the petroleum products throughout the world and almost all nations in the world are always heavily dependent upon them for oil resources. Most of the Asian countries enjoy tropical type of climate. India is another country in Asia known for richest and varied heritage.


Europe is one of the tourists and immigrants fascination today. Many people from the world are migrating to Europe today for education, jobs and settlement because of many varied reasons. Europe consists of 50 countries today. It is separated from Asia by the Ural Mountains, Ural rivers and Capsian Sea. Europe occupies nearly 10,180,000 sq km of earth's area. The country most densely populated in Europe is Russia. Greece is the oldest country founded in Europe. The people of Europe follow the Roman script. Today Europe is one of the most economically progressed continents next to North America. The Renaissance period brought a lot of revolution in various countries of Europe. The most economically progressed country in Europe is the United Kingdom. The other countries of tourist attraction are Germany, Sweden, Austria, and Switzerland. Switzerland has always the tourist guides and they have described the beauty of Switzerland with a lot of delightful feeling.


Antartica is the coldest and the most scarcely populated continent in the world. The continent is always known to the world by the culture of Eskimos and the polar bears that are found in the region. The total world's area occupied by Antartica is 14.2 million sq kms. The climate is so cold in this region that only few species such as penguins and seals are found here. The total population as estimated is only 4000 to 5000 in Antartica. The coldest climate recorded in this continent was -89.2. The human population is nil here because no human being can survive in such a cold region. The area is only utilized for scientific discovery and exploration.

North America

The continent of North America is known as the New World after Columbus discovered and named it. It is the third largest continent in the world and very scarcely populated. The U.S.A in North America is the most economically developed and powerful in the world. This continent is surrounded by Atlantic Ocean in the east and Pacific Ocean in the west and Arctic in the north. English is the official and the widely accepted language in North America. It occupies 3.5% of the total of the world's area as the total area occupied is 6.9 million sq kms. This continent is enriched and known to the world by the Amazon basin which is filled with abundant natural resources. Most of the area of the North America is filled by Andes mountain.

south America

This continent is the fourth largest continent in the world. It is not prosperous like the North American countries. They are many countries in South America that are economically backward. The continent is surrounded by Pacific Ocean in the west, Atlantic ocean to the east. The continent comprises of 15 countries including some of the islands. But the continent is always known for its natural resources as the Atacama deserts, Amazon rainforest, Lake Titicaca, are all located here. The worlds longest mountain range is located here. Some of the tourist attractions in south America is the scenery of the mountains in Brazil, the Amazon forests, adventurous activities across the coastline of Brazil such as diving, surfing and sailing etc. the language that is spoken by the people of South America is Spanish. The total world's area occupied by the continent is 17,838,000 sq kms. The total population of this continent is 365366600. Different parts of South America experience varied types of climate such as the sub-tropical in the north, Mediterranean in the south and tropical climate by the Amazon basin.


This continent consists of 33 countries. Australia is a country located in the continent of Oceania. The continent was discovered recently. Some people still say that it is not a continent exactly but a group of islands that lie in the southern hemisphere. It consists of a group of islands in the Pacific ocean. The continent is divided into four parts depending upon the location of the regions such as Australasia, Melanesia, Micronesia, Polynesia, it consists of atleast 25 nations and the total population as estimated is around 30 millions. The natural resources are not available in plenty here.

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Africa is overly populated after Asia? Where do you get your facts from? As far as I know, the population of entire Africa is a billion. Tell me what is the population of India, China and Japan; since those are the most populated countries in Asia? Fact is just those 3 countries triple the population of Africa. Please get your facts right.

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