Population explosion in India

The problem of population explosion in India is causing a great problem to the Indians. The problem is the greatest menace to the Indian society and should be curbed on time.

Population explosion problem in India

India is facing the problem of over population since many years together. It is one of the biggest menaces of this century and also in the future. This problem leads to even more severe problems like poverty, illness, malnutrition, illiteracy, destruction of natural resources and many other problems that deters the economical progress of India. The measures taken by the central and state government in this regard should be active, radical and must create an impact on the Indian economy for a longer period. Population explosion in simple terms can be stated as the 'uncontrollable human population'

Causes for problems of over population in India

There are many reasons in India for the cause of such wizard problem:

Reduction of Death or mortality rates

better medical facility, advancement in medical technology and better medical conditions availability are curbing the death rates of our nation. Many sick people are able to receive proper treatment on time whereas problems like malaria, some form of cancers, heart problems every time led to death. The population per day increases as the death rate reduces compared to the estimates done by the previous surveys. The Statistical surveys always show a better record.

Increase in birth rate

the birth rates increase every year in India several infants are born in a day. The ratio of deaths and births in a day are not proportional. The birth rates are more than the death rates. Due to the better medical working conditions in hospitals the rate of infant survival is also increasing. in the yesteryears gynoec problems would mostly lead to death.


Many people from the other countries migrate to our country for settlement. The immigrants to India are usually from the underdeveloped countries like Burma, Nepal, Bhutan, Iran etc. most of the refugees come to India and the government has to sanction some amount from the revenue for meet their basic needs. The problem of immigration has an adverse effect on the nation other than advantages. Immigration takes place in India due to flood, famine, war, job purpose etc.

Cultural and social factors

In countries like India where cultural and religious aspects play a very important role childbirth is considered as a blessing. Most of the Indian wish to have children and childlessness is considered as a bane. Still in some communities of India people wish to have a baby boy. So many couples in India give birth to at least 3 kids even today to give birth to a baby boy. Some backward sectors in India today still discriminate between genders.

Effects of over population

Destruction of natural resources

: To build shelters and provide housing facilities to more than million of Indians the natural resources such as the forest areas, grasslands, and the other areas that are filled with natural vegetation are destroyed and the construction for residential homes and the other commercial buildings takes place. The resources that yield such useful products and are helpful in exporting are destroyed. So in this way the problem of population explosion is curbing the potential GDP (Gross Domestic Product) of our nation.


Many youths in our nation who are worthy are not employed due to the problem of over population. Many students secure a degree in a year but the vacancies in a reputed firm are not even a quarter of the passed candidates. The problem of unemployment again leads to poverty and decreased standard of living.


Many people in India remain illiterate due to lack of proper financial backing and the problems of poverty. Due to their problem of poverty, they curb the education of the kids and induce them to labor. In this way the problem of illiteracy and population explosion leads to child labor also.

There are many problems that are caused due to the problem of population explosion such as scarcity of food resources. The theory of Maltus holds very true for the Indians that the food production is increasing on an arithmetic scale but the human population is increasing on a geometric scale and hence the food distribution process is not adequate.

How to control population explosion

Family planning and the initiative from the government to introduce programs to create awareness about population explosion is necessary. Proper family planning is only the radical step for control of population. Proper education is another step that can reduce population.


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