If There Were No Newspapers

How would your life without news papers.


Imagine getting up in the morning, and sitting for breakfast without a newspaper! The morning tea would lose its flavour. From the bebroom you hear the voice of the announcer over the radio telling you of the day's disaster. Just plain statements of facts, no details, no photographs, no editorials, no asides, no snide comments, no bouquets, no brickbats. How dull it would be!

Nothing like a good full-coloured accunt of who won the elections and who didn't. And what shmreemati so-and-so has to say about the " No Tobacco Day". Which jobs are available or which aren't. The TV news reader will only state a few facts and show one old file photograph and that's that. No sports coloumn, or something comic, or no puzzles and crosswords. Infact no leisurely reading with all the time in the world.

But, on the other hand, one would wake up without a feeling of impending disaster. " god's in his heaven, all's right with the world." No pre election surveys and no analysis of election results. No report by ace cricketers on India's debacle at the World Cup. No predictions of gloom by astrologers. No investigate journalism.

How wonderful to greet a world without earthquakes and crimes and killings on battlefields. Since there are no newspapers we do not know anything about these things. What a relief to step out of the house without knowing the train services might be disrupted or that all flights have been cancelled because of strike. How nice not to know that tommorow the price of gold might fall, so that you can blitherly buy as much as you want today.

Indeed, we have become so used to getting news of the world readymade that we can only imagine what would happen if there were no newspapers. But I doubt if we would be able to accept such a situation.

Without a newspaper we are nothing as we are secured only because of newspapers.
It is a great communication system and also helps us to improve our knowledge.

The meaning of the words given above:
Editorial : Special article in a newspaper, usually written by the editor.
Asides : Remark not directly related to the main subject.
Snide : Indirect and unpleasent.
Bouquets : Praise.
Brickbats : Criticism, censure.
Impending : About to occur.
Investigate journalism : Practice of journalists trying to discover important facts of public interest that have been concealed.
Debacle : Sudden and complete failure or collapse.
Blithely : Happily.


Author: Ramachandran Pattabiraman12 Mar 2011 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 1

Probably other media of news would have dominated that place. Though there was minimum dailies in yester years, there was a radio in the public place like park or panchayat office,to broadcast the news.
Anyhow it is nice but novel thinking,Ranushree Ji!

Author: VCB26 Mar 2011 Member Level: Gold   Points : 1

Hi ranushree,

I was wondering, It is really a very good resource. Thanks for posting it

Thanks again.


Author: Deepika27 Mar 2011 Member Level: Silver   Points : 1


I like your style of writing. And I feel if there were no newspapers, TV would have dominated its place for sure and in a better way.

I felt that this article should have been posted in the Entertainment section. I enjoyed and actually imagined the way you have described the situation in your article.

Keep posting such writing of yours...


Author: ranushree caitali06 Nov 2011 Member Level: Silver   Points : 0

Thanks to all of my friends for appreciating the post.

Guest Author: sathiya18 Apr 2016

This is one of the best articles on newspapers.

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