Conserve food items-wasting food is a sin

This article gives the tips for conserving food items, what are the ways to conserve food items, wasting food is a sin, helping poor by helping god, feed with dignity and pride.

How to conserve food items

In each and every corner, we are hearing about India is growing, India is developing fast, global community is applauding and saying that India is strengthening its economy but it is bitter to know that around 30% of total population not getting enough food for even one time. The under privileged people living with under nourishment. On the other side, large amount of food items are wasted in marriage functions, hotels, schools and in other social and cultural functions which can feed all 30% people with dignity. Due to improper storage facility and negligence of officers, lakhs of tonnes of grains are ruin at various places. Why this happens? all is due to improper management.
How can we conserve food items?. Here is a small tips for the same.
1. Do not cook over quantity of food items.

2. If you are called as a guest by your friend, then there is nothing wrong in telling them the number of person going to attend the feast also the favorite items with quantity required.

3. If a birthday or marriage function held at your home and it is found that large amount of food lying excess in this circumstances don't hesitate to invite poor people to your home and feed them with dignity and pride.

4. At dinner, it is better to have with half stomach.

5. Excess food items can also be preserved in your refrigerator but as for as possible it is best to take your food items fresh and hygienic.

6. It is most important to invite poor people for the food offered at temple and other holy places because by helping poor one can help God.

7. Don't forgot to heat the food items cooked prior to 5 hours to avoid rotten.

8. Try to make long lasting food items at dinner such as chapati, parotta and many more.

9. Keep always food items closed with lid because in open mode the food may be contaminated with cockroaches or rats etc. As the matter of contamination, the food items may be thrown off which is a unwanted wastage.

10. While taking diet it should be ensured that the quantity of food item taken should be completely eaten by you otherwise it may goes to the dustbin as a wastage. By doing so, we can feed our fellow citizen who are living under privileged condition.

Conclusion: It's my humble appeal to one and all do not waste food items, think some one is lying hungry for many days.

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Author: Ramachandran Pattabiraman22 Jan 2011 Member Level: Gold   Points : 1

Right Krishnamoorthy Ji,
I saw many dustbins with hotel foods as wasted. People who wasting food items,vegitables should think it can be used by others who unable to buy. They can offer to the needy person instead of wasting the same in the dustbin.
In vegitable markets, the vendors can keep the market place clean without pilferage of vegitable/fruits on the ground as they got wasted without any use by the legs of passerby.

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