Information about ESIC smart identity card and how to know status

Employees have many queries in their mind about the ESI smart identity card. This article will help them to resolve their problem by providing the guidelines about the ESI smart identity card. Also know the procedure to apply for pehchan card.

Pehchaan Card

Under the concept of Pehchaan Project initiated by ESIC, a unique card is issued to each insured person, i.e. employee. The card bears all details of the person (name, father's name, insurance number, complete address, etc.) passport size photograph of person and his/her dependents and finger prints. Each set contains two cards- one card is meant for the insured person or employee and another card for his/her dependents/ family members. Family members can use their card to avail medical facilities of ESI scheme if they are away or living in another town.

ESIC Card Online Registration

First of all, you need to enroll yourself. Here are complete steps for enrollment of ID card.
  • An insurance number is generated to the employer registering the employee and then the latter becomes an insured person.
  • A Temporary Identity Card (TIC) is generated after registration. Employer will give you its print out.
  • Take duly attested (by the employer) hard copy of TIC as well as family photograph and step in to your nearest branch office.
  • They will take your photograph, fingerprints and family members.
  • You will get the card within 2 weeks.

You need not enroll again even if you change your employment, lose your card, card is damaged or destroyed. Same card can be used in case of change of employment. In case card is lost/ damaged/ destroyed, visit concerned branch office and collect duplicate card on payment of Rs. 25 as fee. Re-enrolment may lead to blockage. Validity of card is not expired and works on permanent basis.

As of now, there is no known method to check card status. But we will tell you more about this soon. Stay tuned with us and bookmark this page (press Ctrl+D button on the keyboard) for each access.

ESIC Smart Pehchaan Card

Features and benefits

  • If you are joining a job or changing your job and you are already having ESI Registration (Insurance No.), then please inform your new employer about this.
  • Some benefits are available on the basis of your period of contribution. You can increase (or avail) your benefits on changing your job related to contribution by registering yourself with ESIC Insurance No.
  • You can continue receiving the treatment benefits and other benefits even after changing your job or employer by using your present ESIC smart identity card.
  • If you are not nominated for any smart card or have not received it, then visit ESIC identity card camp with your family for giving biometrics for new permanent smart card within 15 days of issue of TIC. TIC is valid for only 90 days and permanent identity card is issued before this period.
  • If you are already nominated for smart identity card with your previous employer but has not received identity card, then you can take it form your employer or contact with the ESIC office for this purpose.
  • If your new smart identity card is permanent then it will be valid even on changing the job or employer. Always tell your new employer at the time of joining the job about your smart identity card.
  • Give the information about your mobile/ telephone/ e-mail/ family etc. to your employer to do update in the portal so that you can be contacted to give you immediate services or suggestions.
  • Always carry your ESIC smart identity card and/or computer generated OPD slip with you while going to ESIC dispensary/ hospital. You can avail its benefits quicker on having them with you. Also, your previous record can be found easily to help in your recent treatment.

How to contact Employees' State Insurance Corporation?

  • For any more clarifications or help, please send your query to
  • For more details, please the website of Employees' State Insurance Corporation at
  • You can also call at toll free helpline No. at 1800 11 2526
  • You can also visit at your nearest Employees' State Insurance Corporation office.

The address of Employees' State Insurance Corporation in New Delhi is:
Employees' State Insurance Corporation,
Panchdeep Bhawan,
C.I.G. Marg,
New Delhi-110002

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Guest Author: Mohammad.Azeem28 Jan 2014

Dear sir,
I have ESI pehachan card two years old.I want to known ,my card is now running or not.My card no.5205691770. Please conform how long it is in valued.

Thanks and Regards,

Guest Author: Ramya.A.17 Mar 2014

Dear sir,
I have ESI temporary card six month old. I want permanent,my card is now running or not. My card no.5037568005 Please send my permanent cars.

Guest Author: RAHUL SINGH09 Apr 2014

Dear sir,
I have ESI temporary card six month old. I want permanent, my card is now running or not.Please send my permanent cars.

Guest Author: AHSAN VP29 May 2014

Kindly inform me my permanent bio metric card issued or not and when i got it.

Guest Author: purushotham Gowda.c05 Jul 2014

Sir. I want to change my name In ESI smart card my full name is Purushothama Gowda c, but in smart card only Purushothama name is their Gowda is missing so what to do please tell

Guest Author: surender Singh25 Jul 2014

I have ESI temporary card six month old. I want permanent, my card is now running or not. My card no.2213912091 Please send my permanent card

Guest Author: nitish kumar singh26 Jul 2014

Myself Nitish kumar singh and my employer is Randstad India ltd. Has never informed me for biometric esic card made. however I am his employee since 4 years but no benefits has been provided to me. Please share the add of camp in Noida for esic card.

Guest Author: HEMANT CHAKRABORTY18 Oct 2014

I have my TIC card , My no is 1813457757, but not received smart Card , 1 year is over .

Guest Author: Divya.05 Nov 2014

One of my team member got ESI smart card recently but the date of birth mentioned on it is wrong. How to correct it? To whom we need to contact for this? Do we required to change the ESI smart card?

Guest Author: Apoorva14 Nov 2014

I have a ESIC card more than 3 years old. I want to know whether I can use that card now, but when I checked online my name was not there. So please help me. My card NO : 5027255332

Guest Author: GAURAV KUMARIA10 Dec 2014

my IP NO. 2111077523
I want to change my date of birth and address In ESI smart card my date of birth is 02.10.1974 and adderss H. NO. 18/111, MAITHAN, AGRA but in my smart card 17.07.1986 and my address is sikhandra, agra what to do please tell

Guest Author: Abhijit Banik16 Dec 2014

My ESIC smart card is not received till today. So, I request you to co-operate with me and send my smart card.

Guest Author: Pawan Kumar17 Dec 2014

Insurance NO. 6924236382. Smart card is not received till Date.

Guest Author: jagmohan bhatt24 Dec 2014

My insurance no.6108711803. Smart card is not available on my nearest ESIC branch. Please help me .

Guest Author: goutam mondal25 Dec 2014

my insurance no.4108939547
I want change my postal address.
my old address. po& vill. baksha singhapara.
there will be my present postal address.

Please help me

Guest Author: Billu02 Feb 2015

Insured Person: Billu
Insurance No: 2014012493
Date of Registration: 30/05/2011
Date of smart card: 21/09/2012
My Permanent bio-metric card (Smart card) is not received till date. Kindly inform me.

Guest Author: BHUPENDRA SINGH BISH12 Mar 2015

my ESIC card No. 3511560593, i want to change address in my card. my contact no. 8808587889

Guest Author: PARTHA DHAR25 Mar 2015

My ESIC smart card is not received till today. So, I request you to co-operate with me and send my smart card.
ESIC NO.4300748932

Guest Author: Vivek Bhushan Mishra08 Apr 2015

Name Vivek Bhushan Mishra
Address Vill: baradari, Post: Bausar, Disst: Kanpur Nagar
PIN 209401.
Ins. No. 5210366379

I have not received my smart card to till now.

Kindly provide ASAP.

Guest Author: Himanshu14 Apr 2015

I am Himanshu,I want to know the location of ESIC Pehchaan Camps in New Delhi specifically in West Delhi.

Guest Author: Gunavathi D20 Apr 2015

Still now I have not received my Smart Card.
INS NO:5342270985

Guest Author: Rakesh Kumar28 Apr 2015

we are working with B4S Solution Pvt Ltd. My ESIC card has been issued but my address is missing on card. How can we complete it?

Guest Author: Prosenjit Paladhy29 Apr 2015

Name - Prosenjit Paladhy
Village + Post Office - Multi,
P.S. - Mograhat,
Dist. - 24 Parganas (South),
PIN - 743610
Ins. No. - 4113280528
I have not received my smart card till now. Kindly provide at the earliest.

Guest Author: Rajib Singha04 May 2015

My ESI insurance no. is 5036309920, Branch - Bommasandra, Karnataka. My smart card is not issued. Since more than 2 years I have been searching but still failed. Please solve it.

Guest Author: Dinesh sharma08 May 2015

Dear sir ,

please inform my esi smart card status because it's very urgent so its my humble request please inform soon as soon.

Guest Author: ashish singh12 May 2015

What if my parents are in the other city and m working in other city then how to get biometric things to done for my parents. Please help me out

Guest Author: radha.b18 May 2015

Siri want to esi card, how to apply

Guest Author: NANDHINI15 Jun 2015

I already registered esic. But my name have a simple correction how to change my employee name online .Please help me

Guest Author: NANDHINI15 Jun 2015

I have registered esic. my name have a correction. how to edit my name online please help me

Guest Author: Dilip Kumar20 Jun 2015

My ESIC smart card has not been received till today. So, I request you to co-operate with me and send my smart card.
Insurance No. is 2015472407.

Guest Author: naveen kumar08 Jul 2015

My name is Naveen Kumar. My smart card issued in 2010 was filled up with wrong details and after that I did not receive my smart card till date. Please remove my complaint.

Guest Author: Bharat Patel08 Jul 2015

Who can apply for ESIC? Please explain in detail.

Guest Author: GUNJA CHOWDHURY17 Aug 2015

my name is Gunja Chowdhury. My IP NO-4109596606,
My smart card was filled up with wrong details.What will i do now

Guest Author: Rama kant23 Aug 2015

I applied for an ESIC card in a camp in my company best price in June-JUly month 2015 (Walmart India pvt ltd) at Chhalesar Agra but to date card not received. So please advice what I should do.

Guest Author: mahesh08 Sep 2015

My ESIC smart card has not been received till today. So, I request you to co-operate with me and send my smart card.
Insurance No. is 5208699653

Guest Author: Hemalata08 Sep 2015

My mother has ESIC card and my father's name has been wrongly spelled. It needs to be corrected. Please advise.

Guest Author: surinder kumar06 Oct 2015

I want to know if my permanent card is generated or not. How to do so? I applied for the permanent card 40 days ago.

Guest Author: Binod Kumar Yadav07 Oct 2015

My ESIC card no IP4112163169. How should I know the status of my card?

Guest Author: Partha Pratim Neogi10 Oct 2015

One of My Office Staff Named Paras Mondal, His Id is 2015624914, working in Eco Tech Building Services Pvt Ltd, Company ESIC Code No 20001202370001001. He took the Photograph along with hos family on August 2015, but till to day he has not receives his smart card. Please advise what should be done.

Guest Author: karthik S22 Oct 2015

I have read your article on ESIC identity card. I would like to know whether it is possible to change the photo in the card.

Guest Author: Raj kumar Ram23 Oct 2015

I have changed my name in the ESI identity card. It was Rajkumar earlier and now it is Rajkumar. My IP number is 2012434440. Do I need to make a new ESI card or will the existing one suffice?

Guest Author: KORADA SURI BABU30 Oct 2015

My Name is Korada Suri Babu. I am working in MAGMA FINCORP LTD at Vizhianagaram. Please send my ESIC bio metric smart id card. My Insurance number is 6207244135.

Guest Author: Biswajit Haldar31 Oct 2015

My ESIC smart card has not been received till today. So, I request you to co-operate with me and send my smart card.
IP number-4113265511

Guest Author: Raghavendra13 Nov 2015

My ESIC number is 7342317168 and photo was taken on 18/05/2015. I have not yet received my ID card and the officials concerned are not responding correctly. Can you please help me to solve the problem.

Guest Author: vikas kumar09 Dec 2015


Can anybody help me. I want to know whether TIC can be regenerated or not. and what is process of generating tic. i want to know about this.


Guest Author: BISWAJIT HALDAR12 Dec 2015

I'm an employee of Bajaj Finance(now). Before I worked for Future Money. Then the consultant agency provided me a temporary ESIC card IP no was 4113265511. After 2 years I quit that company and after four months I joined my recent company BAJAJ FINANCE. Here I got another temporary ESIC card with IP no-4113974777. I attended a photo session for ESIC smart card in this IP number, but when I went to collect my smart card they told me they have sent my smart card to my previous company. So please help me to get my ESIC smart card as soon as possible.

Guest Author: DHARMENDRA KALODIYA17 Dec 2015

I have ESI temporary card six month old. I want permanent card. How do I know whether my card is now running or not. How do I apply for permanent card.

Guest Author: vikram18 Dec 2015

I am from Chennai. I have my new ESIC smart card. Can I directly get drugs or treatment from nearest dispensary or any other supporting documents from the company is needed?

Guest Author: G. MURALI25 Dec 2015

I am working in a private college as lecturer for the past 10 years. My salary is Rs 9000/- My wife is working in PSU as an executive. Is self and family eligible for ESI benefits?

Guest Author: J S PRASAD26 Dec 2015

My name is J S PRASAD BABU and am working in a private firm in Mysore. My IP No is 6207575695. I had taken family photo on this first week and had submitted the same but still I have not received my smart card. Could you please arrange the same for me. It's very urgent.

Guest Author: Ankur16 Jan 2016

I have an ESIC card but on the card the photo is only mine so can my family avail the benefits of the card? Please let me know.

Guest Author: A.rambabu18 Jan 2016

My name is Rambabu. I have been working in one of the BPO sectors from the past 4.5 years. I resigned 6 months before. Is my card functional now or not? I am preparing for higher studies. Is it possible to pay my ESIC account as per one or two years plan? I am ready to pay.

Guest Author: Anushka naik22 Feb 2016

I am having my ESIC card with my photo only - can my parents take benefit of this scheme?

Guest Author: shrikisan Kadu wanar11 Apr 2016

My ESIC number is 3304983080. Till now I have not received the smart card. Please help me.

Guest Author: devbart sarkar20 Apr 2016

My ESIC smart card has not been received till today. So, I request you to co-operate with me and send my smart card.
Insurance no. 6109879453

Guest Author: abdul kaleem11 May 2016

My ESIC IP no. is 5208882542.Till date I have not received the smart card. Please help me in this regard.

Guest Author: KULDEEP CHAUDHARY14 Jul 2016

I am working in a private firm Maple Logistics Pvt. Ltd. My Insurance No is 2013773064. I had taken family photo on 16-02-2016 and had submitted the same but still I have not received my smart card. Could you please arrange the same for me. It's very urgent.

Guest Author: Manish kumar17 Jul 2016

I went to ESI dispensary at Shastri Nagar, Delhi-110052 with my family and completed all the formalities of ESI smart card before two months on 26th April 2016. But so far I have not received the smart card whereas an officer in Shastri Nagar dispensary had told me to collect the card after one month. I request you to kindly advise the next step.

Guest Author: anil08 Sep 2016

I have a problem with my ESI account. In my account my date of birth was wrongly entered. So I kindly request you to tell me the solution.

Guest Author: Tapas deb nath24 Sep 2016

I am working at Delta Guards Pvt. Lt. My insurance no is 2013946342. I had taken family photo on 17/10/2014 And had submitted the same but still I have not received my smart card. Could you please arrange the same for me. It's very urgent.

Guest Author: Rajendra Prajapati30 Sep 2016

My ESIC number is 3306438944. Till now I have not received the smart card. Please help me.

Guest Author: M.sampathkumar05 Dec 2016

My insurance no.5207009220 date of reg. is 23.03.2011. I didn't get smart card in Surya electronics and 5209423762 of SPIK India Services Pvt. ltd on 22.08.2012 and I didn't get smart card n 5209423762 on 03.09.2014 in Checkmate Services Pvt. ltd. I didn't get smart card and continue job in this company. So please help me.

Guest Author: sujit kumar shyanti08 Mar 2017

I am working in Hyderabad and I have ESI card but my parents are staying in Odisha. How can my parents avail the facility in Odisha?

Guest Author: Niren Patel23 May 2017

Which are locations available for ESIC smart card in Gujarat? Please let us know. and also guide on how to apply for the smart card.

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