World Conservation Day To Deal With Future Problems

This article explains about all factors responsible for future problems such as Water shortage, power shortage, food shortage,land shortage along with solutions to overcome from all these future problems. It also includes world conservation day, conservation of energy and many more.

World Conservation Day to deal with future problems

World conservation Day is observed all through the world on 5th June of every year. The World Conservation Day with a view to conserve the nature and natural resources. It is an important question raised by many brain people that 'Do we pass the nature as same as we got, to the next generation' the immediate answer is 'No'. We all engaged in deteriorating the nature and natural resources. There is a quote saying 'God has created everything for our need but not for our greed' it is really an interesting quote. Nowadays, man become so greedy that he is making money from the nature and natural products as much as he can, as a result of this the nature deteriorates and diminishes. The felling of trees increased to many folds and in many part of the world the forest totally disappeared, it is a matter of serious environmental concern. Sometimes our government itself seems responsible for diminishing of forest due to negligence in their duty they cannot control the illegal felling of trees.
This day is celebrated to create awareness among the children and common people over the environmental concern. To attain the goal of 'Save Earth', we should not indulge in any environmental damaging activities. It is a joint effort so we all should unite under one roof to save the environment. Apart from the environmental concern, we do promise to conserve the other basic requirements such as electricity, water, food items etc. The children should not be encouraged to waste all those things instead they should teach the ways of best use of the basic facilities available to them.

Water Scarcity-a future problem.

This going to be a great problem in the near future. Already conflict broke out among the public over drinking water. The underground water level is shrinking due to various reason. The land is getting into desert and useless for cultivation. We all should work together to overcome from this problem, if not now then never. Many plants are setup to convert the sea water into fresh water. This shows that it is the matter of most serious issue.


1.Many ponds and lakes should be developed in village areas to store more amount of water.
2.Immediate repairs of pipelines should be needed to overcome from water leakages due to broken of water pipes.
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Electricity - Most essential need.

We all know that electricity is the one of the most essential need. All our development based on electricity. No electricity means no development. We are heading towards the technology revolution. The usage of internet made life so simple and it brought everything into your drawing room. This is very nice but on the other hand without electricity how can this possible? So, we should conserve electricity. A study shows that around 20% - 30% is wasted by the public. How can this be compensated?.


1. Switch off the electrical appliances when not in use.
2. Avoid fixing of common switch for many fans and lights.
3. Replace ordinary bulbs with CFL bulbs.
4. Person indulging in illegal theft of electricity should be punished.
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Food Shortage - a future problem:

In the recent years, food shortage is a huge problem for everyone. The land used for cultivation is diminishing day by day and converted into house sites. The farmers getting a good amount for their land. So everyone is trying to sell their land instead of practicing cultivation. On the other hand the population explosion is one of the major issues. The climate is changing very fast due to global warming. In this condition the farmers feel cultivation is becoming a tough task and it yields nothing than loss. It is expected that 20% - 30% of food items are wasted everyday. By conserving this food items we can feed 20crores of people under privileged. Large amount of food is wasted in hotels, marriage parties, other social functions and houses. Eventually, in my view the food should not be wasted at any cost.


1. Farming should be encouraged by the Government.
2. Private sectors should be allowed into the agriculture.
3. The land under the use of cultivation should not be converted into house site.
4. Proper storage facility should be given to farmers.
5. We should inculcate the habit of not wasting food times among the children.
6. A meeting should be organized in the panchayat level to make aware of general public over the issue of 'wasting food items'
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Energy Crisis - a future problem

We are using around 90% of total energy used is fossil fuel. The reserve of crude oil is diminishing at an alarming speed and it is expected that it may hardly last up to 2050. Till now no energy is invented which can replace fossil fuel in mass scale. So, this is one of the huge problem which we are heading towards. Straight away what can we do now? the only answer is we can conserve the energy as much as we can.


1. Four wheeler vehicles should not be used for one or two people.
2. Bicycle usage should be encouraged by the Government.
3. Tax on cars should be increase heavily.
4. High technology should be introduced for producing best bicycle.
5. No tax should be levied on bicycle.
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Conclusion: An appeal to all my fellow citizens, use the available resources wisely. Save the Earth, Save the future generation.


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