GBTU B. Pharm Second semester syllabus Physical Chemistry

The syllabus of universities in changing after one complete session. Here I am posting the new syllabus of B. Pharm of Gautam Buddh Technical University formerly known as U.P. Technical University

Bachelor of Pharmacy

U.P. Technical University, Lucknow

Syllabus - First Year [Effective from session 2009-10]


PHARM-121 Physical Chemistry

1. Behaviour of gases : Kinetic theory of gases, deviation from ideal behaviour and
2. The liquid state : Physical properties (surface tension, parachor, viscosity, rheochor,
refractive index, optical rotation, dipole moment) and chemical constituents.
3. Amorphous and crystalline solids : geometry & symmetry of crystals, Millers indices,
types of crystals, Physical properties of crystals, crystal diffraction. [08]

4. Thermodynamics : Fundamentals, first, second, third and zeroth law, Joule-Thompson's
effect, absolute temperature scale.
5. Thermo chemistry : Definition & conventions, heat of reaction, heat of formation, heat of
solution, heat of neutralisation, heat of combustion, Hess law of constant summation, Bomb
calorimeter, bond energies, Kirchoffs equation. [08]

6. Solutions : Ideal and real solutions, solutions of gases in liquids, colligative properties.
7. pH : determination of PH buffers, theory of buffers.
8. Adsorption : Freurdlich and Gibbs adsorption Isotherms, Langmuir theory of adsorption. [08]

9. Electro chemistry : Faraday's laws of Electrolysis, Electric conductance & its
measurement, molar & equivalent conductivity and its variation with dilution. Kohlrausch law,
Arrhenius theory, degree of ionisation & Ostwald dilution law. Transport number & migration
of ion, Hittorfs theoretical device, theory of strong elecrolytes (Debye Huckle theory). [08]

10. Chemical kinetics : Zero, first and second order reaction, complex reactions, elementary
idea of reaction kinetics, characteristics of homogenous and heterogeneous catalysis, acid
base and enzyme catalysis.
11. Phase equilibria : Phase, component, degree of freedom, phase rule (excluding derivation).
Cooling curves & Phase diagrams for one & two component system involving eutectics,
congruent & incongruent melting point (examples-water, sulphur, KI-H2O, NaCI-H2O
system). Distribution law & application to solvent extraction. [08]

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