National Bravery Awards for Children 2010

This article gives a complete list of the names of the children who won National Bravery awards on the occasion of 2011 Republic Day and the acts of bravery for which they won the National Bravery award.

On the occasion of 2011 Republic Day, 14 boys and 9 girls were awarded the National Bravery Award. First started in 1957 by the Indian Council for Child Welfare, recipients of the 2010 National Bravery awards rode atop elephants during the Republic Day parade and were honoured by Prime Minister who gave out the awards to them.

List of Winners of 2010 National Bravery Awards

1. 2010 Geeta Chopra Award: 13 year old Jismi P.M., Kerala
Act of bravery: Daughter of a labourer, Jismi saved a lady and her two kids (a 9 year old boy & an 8 year old girl) from drowning in a 15 foot deep pond.

2. 2010 Sanjay Chopra Award: 11year old Priyanshu Joshi, Uttarakhand
Act of bravery: Priyanshu saved his sister Priyanka from a marauding leopard while they were going to school.

3. 2010 Bapu Gaidhani Award: There are 3 winners:
(i) 15 year old Moonis Khan, Madhya Pradesh
Act of bravery: Moonis saved an old man who wanted to commit suicide. The man has sat on the railway tracks in front of an oncoming train. Moonis frantically signaled to the train driver to stop and the train slowed down. Moonis shouted to the man to lie down flat on the tracks as the train did not seem to be stopping entirely despite the driver putting on the brakes. The engine and 2 coaches went over the man before it halted and the man was then pulled out safely from below the train.

(ii) 16 year old Ipi Basar, Arunachal Pradesh
Act of bravery: Ipi rescued her paralysed aunt and 7 year old niece from their burning home in village of Nyigam in Arunachal Pradesh.

(iii) 17 year old Vishnudas K., Kerala
Act of bravery: Aspiring to be a soldier, this teenager has already shown his mettle. The student of Sri Sankara Oriental Higher Secondary School, Lakidi saved two children from drowning.

4. 2010 National Bravery award youngest award winner: 6 year old Shrawan Kumar, Rajasthan.
Act of bravery: Shrawan rescued a 1 year old girl & her 2 ½ year old sister from a burning hut in Sarneshwar village.

5. 11 year old Gurjeevan Singh, Punjab
Act of bravery: Gurjeevan attacked a group of thieves with bricks. The thieves were going to rob a bank and Gurjeevan started throwing bricks at them. When one of the thieves started shooting at him with a pistol, instead of running away, he continued to throw bricks at them. The thief's pistol fell from his hand and other people nearby succeeded in nabbing the thieves.

6. 16 year old girl (not revealing her name & State to protect her privacy)
Act of bravery: The young teenager was suspected of having a relationship with a boy who was not from her tribe just on the basis of being seen talking to him. Members of her tribe stripped and paraded her. Not to be cowed down, she made a complaint to the police and assisted in having the offenders arrested.

7. 6 year old Chhampa Kanwarwas, Rajasthan (posthumous awardee)
Act of bravery: Chhampa was playing in her hut with her siblings when the hut suddenly caught fire. Her parents were not at home at that time. The kids managed to run out of the burning hut, but Chhampa realized that her 7 year old sister Poonam was still inside. She immediately turned back and ran inside the hut to save her, but got trapped herself and both of them died.

8. 13 year old Shruti Lodhi, Uttarakhand (posthumous awardee)
Act of bravery: During a 'Run To Live' race for diabetes awareness, a large tree started breaking on the route. Shruti was one of the competitors. She saw the danger of the falling tree, pushed other children out of the way and started shouting to warn others. She herself got trapped below the tree when it fell, was severely injured and later died in hospital.

9. Kalpana Sonowal and Rekhamoni Sonowal (Assam)
Act of bravery: the two of them together saved their sister Archana from drowning

10. Rahul Kurrey, Chhattisgarh

11. Parvati Amlesh, Chhattisgarh

12. Anoop. M., Kerala
Act of bravery: The Class 8 student of the Bishop Kuriyalanchery Public School, Chambakulam, saved a 5-year-old child from drowning in a lake.

13. Raj Narayanan, Kerala
Act of bravery: A Class 9 student of NSS High School, Kuttanad, Raj Narayanan saved a boy from drowning in Alappuzha river.

14. Rohit Maruti Mulik, Maharashtra

15. Mohammad Nurul Huda, Manipur

16. 10 year old Freedy Nongsiej, Meghalaya
Act of bravery: This ever-smiling young lad who cannot speak English or Hindi pulled a boy out of the river when walking along the banks of the river.

17. 10 year old Lovelystar K. Sohphoh, Meghalaya
Act of bravery: Two children were alone in their home in West Khasi Hills district and one of them started a fire to cook a meal. However, she could not control the fire's flames and soon their home was on fire. Lovelystar heard their cries for help and without a thought for her own safety rushed inside the burning house. While the younger child died, the older one survived thanks to Lovelystar's brave act.

18. 9 year old Lalmawizuali, Mizoram
Act of bravery: The young girl tried to stop a fire in her home by throwing buckets of water, but when this did not stop the flames from spreading she rushed inside and rescued her younger sister who has been trapped inside.

19. 12 year old Bibek Sharma, Sikkim
Act of bravery: He saved the life of a 7 year old mentally challenged girl by catching her in his arms when she fell off the second floor of a 5-storey building in Gangtok. Both suffered minor injuries.

20. Uttam Kumar, Uttar Pradesh

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