Factors, effects and control measures for Corruption in India

Corruption is the basic problem for our country that affects each and every section such that it affects the development of India by reducing reform infrastructure and provides low quality services to the individuals. So, in this article I will explain to you what are the factors responsible for the increase of corruption level in India and what are the effects of it along with the control measures required for it?

Factors that causes Corruption in India

Political corruption in India is increasing and various factors are there that causes corruption in India and some of them are due to our carelessness of the individuals because individuals want to complete their work as soon as possible. As we know that there are many reasons that causes Political corruption and some of them are given below-

Factors, effects and control measures for the Corruption in IndiaThe vigilance and investigative support of the local media is not good at all because the vigilance itself are corrupted and cannot do their duty with trust and involved in the activities that provides them with their own gains, the management level at the top lacks in the timely financial management of the resources. All and all we can say that Government itself responsible for the high corruption in India because government organizations are not strong enough that can control the corruption level. Moreover, in the government organizations individuals identification are neglected by the officers and same sort of ignorance takes place in the elections.

The reform sector is weak in India which leads to less development of the technology in the certain parts of the country which automatically increases the corruption level because if strong technology mediums are there in the government organizations then we can show the interaction of the customers with officers and finally it is easy for the government to trace Political corruption. For example- If we have strong technical software support then we can easily trace the cost estimation and other parameters involved in the project management and finally we could know that how much finance are required in the management of the particular project.

The public funds are not distributed and centralized approach is used which will increase the corruption level. As in case of property sale, the private means is used according to which anyone can purpose as number of properties as he wants without paying the proper tax involved in this activities, Many individuals which involves in government organizations are not showing their profile income fully and uses the unauthorized means for their own profits. If every person pays their tax at regular rate then this tax can be used for the management of the reforms and removing the social evils from the society.

The government distributed licenses illegally for the import and export of the activities that causes the decrease in the national income indirectly because all this basic factors are inter-dependent on one another. For example- Recently, the telecom sector of India has distributed many licenses to the companies for the 2G technology development which leads to so much loss for the government of India and finally causes the fall of the stock market. Therefore, before passing the bill in the parliament, regular interaction could be made with the employees and organization involved in the management of that particular activity.

The family relationship also increases corruption level in India such that if the employee belongs to same caste as that of customer then he will provide services to the relative customer at faster rate in comparison to another customers and uses unfair means to provide the best possible services to his relative. Moreover, lack of literacy level and education support is there that automatically increases the corruption in India.

Effects of Political corruption in India

Political Corruption in India causes many effects that lead to distortions and inefficiency in development sector such that reduces the construction and quality of infrastructure services and increases the financial pressure on the share market growth. For example- the poor services is provided to the users which in turns increases the sufferers, As in the food and technology department, the adulteration is there that causes the health problems, Automotive sector also uses the cheaper instrument and devices which provides lack of safety and causes the accidents, Sports management is also uses the corruption means for the selection of players in teams and take some finance from players for their selection. Instead of this, we have so many effects of corruption in India which is endless and various sectors are suffering from this problem.

Steps to control Corruption in India

As we know that there are certain factors that causes Political corruption in India and we have to tackle our hands to control corruption because we only are responsible for the increasing Corruption level in India, if we do our duty with justice then it will completely eliminate it but practically it is not possible. Therefore, we have to conduct the surveys on the national level in the households and business organizations that remove the corruption level in India because we can easily know the opinion of the users about the corruption and also helps the organizations to know in which fields they face problems and how to create awareness in the people about the Corruption act and finally this will enable the anti-corruption organizations to evaluate the sectors which is suffering from corruption and provides them better ways to manage it.

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