Corruption in India - a major setback

This article explains how the corruption in India is flourishing and the necessary ways to curb corruption in India. Almost everyone is forbearing corruption in India, few politicians, officers, general public and many more. It also put light over all aspects of private and public sector undertakings over corruption in India. It also includes all the factors which induces as well as inhibits the corruption in India.

Corruption in India - a major setback

Corruption in India is one of the major setbacks for developing India. The corruption flourishes from top to bottom level and as a result of this the poor innocent people are becoming victim of this corruption. Except very few people who are living with principle, remaining all are indulging in corruption in one or other way around by misusing their powers or positions. In top level, the corruption is in the form of scams and in the bottom level the corruption is in the form of bribes. Though the corruption at the bottom level is low but it accumulates as bigger as a scam because at the bottom level crores of people indulging in corruption. For example: at the bottom level if there are ten crores people forbearing corruption each by Rs 1000 it accumulates into 100000000 X 1000 = 100000000000 that is a huge amount of ten thousand crores rupees which is much higher than a scam. The induced amount is mere thousand rupees but the consolidated amount is much higher. So, the bottom level corruption in India is also a major issue to be resolved.

Corruption in India by few politicians

We, the people of India much familiar with the corruption or scam of few politicians. They just misusing their position or power to execute corruption in India. The greediness and selfishness are the two key aspects of corruption. In each and every lok sabha or assembly election, the contesting candidate require crores of rupees for their canvassing in election, so they want to heap lot of money either by hook or crook. As a result of implementation of panchayat raj in India, all panchayat receives crores of rupees from the Government for the development of their constituency. But a major part of money washed up for extortion. During the election, Indian media flashed their news an image of distributing thousand rupee notes and other household items to drag the voters towards his party. As for as recruitment process is concerned, the few politicians recommending his candidate to the concerned officer for a Government job by demand a huge amount as a bribe from the candidate in concern with the post and the scale of pay of the post applied for by the candidate. The bribery amount varies with the scale of pay of the post applied for.

Corruption in India by few Officers

Government officers are the authorized person to handle the Government property but it is painful to know that the fence eats up all the crops. There are few officers of selfishness and greediness to become rich overnight they forbearing in corruption through all possible means to heap lot of money in their name inside or outside of India. Private contracting is one of the most inducing factor of Corruption in India. It includes contracting for the construction of building, roads, bridges,hiring vehicles, hiring ships, arms and ammunition, electronic gadgets, stationery in offices and selecting their own candidate for a post by taking considerable amount as a bribe. We are progressing swiftly to occupy the name of our country in the top of most corrupting countries in the world.

Corruption in India in Government Establishments

  • Revenue Department in India:

  • A huge Government money is looted in purchasing bond papers by low assessing the value of their land property. Few patwari and surveyors are asking for bribe openly for executing land related procedures. The land laws are applicable only for the poor people who cannot afford for the bribery amount. But in most cases it was found the laws set aside for wealthy bureaucrats.

  • Shipping Department in India

  • Department of shipping also adds glory to corruption. Huge amount of bribery money is transacted for issuing ticketing at the ticketing counter. The poor people used to stand in a queue for many hours long in front of the ticketing counters but soon the counter opens as usual the tally clerk says tickets sold out and asked the people to go out and disperse. This is very painful incidents which I have come across many times. When the people complaint to the higher authority, the poor people petition attracts nothing but the dustbin, as it was done earlier.

  • Police Department in India

  • As per the public view, a huge corruption is going on in police department. In many cases the challan amount collected without proper valid receipt for disobeying the traffic rule to fulfill their needs of money and thus does not reach the government. In many cases illegal liquor shops are making huge profits by sharing their income with few corrupted police officers.

  • Other Department in India

  • Corruption not only restricts with the above departments but it expands uniformly to all other Government Establishments in large volumes. This shows that no one is exception to corruption. Everyone doing their part very cleverly and efficiently.

Corruption in India by private sector affluent people

Privatization may be one of the factors for inducing corruption. By giving heavy bribe to the Ministers and Officers, the private owners fulfill their desire by other way around neglecting all laws. There are in numerous laws are enlisted in the book of laws but none is applicable for the wealthy owners. There is a proverb called 'Show me the man, I will show you the rule' So, in India, the rule varies from man to man. In the same way, the punishments are also varies to some major extent. Indian media flashed many times of imposing a strong punishment to a boy for stealing a samosa or eatable item from a shop but the scam people are wondering with due respect. You all are aware of Nandigram issue, a well crop productivity land was easily converted for commercial use. How it happened? What promises were gone through the closed doors? everything was under give and take policy.

Corruption in India by common man

'Sun is the sources of all energy' in the same way 'Common people of India are the causes of all Corruption'. It was noticed many times that during election, the common people demanding bribe for casting vote in favor of a particular party or the candidate. Many of them voted even for a bottle of liquor whom we consider the responsible citizen of India. So, these activities energize the corruption in India.

What are the ways to control corruption in India?

  • Eradicating corruption in India is the toughest task than 'Resolving Kashmir issue'. Already we have lot of laws to curb corruption but the only thing is that it is only applicable to poor people of India. The law should be applied uniformly irrespective of caste, creed, religion, economical status, political status, official status etc.

  • Recruitment process should be centralized and it should be authorized to SSC and that should be under the control of president. So, that it is free from all political compulsion.

  • Commission should terminate the right to contesting in any election for next 10 years those who are violating election norms.

  • Government should take guidance from those countries where no corruption is exists.

  • Anti corruption should be brought under the control of president and all corruption allegations should be settled within a month. The proved corrupting ministers and officers and even common man all should be put under the bars for the duration as according to the law.

  • All central civil supplies godown should be given a surprised visit and check by the anti corruption authorities. As our media is flashing news over deporting of food grains from time to time.

  • The pollution control board should be energized, and it should be given the permission for terminating all industrial setup violating the environmental concern.

  • In each and every department there should be 'corruption information box' and let the public put their experience of corruption in those department. All those information should be genuinely checked by the Head of the Department and a copy of action by the Head should be placed in the notice board of concerned office and it should also be published through daily newspaper for the information of general public.

  • All finance accounts of political party should be brought under auditing by the 'Comptroller & Auditor General of India' to find the flow of black money. Usually all political parties are getting a huge amount of black money as a party donation. It is donated with an expectation that when the party came into ruling , to get extra benefits in all aspects. If the political party itself is hanging around the hands of corrupting people than how can we expect from the ruling party to eradicate corruption in India? This is the core of corruption.

Conclusion for prevailing Corruption in India

Do not indulge in corruption, first save yourself from the evil and then reveal the same to anti corruption unit for further investigation. Have your hands clean so that we can point out others. It is my appeal, on behalf of people of India to the Government to clean corruption in India from the top level, by hitting at the top level the bottom will automatically get their right position. Hoping for a corruption free India.

Important Note: This article does not meant to pinpoint any particular party, individual or organization but it is based on my personal and public perception. I seek apology for them if anybody is hurt by this article directly or indirectly .

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Author: Venkiteswaran01 Jan 2014 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 10

After many failed attempts for last four or more decades, Indian Parliament has passed the Lok Lokpal Bill. We can hope that once it becomes an Act, and implemented properly, things may be quite different. India may come out of the ignominy of corruption though at one stroke, but there will be an attitudinal change in the minds of those who tend to be corrupt and those who encourage directly or indirectly corruption.

For that last two years there is an increased awareness among the common people against corrupt practices in the body politic and administration of this country. The individual disenchantment and anguish in the minds of people were properly channelized by the Gandhian crusader Sri. Anna Hazare and sincerely supported by the NGO India against Corruption under Sri. Kejriwal and others.

Even against the deliberate opposition and stumbling blocks put by vested interests, the sustained campaigns and efforts at last saw two radical results.
One: Lok Lokpal Bill (however diluted from anticipated) is passed by the two houses of Parliament.
Two: A newly formed political party standing on the platform of anti-corruption was elected as second largest party in elections and formed a government in the state of Delhi. They did not use caste, creed or other divisive slogans in their campaign and aimed only at eradication of corruption and good governance.

This has yielded some direct and indirect results at the start itself.

Let us hope that India emerges as a corruption-free country soon.

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