Corruption in India: Causes and Effects on Indian Economy

Economy of India is engulfed by devil known as corruption. Its like a cancer which is effecting every part of India. It exists from lower level to higher levels. This resource contains what are the causes and effects of corruption in India and also what can be done to eradicate this evil.

Corruption in India

What is Corruption ?

Corruption name exist from not today but it is an evil which is en-rooted from past. Today it has taken the ferocious shape engulfing all levels of people from lower level to higher level. Corruption can be defined as anything which is benefiting you by illegal means whether that is bribery, saying lies, ditching others e.t.c.

Causes for Corruption

There could be indefinite causes of corruption in this world. There is no one who do not do it, but it could vary from small grades to higher ones. In India it has become so big that, now it seems difficult to eradicate it from the nation. Major causes can be as follows:-

1)Loop holes
There are many loop holes in our system which is taken as advantage by people to exploit them by every means. Right form the private offices to public offices people know the loop holes and the lack of administrative rules and hence leads to corruption.

Most of the people in India do not know about there powers as a citizen. They themselves becomes helpless while dealing to other people as they are unaware of the working system. If they are fair and know how the system works there is no one who can cheat them and exploit them.

Many of us are impatient and try to break the rules and regulation. For example we try to break traffic rules while traveling on road and further try to bribe officials to avoid the challans. So we must adhere to legal rules and if we are guilty then we should follow the challan procedure and not try to bribe officials.

This is the biggest problem exist in all of us. We are never satisfied with our existing resources and always try to get more by uneven means. Greed leads to corruption from lower levels to higher levels. Corruption at higher level is responsible for degradation of Indian economy as all the nations money is being eroded to foreign banks.

Effects of corruption

1)Loss to tax payers
Working class people keep on paying tax to the government but it is being misused and fall in pocket of others in form of corruption. Government should take action and should provide details of money that is being collected as tax. System should be transparent.

As the economy is falling down, corruption is getting high the result is inflation is reaching to its peak. Poor people are becoming poorer and rich people are getting richer day by day. Daily based commodities are going out of reach from people.

3)Lack of infrastructure
Public money is going in the personal pockets which is meant to invest on public infrastructure. Due to that diversion many of the projects are getting delayed and even not started, but they are shown to be complete on papers. Hence the loss is to nation only.

Remedies for corruption

1)Transparency >
There should be transparency in any deal done by the government. There should be some system made which is also available in public domain. Any report which is prepared first should be publish in newspaper like tenders are invited and then the action taken and the amount finalized should also be publish. In short, every thing should be available in public domain.

2)On-Line systems
Any public office related work should be made online including payments also. there should be some system of escalation if a particular work is not done at deputed time.

3)Public Grievance systems
Public Grievance systems should be made more strong and effective so that work can be executed on time. Public should be made aware of tools like RTI and all so that no bribery should be paid.


Corruption in India has degraded the Indian economy. Strong steps should be taken by the judiciary of India so that every culprit who has taken the national advantages in form of corruption should be punished. Government should bring some changes in administrative procedure to cover all the loop holes so that no exploitation should occur.

We must work together to throw away this evil from ourselves and from nation.

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