Passive Voice of sentences in Simple present and Simple past tense

Passive voice is one of the important part of English grammar. This article deals with the changing of Active voice sentences in Simple Present and Past tense to Passive voice. The importance of the verb ‘be’ and its forms are stressed. Ten examples each of the sentences in Simple Present and Simple Past tenses are given.

Passive Voice of sentences in Simple present and Simple past tense.

General Rules for changing to Passive from Active Voice:

(1) Inverse the position of Subject (Agent) and Object.
(2) Always use the correct form of verb 'be' in the passive voice.
(3) Use the Third form (Past Participle) of the Verb.
(4) Introduce the preposition 'by' before the agent. (Omitted sometimes)
(5) Never change the tense while making passive from the active voice.

Note: - (1) Changes from Active to Passive are tense dependent
(2) A sentence with two objects (direct and indirect object) can be written in two ways in the passive voice.

Examples of sentences in Present Simple Tense

1. Active : The doctors treat the patients.
Passive : The patients are treated by the doctors.

2. Active : The milkman brings milk.
Passive : Milk is brought by the milkman.

3. Active : A tailor stitches our clothes.
Passive : Our clothes are stitched by a tailor.

4. Active : Santa Claus distributes gifts to the children every year on Christmas.
Passive : Gifts are distributed to the children on Christmas by Santa Claus every year. 'or'
The children are distributed gifts on Christmas by Santa Claus every year.

5. Active : Mrs. Pillai teaches them algebra.
Passive : Algebra is taught to us by Mrs. Pillai. OR
We are taught algebra by Mrs. Pillai.

6. Active : The postman does not bring the letters regularly.
Passive : Letters are not brought regularly by the postman.

7. Active : The medicines do not always cure the patients.
Passive : The patients are not always cured by the medicines.

8. Active : Do all the members actively contribute good articles to the website?
Passive : Are good articles actively contributed to the website by all the members.

9. Active : Do the students respect the teachers these days.
Passive : Are the teachers respected by the students these days.

10. Active: The younger generation of today like only the junk food of the fast food centres.
Passive : Only the junk food of the fast food centres is liked by the younger generation of today.

Examples of sentences in Past Simple Tense

11. Active : Many students received free books this year.
Passive : Free books were received by many students this year.

12. Active : She drove the car very fast last night.
Passive : The car was driven very fast by her last night.

13. Active : The maid servant chopped the onions very fast.
Passive : The onions were chopped very fast by the maid servant.

14. Active : The butcher minced the meat into very small pieces.
Passive : The meat was minced into very small pieces by the butcher.

15. Active : The sick patient did not drink the milk.
Passive : The milk was not drunk by the sick patient.

16. Active : The teacher did not beat the naughty student.
Passive : The naughty student was not beaten by the teacher.

17. Active : The kind teacher gave the poor student a beautiful blue dress.
Passive : A beautiful blue dress was given to the poor student by the kind teacher. 'or'
The poor student was given a beautiful blue dress by the teacher.

18. Active : The school management honoured the meritorious students.
Passive : The meritorious students were honoured by the management.

19. Active : The webmaster selected him for the member of the week award.
Passive : He was selected for the member of the week award by the webmaster.

20. Active : Did the editor reject her article for poor spelling.
Passive : Was her article rejected by the editor for poor spelling.


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