Ways to control air pollution

Air pollution is one of the serious issues relating to environment. It causes many hazards to mankind and other living creatures. It should be controlled by an individual and the government to avoid problems in the future.

Air Pollution

When the impure gases and elements mix in the atmosphere it leads to pollution of air. The atmosphere basically comprises of oxygen in highest quantity but when contents such as carbon, and the other substances interfere with oxygen it leads to pollution. Some gases present in atmosphere aid for human survival such as oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, argon etc but the gases such as carbon dioxide pollute the atmosphere do not lead to smooth living of an individual. The gases that cause harm to the atmosphere are known as pollutants. The gases that usually pollute the atmosphere are sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, volatile organic compounds, ammonia etc. There are many reasons for the cause of air pollution today.

Causes for air pollution

Due to the industrial set-ups in many areas the release of gases such as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide etc cause air pollution
The fossil fuels creates air pollution to a greater extent today because of the dead and decayed matter composed within the earths crust and burning causes pollution.
The release of carbon emissions from gases also causes air pollution.

how to control air pollution

If you want to control air pollution you should know the root causes and harmful effects of air pollution. Air pollution leads to many associated problems such as respiratory diseases, throat irritation, cough, chest problems etc. most of the children are much exposed to air pollution today and they come across various problems such as asthma, bronchitis etc.
There are many ways to control air pollution.

Today many people across the nation use their own vehicles which increase the carbon emission into the atmosphere thereby creating air pollution. When the content of carbon emission surpass a limit it leads to air pollution causing harmful effects. The people can avoid the utilization of their vehicles whenever possible. They can make use of public transport whenever possible thinking about India's betterment.

The people who own vehicles should take proper care of their vehicles. They should subject their vehicles for periodic maintenance and servicing. Due to the defect of some part in the vehicle carbon emission may be excess thereby creating more pollution.

Air pollution is mainly caused due to gases that are released from cars. The fuel that is used in cars causes air pollution. The terms and conditions for using a car should be made more strict.

When excess use is made from the electrical appliances it leads to air pollution due to warming effects. Hence people should learn to conserve energy.

Recycling the waste products of the house also reduce the problem of air pollution. Most of them tend to burn the compost material of the house or the kitchen waste.

Utilizing the other form of energies to operate because reduces the chances of air pollution. Energies such as solar energy, hydroelectric energy, wind energies may be substituted for energy from petroleum products to prevent air pollution.

The smokers should be dealt with seriously to prevent smoking. Smoking also leads to air pollution to a greater extent.

Every individual should realize the harmful effects of air pollution such as environmental issues, acid rain, global warming effect due to air pollution etc. the government should take special initiative to sponsor programs relating to air pollution control.

The green house effect is also one of the viable solution for air pollution control.

Every individual should be aware of the ways to prevent air pollution other than controlling. Every individual can prevent maximum burning in the house or seek any other solution to prevent burning.

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