Genpact Aptitude Test

Aptitude test for Finance process, contains English Ability, Quantitative and Logical Ability.

I am sharing about the Aptitude Test that I faced in Genpact while facing an interview for a position in Finance Process.

This Aptitude is of 55 min.
Maximum questions around 60 (don't remember exactly )

There was "No negative marking" but yes there is a limited time for each section and its an online test. The test is switched on to next section whether you have completed the section or not. The time is noted and it will be reflected on scorecard also that how much time you took for each section.

You need to keep up the speed. Once clicked the answer, you can never go back in a test and change the answer, so you need to be careful while clicking and confirming the answer. You can change the answer before clicking on the next button.

I found test was of a good level..

First Section -English (25 questions)
Questions based on following were asked (as per what I can recall)

1. Synonyms and Antonyms
2. Comprehension- inference of passage, meaning of any phrase given in passage, meaning of a word in a pharagraph, etc.
3. Sequencing of sentences,find the Grammatical errors questions.
4. Fill up the appropriate word to make a meaningful sentence
5. Assertion -Inference (eg. two sentences or situations are given, one question is asked.Options asked-- whether both the statements are needed to answer the question, either, both or none)

Quantitative Ability (16 questions)
Questions based on
1. Man-Work problems
2. Simple equations
3. Based on squares and cubes of numbers.
4. I remember one question: a raised to the power x is equal to b, b raised to the power y is equal to c, c raised to the power z is equal to d. If a+b+c, then what is the value of xyz?
5. complete the series questions
6. Algebra questions like square root of (32 raised to the power 4/3 + 27 raised to the power 2/3)=?
7. I remember one more question : If A sells a toy to B at 10 % profit.B sells to C at 25 % profit for . C sells to D for Rs. 225, then what was the cost price of the toy when A sells it?
8. Permutation and combination question (eg. If a committee consists of 4 women and 7 men, then how any combinations of committee can be made with 7 women and 10 men)
9. Probability question (like If a coin is tossed 5 times. Out of the 5, four times "Tails" appears, then what is the probability of getting a "Heads" when the coin is tossed for the fifth time.)
10. Profit, cost price. (eg. if 3 pens & 5 pencils can be purchased in Rs.55, then how much rupees will be required for 5 pens & 10 pencils )

Third Section -Logical (18-20 ques)
questions based on

1. Odd man out (eg. a set of 4 options following a similar pattern and you have to find which one is not related to the other three)
2. Complete the series of digits, alphabets
3. Relation questions (eg. If A meets C in a picnic, C is sister of A's wife. What relation C has with A)
4. Sequencing the sentences of a paragraph.
5. Reasoning-assertion questions
6. Direction questions
7. Coding Decoding questions

I hope this may help those who are seeking for the kind of aptitude test Companies like Genpact conducts for the selection process.


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