Importance of money in daily life

The importance of money in daily life, history of money and everything which should be known by everyone about money is described in this article. This article will help you to understand everything about money.

What is Money

It is everybody's sweetheart and due to it people even part. It travels from home to home and it is never anybody's own. It sometimes does a wonder and sometimes brings a thunder. It has the taste of honey and it's got to be your money.

History of Money

Money took birth to bring an end to the barter system. The barter system was a practice by which people changed one asset for another or parted with an asset in settlement of a debt. At the time when the barter system existed, there could have been differences amongst people. Such differences could have arisen due to the difference in the importance and value of assets exchanged. One person could have felt cheated out of a barter deal whereas the other could have felt elated. Money was introduced by mankind to bring about uniformity in the yardstick required to value items for the purposes of exchange.

Though the earlier system of barter was abolished, even now it continues to exist and floats in the medium of money.

Money is an important part of Life

From dawn to dusk, from day to day, from month to month and from year to year we need money. To survive from one moment to the next, we need money. To travel through time we need food, clothing and shelter that can reach us only with the help of money. When we turn the pages of history we see the role that money has all along played in the lives of people. As one generation has passed to another, the importance of money has increased. Money, therefore, has an increasing role in our lives. This is because of inflation, invention and competition, which have multiplied manifold with the efflux of time. Though money does not have any life in itself it can even end the life of both you and me.

Money is the Heartthrob of every Human

Right from birth to death, everybody requires money at every stage of life. It is the heartthrob of every heart. Money lives in the heart of everybody right from the niggard to the magnanimous. It dwells in the heart of the rich and the poor, the good and the bad, the black and the white, the pious and the sanctimonious, the ugly and the beautiful, the victor and the vanquished and so on and so forth. It is only the importance that different people hold for money, which varies, from person to person, which ranges from the insatiable to the content. It is indeed ironical that even those who ostracize themselves and pull themselves out of the rat race for money still need money. In these circumstances, there is an unavoidable need for money that is essentially encountered by everybody.

Money gives different positions for the People in the Society

Money is like a Giant Wheel that we get to see at a fair. We can see people paying money to purchase tickets so that they can ride in the Giant Wheel. Likewise, to earn money, one has to spend money. The Giant Wheel places different people in different positions. Similarly money determines the different social standings of different persons. We can see some people atop the Giant wheel, some at the bottom of it, some at the middle positions and some midway between the middle and either the top or the bottom. Likewise money divides people into rich, poor and the middle class. The middle class is again divided into the upper middle class and the lower middle class. We see people getting into the Giant Wheel. This is akin to people who embark into the process of earning money.

People at the bottom of the Giant Wheel anxiously wait for their turn to reach the top. Likewise the poor and the middle class also look forward to becoming rich. Some people get pleasure in swinging in the Giant Wheel while others get pain in doing so. Similarly money also makes people both happy and unhappy. Most people enjoy being at the topmost position in the Giant Wheel while some feel scared after having reached this position. Likewise most people are thrilled and delighted when they become rich while some people feel scared after they become rich. The Giant Wheel takes people from the top to the bottom and vice versa. Similarly it is money that makes the rich people poor and the poor people rich. However there is one major difference between the Giant Wheel and money. The Giant Wheel stops from time to time but money never stops performing its activities. The comparison of the Giant Wheel with money illustrates how money is an integral part and parcel of our lives.

Money means Everything

Money gets people accommodation, business, clothes, diamonds, food etc. It is for this reason that money does not mean just the currency notes and coins but includes everything that comes to us with its help. Cars, clothes, food, fineries, houses are all the different forms of money as all of them are money's worth. Some people wrongly feel that money means only currency notes and forget to include in its definition the items that can be acquired by it.

Money is surely something sacred

As God is there in everything, he is also there in money. Different people worship God in different names. Likewise people worship money and also give it different names. The names that different countries give their money are different. Some countries call their money Rupee, some call it Pound Sterling, some call it Dollar, some call it Yen and some frankly call it Francs. Irrespective of how we have christened our money, we need to remember that as God dwells in money, it is surely something sacred. It is for this reason that we must never ever put money to unholy use.

Use Money for living, but don't live for Money

Money is just a means of living. At no cost should we make it the end of our living. We should see that we make money to live and we do not live to make money. We must remember that there is much more to life than just money.

Wealth is not just Money

Wealth in the true sense of the word has several components, money being just one of them. The other components include happiness, a clear conscience, the feeling of satisfaction that we have used our riches and resources for others, a good health, a good reputation and good relationships. Whilst we focus on making money, we also need to focus on earning the other components of true wealth. At the end of the day it is our deeds and not our money that are remembered. The body reaches its end but the soul continues to live. After our death any amount of money is powerless and useless to help our soul.

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