The Power and Importance of Money in Human Life

The importance of money in daily life, history of money and everything which should be known by everyone about money is described in this article. This article will help you to understand everything about money.

Power of Money unites even Enemies

Sometimes we come across two people who cannot stand the sight of each other. The two do not wish to look at one another. Each one is filled up with hatred for the other. It is surely surprising to see the two working together and earning their livelihood.

During the course of their work the two not only speak to one another but even cooperate with one another. Though their hearts hate one another, money makes their hearts beat together. It is amazing that money unites even enemies and makes them work shoulder to shoulder. Is this not a miracle of money?

Death of a wealth man remembered in the memory

Money decides how people would remember and react to the name of the dead. When the deceased leaves behind a lot of wealth, the inheritors remember him/her with love and affection. That is a different matter that generally such love withers away with time. It is ironical that first the inherited money makes them remember the dead and then it helps them to forget the deceased.

Sometimes the deceased had either disinherited someone or had cheated someone. Then those who feel aggrieved due to such disinheritance or cheating curse both themselves and the deceased. Sometimes in such situations even time does not eat up memory. That is how important money is for those who are alive and probably also for those who are dead.

Money gives the human an untouchable Position in Life

The untouchables are an unfortunate lot. Their plight has always found place in the pages of history. It is surely inhuman to treat any human being as an untouchable. All of us are alike and no one is an untouchable in the true sense of the word. People who treat others as untouchables are a hypocritical lot.

When it comes to money then the untouchables are treated differently. People who treat someone as an untouchable do not treat the money touched by him / her as untouchable. Even a Brahmin is more than willing to accept money from a harijan. This is how money makes the untouchables lose their untouchibility.

Money makes several negative effects

Life is a bed of roses with thorns in it. Money can either increase the number of roses or the number of thorns in our lives. Likewise it is with the help of money that we can generally increase either the number of roses or the number of thorns in the lives of others.

Money in itself is neither good nor bad. It is we who put our money to either good or bad use. If we put our money to good use, we bring happiness and harmony in the world. On the other hand if we put money to bad use, we bring horror and hatred in the world. It is not the amount of money we have that is important; it is how we use our money that makes all the difference.

Money is needed in each and every part of Life

Even diametrically different occasions have one factor that converge them together. What else can that factor be but money? Money is needed both at the time of marriage and divorce. It is also needed to perform both the rituals of birth and death. Likewise divergent intentions can both be fulfilled by money. Sometimes when an employer wishes to retain an employee, the employee is encouraged to take an interest free loan from the employee.

The loan is to be repaid in easy installments while the employee is in harness. Better still, the loan is to be adjusted only from the benefits accruing to the employee at the time of retirement. This means that the employee is not required to repay the loan during his/her tenure of service. Sometimes such mouth-watering offer is hard to refuse and therefore accepted by the employee. At times such loans carry a stipulation that interest shall be payable at the commercial rate with retrospective effect if and when the employee resigns from the job.

These types of loans provide a golden handcuff for the employee. On the contrary if the employer wishes to terminate the services of an employee, a mutually acceptable amount of money is paid to the employee on the understanding that the employee's services shall be mutually terminated. This in common parlance is called a golden handshake. Someone had rightly said that Money makes the mare go.

Example for Importance of Money

A man behaved like an outright idiot in his workplace. He kept cracking cheap and childish jokes with his peers, subordinates and some superiors. While he laughed at the jokes he cracked, others laughed at him.

Sometimes he bored his colleagues with stale stories about his grand parents. While his colleagues were discussing about a movie which all of them had watched together, he suddenly started saying that he was dying to eat tandoori chicken.

His colleagues reacted by smiling suggestively at one another. He attended the wedding of one of his colleagues and danced enthusiastically but disgracefully. People laughed at his clumsy manner of dancing. Sometimes while he was at work he burped loudly and drew the attention of other people. He could be seen beaming at the funeral of one his colleagues.

At times he could be overheard talking to himself. He responded to "Hello" with words such as "Shut up", "Sorry" and "Thank you". Everyone at his workplace branded him as a lunatic. Some said that he needed to go for a brain scan. Some suggested that a Psychiatrist should treat him. One fine day people detected that their so called lunatic had single handedly swindled a sum of Rs 2 Crores from their company. It was then that their impression about this man took a summersault. Those who had recommended a Psychiatrist for him ate back their words.

They realized that their colleague had willfully behaved in a clumsy manner to misguide them and rule out the possibility of getting caught. Those who had branded him as mad were now convinced that he was not mad but crafty and calculative. Deep in their hearts some colleagues even started respecting Mm. After all, sometimes what our eyes get to see and our ears get to hear is not the truth. Money had brought about a radical change in the impression people held about their so-called lunatic.

Impression can be changed in seconds with the help of Money

Sometimes we have a bad impression about some people without having had any direct dealing with them. Such an impression is formed on the basis of rumors about these people. Some of us strongly believe the rumors about others and think about them accordingly. At times the wrong impression we hold about such people changes completely.

We vehemently confirm the same person who was written off as horrible by us to be wonderful. This happens due to the monetary help extended to us by such people at the time of need. When unexpectedly such people lend us money to get our near and dear ones operated, pay off our electricity/telephone bills to prevent disconnection, stall our dismissal from the work place, get us employment etc then we realize our folly in relying on such rumors.

It is surely not wise to rely on rumors. It should be on the basis of our dealings with people that we form an opinion about them. Rumors could be a result of jealousy; settlement of old scores, wagging of loose tongues, contamination of the truth including exaggeration etc. Money can sometimes act as an eye opener and bring us closer to reality.

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Author: Ramachandran Pattabiraman07 Mar 2011 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 1

The money should be treated equally to the electricity. The electricity is usefull to us in many ways but if it dominates us we got collapsed. Similar to this money should be handled by us and we should not be handled by money on any occasion.

Author: Venkiteswaran10 Feb 2014 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 4

My grandmother used to say that one should make money by whatever way. Her logic was that once good amount of money is earned, that money will take care of any bad name occurred during making such money.( In spite of affection and respect to her, I dd not follow that advise and did not make much money also).

There may be only very rare situations where money fails to deliver results.Such situations are not routine also.

Personally, I am not against making money, bu I am very particular about the ways and route and activities to make money. I do not approve of dishonest and fraudulent, illegal or immoral means to make money. It is better to remain poor rather than make money by such wrong ways.

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